Other than being a proud mom to a wonderful, smart, talented 

and sweet 13 year old boy

and a cat-mom to the two most adorable Persians in the world -  

Blizzard Fitzgerald and Jaspurr Saafir  .  .  .
I am also an Arbonne Independent Consultant-District Manager

Arbonne, a 38 year old company and the #1 brand for Healthy Living Inside and Out

offering over 450 pure, safe, and beneficial products

that contain the best of science and nature

 It’s not just what is put in our products that makes them superior, 

it’s what we choose to formulate without

We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature

with the principles of green chemistry —

crafting products with integrity, expertise and innovation    

We do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time 

offering botanically inspired skincare collections and plant powered nutrition products   

I love being able to help people become the best, happiest, and healthiest versions of themselves by sharing the opportunity, the skincare products, and the nutrition products

I have successfully coached many people through a 30 days to healthy living & clean-eating program and just love hearing and seeing the results they experience   

I would love to connect with you, please visit my website www.tiffanygreen.arbonne.com or find me on social media @ArbonneTiffanyG

I am also blessed to be able to help carry on the legacy of Dobbs Corporation,

I am the 3rd generation in a family business located in the Texas Panhandle 

My grandfather, L.R. Dobbs discovered a need for a floating pump, researched

and engineered a top of the line floating pump, and sold it across the United States 

I grew up in the business and started out stuffing mail

and now I handle the sales and marketing

 I absolutely love getting to know all of our customers and hearing
their stories, they have become like family to me, we love the word of mouth advertising that our customers provide and have continued to grow our clientele over the years 

We are the pioneer and a industry leading manufacturer

of floating surface water pumps 

Our pumps are used all across the United States and

we even have a few in other countries 

Our customer base includes: farmers, feedlots, dairies, fruit and vegetable growers, sand and gravel operations, quarries and mines, municipalities, landfills,

and golf courses to name a few

Each Dobbs Pump is individually assembled by hand 

No assembly line production is used

 Every pump is tested under actual load conditions 

Our customer’s specific application becomes the baseline by which we monitor voltage, amperage, gallons per minute, and PSI

 This ensures their new Dobbs Floating Water Pump will meet and

exceed their desired expectations

 If you are in the market for a floating surface water pump,

we would love to hear from you !


Tiffany Greens TinyPersian Review

When we decided we wanted a cat,

I did extensive research on breeds
and breeders and chose Debbie at Tiny Persians –
she was a delight to work with and

has kept in touch over the years,
she cares so much about her kitties

and is so proud to share their personality,

all the family history,
and pictures of the parents and litter-mates 

Even though you have never met the kitten

with her detailed stories, descriptions, and pictures you feel as though you already know the kitten

and when you meet the kitten for the first time, they are absolutely everything she said they would be

to a tee and so much more !
Our first Persian surpassed anything

I could have imagined,
he has the best, most caring and sweetest disposition and adjusted to his new home

with no problems at all
 He is a perfect fit, his personality and sweet expressive eyes, adorbale face, and luxurious soft flowing coat and dark padded paws surpassed all my expectations
He is beyond friendly and loves being a part of everything that goes on,
he was so beyond perfect that we actually purchased another Persian from Debbie and again,
he fit right in and adjusted so well

now they are best friends
I would never buy a cat from anywhere else,
 These Persians are worth every penny and the long drive to get them – they are the most amazing cats and I consider Debbie a friend and recommend her to everyone I know – you will not be disappointed !

Tiffany Green

Arbornne Independent Consultant 


" My favorite baby photo

of my TinyPersian "