" Billy "

Plan for your next


Celebration    !

Extra small Silver female Persian kitten

Beautiful Doll face

with a lovely Chinchilla coat  !

" Charleen " 

Sold  to Jill and family  -  Texas

Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla

Persian female

"  Big, Big eyes   ! "​​

Reserve and take home

 Jonee "  today !


Has 3 siblings 

Tigger - Shaded Silver male - Sold

Tinker - Silver Chinchilla female -Sold

Joey - Silver Chinchilla male - Sold

Jonee - Silver Chinchilla male -  Sold

"  Dotty "

Amazing " Mink" texture coat 

Named by

new owner: 
​"Dude Boo Bear"

formerly " Tigger "

Dude named

after his sire - " Pooh Bear" 

" Alert and sweet ! "

"  Tinker  " ​​

            Our Persians are unmatched in quality and personalities !

Photo 10-14-19

" Mira "

Silver Chinchilla Female 

How could you not love" Mira "   

What a beauty ! 

An exquisite and perfect Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

That has a luxurious full coat that is free - flowing, snow white and soft as can be ! 

She is one gorgeous, literally perfect Doll Face Silver Chinchilla !

Look at that face !  

" Mira "  was gorgeous from day one !   

Everyday she became even more beautiful and stayed feminin

in her looks and personality

A real lady . . . even when the other kittens play rough . . .

she will play softly in a princess way ! 

Sweet - Sweet - Sweet !   

" Mira" loves people and other Persians, eats well and easy to groom ! 

A kitten like this does not come along often as she is correct in every way!

A kitten you will be proud to own and share your life with !

Everyone loves this girl !   

Excellent eye contact with you . . .

shows her intelligence and awareness of her surroundings ! 

You will find she has excellent body substance,

yet possessing a royal " Princess " look !

If you want a very sweet kitten to snuggle with

that will bond with you to be your forever friend . . . 

 choose "  Mira "  today ! 

She has an amazing Chinchilla coat and a Doll Face look . . .

this " lady " has a perfect face that is balanced with large expressive eyes

and correct turn up nose, brick red outlined in black ! 

Just what the breed standards require  !   

Look at that face and her long beautiful Persian coat !  

Sired by the stunning sire -  " Moscato " 

Mom:  4 pounds 

Photos taken 8-24-19

One gorgeous Silver Chinchilla with a beautiful perfect Doll Face !

Photo 8-15-19

<  Photo taken 8-24-19

Prince Amar daughter

"  Christy "​

" Jonee "

" Mitzie"

"  Christy "​

"  Dee Dee"​​

" Sterling"

Jill and her family have also reserved

" Dotty "  - new name:   " Diva Luv "

Dotty is a Silver Chinchilla female

Sired by  -  " Pooh Bear "

" Look at this face ! "

Silver Chinchilla Female   Sold

Snatch this one up before she is reserved !

Congratulations Ricardo !
A very snow white Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

 " This little Lady "  is all personality !  

She is bold, intelligent, silly doing side dances, inquisitive, playful, active,

first to meet you, and eats well

She has a beautiful Doll Face with perfectly shaped eyes 

and a clean, pure white luxurious Chinchilla coat

that is predicted to be easy to care for !

When she trots across the room her tail is straight up

in the air - that brings chuckles to all that sees her !

She is truly one of a kind !   She one of those kittens you just want to

keep watching as she is silly all the time !

Her personality will keep you smiling !

You can just see her thinking as she so smart

and thinks things out !

Her paw pads are black leather in color
Choose " This little Lady " today, you'll be glad you did !

Dam:   " Love Song " 

Photo taken 11 - 4 -19 

" Very tiny ! "

" Afina "

Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Persian

large expressive eyes !

This boy is all

personality !

He is even more

gorgeous in person !

Easy to care for

Grooms and baths well !

Now resides with Jill, Russ

and family

" Nicholas " 

Breeder rated " Joey " as one of the finest Persian Chinchillas bred by TinyPersians in 2019 based

on coat  and personality !  

Congratulations Stephanie !

" Oh my ! 

What a gorgeous Doll Face ! "

This kitten has an amazing personality . . .

he will walk on his back legs and does a dance !   

So cute and playful !  

" Mitzie"

An amazing full tail   !

Photo taken 10-25-19

Victor picking up kitten for Ricardo.  Ricardo purchasing  a Birthday present for daughter

Dr. Ricardo is a

heart surgeon

A little Princess sired by Moscato

Perfectly balanced Doll Face Persian 

"  Dee Dee"​​

For  Sale

"  Cute as can be ! "​​

"  Little Dolly "

Sired by Pooh Bear

"  Tinker  "

Silver Chinchilla Female 


Tinker is an adorable . . . very tiny Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

with a sweet - sweet personality ! 

She has a beautiful face, large eyes, gorgeous silky free flowing coat that is very white undercoat and clean silver accents softly misted on her body !

Tinker is dainty, cute and out of one of our finest dams

Sired by Pooh Bear !  This one you will absolutely love ! 

Her eyes are predicted to be a beautiful turquoise color and very large !  She is very sweet looking up at you when you enter the room with much trust and curiosity

She has a correct body structure, strong chest, stands like a show kitten . . . she possesses a perfect Doll Face

Photos were taken 8-5-9 and 8- 15-19​​

Dam out of the Giovanna line ! 

​That means - sweet - sweet -  sweet !

Sired by Prince Amar

"  Purrfect  Doll Face

facial features !  "​​

A Female Persian kitten with a White undercoat 

beautifully misted in Silver 

Luxurious Coat

" Joey "

This little lady is stunningly beautiful . . .

Reserved for Preslie - Texas

She blossomed into an outstanding - Doll Face fluffy Persian beauty !


 Sired by Pooh Bear

Sold  to Daijah (left) sister (right)  -   Dallas Texas

Now in Washington


This is one Gorgeous Chinchilla  !


"  Little Dolly "

" Tigger "

Playful !

Sweet and Gorgeous !​​

Fluffy, soft luxurious Chinchilla coat

Eyes predicated to be turquoise or blue / green ! 

Both parents have stunning, brilliant eye color !

This kitten might mature a bit over 3 pounds, however, is indicating currently under 3 pounds

A top pick kitten . . .  adorable in every way!

The cutest personality as he softly trots up to you looking straight up to you with much love and respect !

 " Jonee " has very large eyes, a tiny teacup nose and

cute expressive Doll Face facial features !

" Sterling"

<  Named by

new owner: 
​" Diva Luv "

formerly "  Dotty "

Photo  8 -15 --19

Jonee adorable at a few weeks old - blossomed into a perfect

Doll Face Persian kitten  !

Fluffy coated Doll Face Persian kitten

" Charleen " 

" Look no further !   Little Dolly - an absolutely purrfect Doll Face Persian ! "​​

"  Soft - Silky Coated  ! "​​

"  Dee Dee"​​

A lovely Chinchilla female !

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  ​​

This is one adorable extra small Doll Face Persian kitten with a gorgeous, silky Chinchilla white undercoat softly misted in silver

" Jonee " (Johnny) is ever - so cute Doll Face look with extraordinary large eyes, small ears ! 

 Will be very small !

" Jonne" is a perfect Persian kitten in every way !

He has a strong structured body, good chest,

yet ever so small !

We have standard size Persians available, however, this is the small version of the Persian cat out of the CFA Silver Divison

Reserve  " Jonee " today !


Photo taken 10-25-19

Reserved for Lisa - Texas

" Mi Boy "

Precious !

" Afina "

Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten
Silver Chinchilla misted in Silver  !


This pretty lady has a white Chinchilla coat

and lots of evenly misted Silver across her body

A cute Doll Face Persian kitten 

She possesses large expressive eyes that are predicted to be a turquoise color like her sire " Pooh Bear" who is sired by "Prince Amar"

Afina's dam is a "Saafir" daughter 

This pedigree offers much of TinyPersians breeding sires

that entailed several years of careful breeding  !   

" Afina's" coat is free flowing, silky and full !

She is and will be extremely small and considered

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

​Looking for a smaller yet kitten?

Consider "Christy " or "Charleen" !

More lovely female Persians to choose from !

" Afina" Sired by Pooh Bear

Photos taken 11-4-19

         CFA Persian kittens bred for beauty, health and personalities !

"  A sweet little lady

that will bring you much joy !  "​​

"  Winnie  " - male

"  Dee Dee"​​

Reserved for Stephanie
" Happy Anniversary Stephanie ! "

" Jonee "

Photo 11- 4-19

" Sandee"

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

Large expressive Eyes predicted to be Turquoise

           Beautiful Doll Faces with expressive large eyes  !

"  Love's Dream Girl "

<  Photo taken 9-6-19


" Charleen "

Shaded Silver Female Persian Kitten


 Very small 


This kitten keeps getting better and better each day !  

Watch for her gorgeous photos taken on 11-18-19 !

 A sweet Shaded Silver Persian female kitten out of one of our

finest Dams that has out produced her self with every litter !

Choose one of her perfect Doll Face Persian kittens

with correctly balanced facial features

Her stunning eyes are outlined in black and predicted to be a

turquoise or brilliant green color,

Charleen's nose is a correct red brick color outlined in black,

She has very small ears, large paws, short cubby body with extra short tail

Her brother is Sterling and a lovely shaded Golden sister

all are extraordinary individuals !   
Charleen's coat is fluffy, soft and easy to care for !

A very light white coat misted in Silver along her back and tail

Her tummy, legs and mane is Snow White !

Best of all she is playful, active, full of the dickens !

​Choose " Charleen" today and you will be taking home an adorable, 

beautifully coated Silver Persian female kitten !  

Sired by Prince Amar

Photos taken 10-5-19

Don't wait to reserve this lovely " Lady "

A  female Silver Chinchilla 

out of our top producing  dam " Love Song "​​

Dam > 

"  When anyone sees this this young lady

in person, they are taken by her extraordinary almond eyes ! 

"Christy is a head turner  ! "

So extreme, large eyes and a sweet look !  "​​

These Persian kittens

are currently available

 more kittens below . . .

" Lotta Love"

" Sterling"

 Silver Male Persian Kitten

Fluffy coated - easy to care for

as his coat is silky and smooth !
A stunning Silver Persian male kitten with a correct

balanced Doll Face, expressive eyes

predicted to be a brilliant turquoise color

" Sterling" is a perfect name as his coat is a brilliant white

accented evenly with a clean soft silver -

a highly sought after characteristic of the CFA  "Silver Persian" Division !

 His facial features are outlined in black outline

such as his eyes, nose and mouth !

He has an adorable expression on his face!

He has a strong chest, big feet and extra short tail ! 

A soft personality, playful and an excellent eater

He does biscuits any chance he can

His dam is a top producer and previously produced kittens

such as; Tequila Sunrise and Juliette's Dawn !

This is a kitten to choose as his coat is easy to care for !

Reserve " Sterling " today !

" Sterling " is sired by Prince Amar

Photos taken 10-5-19

 Silver Chinchilla Persian female kitten  


 This lovely Silver Chinchilla with Silver across her back 

sired by "Pooh Bear" and a gorgeous Dam 
"Mitzie" is a look a like to her Dam !

A correct Persian face possessing all the required characteristics within the CFA Silver Persian Division!

Her coat is a clean white silver Chinchilla coat that is ultra soft and silky!

Exactly what TinyPersians breeds for!

​With years of breeding only the best to the best out Persian kittens are known to out surpass any Silver Persian teacups Internationally !

This little girl is ever so sweet, playful and all lady! 

A princess at that !

She baths and grooms well

knowing you are caring for her with much love !

Her beautiful Doll face is adorable -

Her face is round, with a round crown forehead, large round eyes predicted to be turquoise or green !

with expressive eyes !

This lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten is considered a top pick kitten !

11-4-19 photo 


Photo taken 9-25-19

" Winnie"

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

Silky Snow White Chinchilla coat !

Extremely small male Persian kitten

Winnie was named after his sire; " Pooh Bear "

He possesses a clean ultra white Chinchilla coat like his sire "Pooh Bear "

He is a very small Persian kitten that will stay small,

yet he has a sturdy body, good substance to his chest

Best of all he has an adorable personality !  

He is bold, alert, playful and loves to play the simplest of toys !

He plays well with his siblings and welcomes your arrival !  

He has extremely large expressive eyes that have much depth to its color . . .

this is an indication his eyes will be a brilliant emerald green to turquoise color !

If you are seeking a special tiny Persian kitten, "Winnie" is a good choice !

He is a special boy in many ways and does not come along often

" Winnie " has a similar look to other kittens,

but look close at his individual characteristics, such as;

> A perfect Doll Face look !

> Tiny ears covered with lots of fluffy fur!

> Extra large expressive eyes correctly spaced on his face !

> An adorable turned up nose

> A round forehead crown with a round face

> Extra soft - silky WHITE Chinchilla coat 

> Strong chest and body, yet very small size

> A special personality uniquely " Winnie " !  

Reserve " Winnie " today !

" Winnie " is sired by Pooh Bear

Photos taken 

"  What a cute Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten ! "​​

Oh my !  Look at these Dolls !               * 2019 TinyPersian Customer Reviews *

" Afina " 

Silver Chinchilla Female

Gorgeous, lovely lady !

Perfection !

" Mi Boy "

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten


​Reserved for Yixin - Texas 
 Very small  

This is Silver male Persian kitten is extremely small . . . 
if you are seeking a Persian kitten smaller than a "teacup" kitten . . .
here he is !  
" Mi Boy " is friendly, petite, big eyes, smart and playful,

he has an adorable Doll Face with a turn up nose outlined in black  His front mane is full, fluffy and soft !

He is considered a Silver Persian

and close to the lighter Silver Chinchilla look  
 He notices you when you enter the room and quickly greets you !
"  Mi Boy " was named after his dam " Mi Lady "
a gorgeous dam with stunning emerald green eyes  
" Mi Boy's " sire is Pooh Bear !

Photos taken 10-5-19

One gorgeous Silver Persian

with an adorable correct DOLL FACE !

" Tigger "  has an ultra sweet personality

and a gorgeous Doll Face

His new name - " Dude Boo Bear " named after his sire:  " Pooh Bear " !

" Joey "- doing biscuits !

Ultra Sweet Silver Chinchilla 

Quality Silver Chinchillas - Silvers - Shaded Silver

Persian kittens right now AVAILABLE ! 

Sired by Pooh Bear

" Lotta Love"​​


Now resides

in Panama

​with Lillianne

"  Dee Dee"​​

Sired by Pooh Bear

<  Compare size at departure and the photos displayed - kittens always look larger in photos !

Customers amazed how "small" TinyPersians are in person !

Kittens lighten up

as they mature !

Often having 

light "Silver " accents !

Large Expressive Eyes !

 Sired by Pooh Bear

" What a Doll  ! "  

" Joey "

" Charleen ! "

Fluffy Chinchilla 

Shaded Silver Male 


 Jill, Russ and family​ -

reserves 2 TinyPersians

Tigger is a fluffy Shaded Silver Doll Face Persian 

A sweet male Persian kitten with 

a gentle personality, playful, strong structure correct bodied, yet will be extremely small !

Tigger has extra large expressive eyes

outlined in black on a balanced Doll Face

with a cute turn up nose outlined in black

His coat has a white under coat accented in shades of silver that is extremely soft and fluffy !

He is a good eater, polite with his siblings

Sired by " Pooh Bear " 

" Dotty "

Photo taken 8-15-19

Extra small female Persian Chinchilla female  

" Mitzie"

"  White Doll Face Chinchilla -softly misted silver"​​

" Sterling"

Photo 8-15-19

Photo taken 9-25-19

"  Fluffy clean white - silver coat ! "​​

Fluffy full coat !

Sweet  Charleen!

" Winnie"  

Silver Chinchilla Male

How can you pass up an adorable absolutely perfect Doll Face Persian kitten like 
"Winnie" !

"  Correct body structure ! "​​

" Jonee "


GU - SS-M-2-PA

" Lotta Love "  

" Dee Dee "

Silver  Female 


" Dee Dee "  is a gorgeous fluffy Silver female Persian kitten

that is playful, bold, active, conformationally correct, sturdy chest and large paws, yet small and dainty ! 

All girly girl !  She as a very long free flowing, silky coat

that is easy to care for

A Persian kitten to treasure !   

Look at this beautiful balanced Doll Face !

She loves people, will have stunning eye color

like her sire and dam

Mom has brilliant Emerald Green eyes

Dad has stunning Turquoise eyes !

" Ima Cutsy" looks at you straight in the eyes - like she is human

having a look of love in her eyes!  

A very smart, alert and loving "Princess"! 

She loves her brother . . .

and chases him around doing somersault flips !​​

Younger photos were taken 8-5-19

Current photos taken 9-30-19

Sired by " Pooh Bear  " 

<  ​​"  Billy "

" Mitzie"

" Dee Dee "

" Charleen " 

" Tigger "

" Tinker"

Elegant - Regal - Beautifully coated 

"  Billy "

Silver Chinchilla Male 

Reserved for Daijah

Billy is a stunning Silver Chinchilla that will make you laugh !  He runs up to greet you, is ever so sweet and all personality !  Watching him play will more than entertain you . . . he walks sideways, peeks and then off to chase his ball !

He has a gentle style personality to all he does . . .

​Smart, alert and loves to play !

He has a beautiful Doll Face look, his dark eyes as a youngster indicates he will have stunning eyes of rich turquoise or emerald green

. . .  kittens eye color takes up to 20 to 24 months to get their final color

Both sire and dam have stunning eyes

Mom having brilliant Emerald Green eyes !

Dad having stunning Blue - Turquoise eyes !​​

Ultra sweet very white Silver Chinchilla !

Sired by " Moscato " 


" Joey "

" Mi Boy "

Now this is adorable ! 

No such thing as a Tiny Persian ?

Well what is this !  

​Over 8 weeks old ! 

<  Customer photo

 8- 21- 19

Absolutely perfect Doll Face lady  !

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla 

Male Silver Chinchilla 

" Nicholas"

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten
Silver Chinchilla accented in Silver  !

Now in Washington  

with the kitten "Jonee"

This gorgeous Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian has a clean white coat

and lightly misted in Silver

He has extraordinary large expressive eyes

that are predicted to be an emerald green color

His sire is " Moscato" processing Turquoise eyes and dam has Emerald Green eyes so this boy could be any of those eye colors!

" Nicholas's dam is a gorgeous White Silver Chinchilla

" Nicholas's" coat is free flowing, silky, luxurious and very easy to care for! 

He is predicted to be about 5 pounds grown.

" Nicholas" looks much like his dam .

A " Top Pick" TinyPersian kitten

"  Little Dolly "

For  Sale

Tigger in his new home > 

Full Chinchilla coat  !

"  Tinker  " ​​

"  Little Dolly "

" Sterling"

Photo taken 10-22-19

" Mira "

Photo taken 10-5-19

Now resides with 

Julissa and family- Texas


a lovely little Princess

today !

Look at this perfect Doll Face

and large expressive eyes 

Looking for a perfect Doll Face Persian ?

Known for producing exotic eyes and luxurious coats !

Cute as can be !

Silver Chinchilla Male   

Reserved for Stephanie - Texas

If you want a Persian that is more human, a buddy and a kitten that loves your company,

Joey is the perfect choice !

Joey is a Doll face Silver Chinchilla with a lovely white - white coat

softly misted in clean, true Silver accents

This coat is easy to care for which has a mink coat texture !  Yes!   Mink ! 

When you hold him you are amazed by "Joey's" coat type !    Soft, Soft ! refined ! 

He is a cute boy that is and will be extremely small​, yet has adorable big feet ! 

He has extra large eyes beautifully shaped that gives his face a lovely sweet look !

Joey will meet you as you enter the room ! Has much desire to be with you . . . looking up to you with much love !  

He has the cutest waddle the way he trots and moves across the room ! 

He so adorable in so many ways, he is one that I just want to keep as he just brings much sunshine to your day !

Joey is extremely intelligent, alert, full of life and you can just see it in his eyes !   

This one is hard to part with as I know he is" ONE SPECIAL BOY ! " 

He has so much trust and willingness to please !   

The second you pick him up he is purring load and often doing biscuits in the air ! !

He is absolutely adorable and loves people !   

Look at this face !  

No need to search anymore !  This boy will capture your heart !

Loves to be held and so cute when he walks and plays !  

Silver Chinchillas are extremely popular and this kitten has it all  !

​Sired by Pooh Bear. ( Pooh Bear sired by Prince Amar ) / ​Dam - a Giovanna Daughter !

" Joey " and his sister " Tinker " are very tight & love each other so much . . .

Contact us today and find out how you can take home two lovely Chinchilla Persian kittens !

"  Tinker  " ​​

  Customer photo > 2019

Very small, gorgeous Doll Face Persian

"  Christy "​

Sturdy Cobby bodied 

Alert - Playful- Fluffy Coated Male Persian

" Twin Sister

Available ! "

Exquisite - correct cobby bodied Persian 

Perfect in every way !

"  Dotty "

" Little Dolly "   

Silver Chinchilla  female 2  ​   SOLD
Oh my !  What a gorgeous lady !

This little girl was named " Little Dolly " as she has a perfect

Doll Face look and is absolutely a DOLL ! 

On top of that her beautiful balanced Doll Face

 is often sought after,   

she has astrong black outliner around her eyes, nose and lips

. . . an adorable turn up nose and correct round crown !

​Little Dolly was gorgeous from day one !

Black leather paw pads all complemented

with a full, clean white coat accented in a shimmering silver accents

on her lovely Chinchilla type coat !

She has a sweet, lady like personality . . .

watches your every move projecting a soft loving expression on her face !  

She is stunningly beautiful in so many ways !
Choose " Little Dolly " today or her sister Christy ! 

Her dam produced all females in her litter -

giving us several gorgeous, 

correct female Doll face beauties !​​

Sired by " Pooh Bear " 

Photos taken 8-15-19, 10-31-19, 11-4-19

Look at these faces ! 

First time we have had this many females !

Photo taken 9-30-19

" Mira "

Photo taken 10-22-19

"  Curious and playful ! "​​

"  Lovely Almond shaped eyes ! "​​

"  Love's Dream Girl " 

Silver Chinchilla  Female


This little girl is a very white Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

with a soft- faint mist of silver 
She is very dainty and all girly girl, very sweet,

extra small with a lovely DOLL FACE 
with eyes that are predicted to be either a brilliant green

or turquoise color
She baths and grooms well and loves your company
Love's Dream Girl is the most Love Song (Dam)

look-a-like in the facial features - 

looking like her dam 

She is short and cobby, short fluffy tail, cute turn up nose on a highly sought after Doll Face look! 

She is quiet natured, a non fussy kitten

that is a joy to be around !
​Sired by Moscato

photo 10-31-19

​​Sold - for Stephanie 

" Lotta Love "  

Female >

"  Exotic Almond Eyes ! "​​

" Charleen " 




​Absolutely perfect !

"  Tinker  " ​​

"  Dee Dee"​​

" Joey "

For  Sale

We have just added brand new photos !

Choose from . . . 

Silver Chinchillas


Shaded Silvers

All other colors are reserved in advance such as;


Shaded Golden




Red Mackerel  Tabby

A small $350 deposit  can easily be done 

"  Tinker  " ​​

This is one gorgeous

boy in person !

Congratulations Daijah ! 

You reserved a " gem " !

Ever so sweet - alert - loves to be with you!


Doll face

Silver Chinchilla 


" Jonee "

Photo take10-25-19

"  Christy "

Silver  Female 3    SOLD

 " Christy " (now named Clarice) is a head turner as her exotic shaped eyes are a rare find

and more than attractive !

They are stunningly beautiful and royal looking ! 

This is one gorgeous lovely Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

Small, sturdy built chest and large soft paws with black leather pads !

" Christy "  has an amazingly fluffy, silky, soft white undercoat that is evenly misted in a clean Silver

" Christy's "   has a Doll Face that is balanced, correct, an adorable turn up nose

and those almond shaped eyes that are highly sought after  !

She is a sweet, soft personality little girl and loves playing with her siblings

She is one lovely girl ! 

Sired by Pooh Bear and a dam only 4 pounds !

Reserve " her" today !    Photos were taken 8- 15-19​​
About her lines : 
" Christy's "  sire " Pooh Bear " 4 pounds 9.8 ounces weighted 8-15-19 

predicts she will be much more smaller then her sire as her dam is only 3 pounds 12 ounces ! 

Now that is small !  We do have Standard size kittens too !  

  • ​Correct balanced Doll Face
  • best personality ever !
  • a loving little lady!
  • Short Cobby body 
  • Extra short tail !
  • Large paws
  • sired by Pooh Bear
  • ​grand sire Prince Amar


" Afina "