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Fall 2016 kittens find homes early 2017

Male Silver Chinchilla  - " Bobble "  Sold 

Female Silver Chinchilla  - " Keira "  Sold

Female Shaded Golden  -  " Shasa "   Sold

Male Shaded Golden  -  " Sammi "   Sold

Male Silver Chinchilla  2016 -  " Tomi "   Sold

Male Silver Chinchilla  - " Wiley "  Sold

Shaded Golden, Silver Chinchilla,

Shaded Silver Persian kittens

For Sale right now !

Spring 2017 kittens Now in new homes !

Shaded Silver Male   -  "Jayden"  Sold to Cathy

Shaded Silver Male "Elija Blue" Sold to Cathy
Silver Chinchilla Female  "Bria"  Sold to Carla
Shaded Golden Male  -  " Charlie "   Sold
Shaded Golden Male  -  " Loki "   Sold
Shaded Silver Female -  "Ash" Sold to Brian
White Male  -  "Mercy " Sold to Keri

Silver Chinchilla - "Yoshi" Sold to Sharlotte

Shaded Silver Male - Sold to Mary

​Silver Chinchilla - "Marco Polo" Sold to Gus

Silver Chinchilla  "Sparkle"   Sold to Jennifer

Shaded Golden "Ted" Sold to Dorothy

Silver Chinchilla "Joey " Sold 

Silver Chinchilla "Kenny" Sold 

Shaded Silver "Martin" Adopted - Jackie

 SOLD Winter December 2016

Persian kittens will be old enough

to depart at 8 weeks old