How to contact us

1.  Please contact us via the Kitten Application.  It does not obligate you, it expedites a response.

     The KITTEN APPLICATION helps us meet your expectations.  

Please note, not filling out this application, may take us a little longer to get back to you.  

We do not text photos, nor pricing.  Our system is set up on a computer, where all our images, and welcome letters are set.   We appreciate your interest in our Persians.  

Please help us accommodate your request by first simply filling out thisshort questionnaire.  

2.  We prefer you do not text, however, we welcome a text identifying who you are,  

     where you are located and exactly what you are seeking.  

     Pricing is provided only after the kitten form sent to us.  

     >   We cannot respond to:  "How much are them kittens? "  "How cheap are those kittens?"  (This does not sound like a good home).

       >   We prefer a phone call & Kitten Application. (100% of our buyers are respectful, know what they want & are good homes & fill out the form).

       >   We have never sold a kitten from a text.  

       >   A serious buyer always fills out the KITTEN APPLICATION  . . .  

           So when we get a text you only want to communicate by text, please introduce yourself here:  KITTEN FORM (APPLICATION).

              We will get with you, however, you will be asked to please go through the site form (KITTEN APPLICATION).   

We are easy to work with, work with customers with shipping, welcome inquiries, work diligently to provide dream persian kittens!  

We send supplies with you kitten, grooming care suggestions are here for any questions !

We want to meet your expectations, and providing a positive experience to all buyers.   

So help us help you !  Providing the address your kitten will reside is a requirement.  

Thank you for your understanding.  


We answer Text messages with a high kitten price.  So if you are serious about taking a kitten home with you, providing the KITTEN APPLICATION, provides your name and where you are located.  Reason we do this . . . too many catteries want to just get information from us and they do by text.   So to get reasonable kitten prices, we respond to the Kitten Application SHORT FORM.

Thank you for you understanding.