" Lacy"

Stunningly gorgeous!

Silver Chinchilla male " Neil "

Ask about "Little Lady"

If you want sweet, she is a good choice !

*  Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla coat

*  Doll Face

*  Strong black eye liner




Silver Persian male kitten

"Roo" is a very small Persian kitten

He has a cute, inquisitive look about him!

He is very playful, alert and a very sweet boy!

He is relaxed with bathing and grooming and purrs !

He has strong black outliner around his large expressive eyes 

He has a correct nose color that well bred Silvers possess!

If you would like a very small Persian kitten,

"Roo" is exactly that !

His Sire - "Pooh Bear" has turquoise eyes + 4.5 pounds!
His Dam is a very White Silver Chinchilla with blue -green eyes!

He is sired by Pooh Bear a very small Silver Chinchilla and

the fabulous Chinchilla Persian dam !

​ TT-SC-M4-PB-2021 


"Little Lady"


" Doll Face Silver Chinchilla 

female Persian kitten "


"Gwen" is a Silver Chinchilla female kitten

possessing a clean snow white soft, silky coat

with a full fluffy tail!  Her coat is easy to care for !

Best of all "Gwen"  is one gorgeous Chinchilla lady!

She has back leather pads, black eye liner and nose

and lips outlined in black!

She has a cute pink nose on a gorgeous Doll Face!

She has an all lady personality . . . and 

considered a top pick Persian kitten !​​

Her dam is a Giovanna daughter and both dam and sire

have amazing eye color!

sired by "Prince Amar

Available   DOB 2021 

"Gwen" is extremely sweet does biscuits and loves to purr!

Reserved 1-4-22

More Silver Persians

Available below

Little Lady





See  Prince Amir 

Reserve a Christmas kitten!


" Adorable- Teacup Silver Persian kitten ! "

"Tiny Tooter"

" Gwen" , "Teina"  & " Meilani"


1 Golden Persian Male Available

Sweet Personalities !

Luxurious Coats !

Gorgeous Doll Faces !

Warrantee for


Heartworm & Ringworm



"  Tedhee"​​​  



"My Dreamer"

Named after his dam "Somewhere My Love"

He is one is very small, a sweet boy, and has a gorgeous white Chinchilla coat!

"My Dreamer" a teacup Persian kitten

His Dam is 4 pounds and his sire is 5 pounds

DOB 7-4-21

This adorable Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

is a sensible, playful and easy keeper!  

He grooms and baths well and loves to purr!

"My Dreamer" has white Chinchilla coat with very soft with Silver accents!

This dam has small litters, so a boy like this doesn't come around often

"My Dreamer" has beautiful expressive eyes with expressive Silver facial markings adds to his lovely Doll Face look!  

 Sired by "Saafir"

Reserve this little boy today . . .

take home a well bred, tiny Chinchilla Persian today!

Reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today!

Reserved -  Sold


Available ​​​



" Gwen"   Female Persian  >​​


" Silver  male Persian kitten "


 Silver Persians

Newborn Silvers

​Silver Chinchilla  Persian >


" Plato"


Luxurious Silky Chinchilla 

Correct body structure



Choose one of these lovely kittens today!

Persian Silver Kittens available ​​

Some are featured below . .  watch for new photos  !

                            Choose from 

            Silver Chinchillas


            Shaded Silvers

 See kitten descriptions at bottom of page

Beautiful Doll Face

" Neil "

" Dilan"



Correct body structure!


" Plato"


" Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten "


A one of a kind Silver Chinchilla . . .  Top Pick Kitten

A stunningly beautiful Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

Sired by "Saafir"

Offspring sired by one of our finest sires "Saafir" acquire the most luxurious, silky and satin Chinchilla coats !

He possesses a Silver Chinchilla coat that is soft, silky, mink texture that is easy to care for! 

He baths and grooms well and loves to purr!

Loves to be held . . .  has a regal nature about him !
His dam is "SomeWhere My Love" one of our finest dams we have!

This kitten is sophisticated, kind natured, respectful, easy going,

a no nonsense Persian kitten that will sure be a buddy!

Doesn't matter if the room is relaxed or active, nothing bothers him!

He purrs all the time, is easy to groom and bath!

He is a top pick TinyPersian !

DOB  3-1-2021

Reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today!




" Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten "

 "Little Lady"

A Silver Chinchilla Persian female

is absolutely stunning and a perfect 

Doll Face look! This is one little girl that TinyPersians is considering keeping!  She is small, yet built sturdy and correct!

Sired  by "Prince Amar" and a highly valued Giovanna daughter!

She is a very special little lady and named;

"Little Lady !

Her coat is as lovely as can be,  soft, silky and a clean Chinchilla color with silver accents that gives her an elegant look !

"Little Lady" baths and grooms well,
She is all lady . . . and gorgeous as can be!

Dam beautiful Shaded Silver Giovanna daughter !

DOB 4-4-21  Full sister to "Casandra"


As to see photos


Silver Persian male kitten - Very  tiny !

Named "Plato" as he was the smallest Persian kitten at birth at 38 grams

and was up and running for mom!   He was strong, ambitious and definitely a smart little guy quickly nursing and ever so adorable!

He is a Silver Persian male kitten with an outstanding pedigree,

as he is out of a gorgeous Golden dam !

This cross produces extraordinary brilliant green or emerald eye color!

 He has an amazing white, silver Chinchilla coat

that is a clean white with soft silver accents !

He possesses a lovely Doll Face that is balance and correct

along with a strong black outliner around his eyes

and his nose stays true to the breed!

He is sired by "Prince Amar" 

DOB 2021   IS-SC-M3-PA-2021


a Silver Persian male is ultra sweet, small 

He has a very white Chinchilla coat with clean silver accents

softly featured on his face and body

"He" baths and grooms well!

He is small with a well structured body!

Is an excellent choice for one that prefers a very small male

Doll Face Persian !
Take home a very sweet Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten today!  

Sired by "Pooh Bear" 


Dam beautiful Silver chinchilla that is very small

only 2 pounds, 11 . 8 ounces on 1-2-22

That is over 5.5 months old and still tiny!

DOB 7-19-21

Last of the Pooh Bear Persian kittens


" Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten "​​



"Tot's Boy"

Silver Persian male

Sired by "Pooh Bear"




Look at this  gorgeous

Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla Persian !

Gorgeous female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten !

 2022 Available

Choose a 2022 Silver -Silver Chinchilla - Shaded Silver

Persian kitten today! 

We have Silvers,  1 Golden  and 2 Blacks 


Sweet !

"Little Lady" 

​Sister of "Casandra"


" Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten "

"Little Miss Priss's boy"

This is one adorable - tiny Persian!

Sired by "Pooh Bear"

He is also a full brother just as gorgeous 

He has a gentle nature about him

. .  sweet as can be!

He possesses a Silver Chinchilla coat that is soft and silky!

His dam is "Little Miss Priss" one of our smallest dams!

Reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today!

DOB 2021

A sweet, sweet Persian kitten !


Playful !

Silver Persian male kitten - Very  tiny !

Named "Tooter"  is extremely small and will stay that way

He is 5 months old in these photos and only 2.1 pounds!

He is a Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten 

His coat is easy to care for

as he is out of the dam "Tiny Tot"  !

This cross produces extraordinary brilliant green or emerald eye color!

He possesses an adorable Doll Face with black outliner around his eyes

and nose

He is sired by "Pooh Bear" 

DOB 2021   TT-SC-M4-PB-2021


Loves to purr !

Sweet - Alert- Playful


" Meilani "

Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten

"Meilani"  is a small Doll Face Persian 

and absolutely gorgeous!

"Meilani" is a sweet boy and aways seems to glow!

He has a stunningly, gorgeous Doll Face

that is perfec

that is highly sought after with Persians!

"Meliani's" eyes are expressive

with a strong black outliner

around each eyes and his nose !

both his sire and dam have brilliant eye color

and clean Chinchilla coats !

His coat is a clean white chinchilla look

that is soft, silky and easy to care for !

He is ultra sweet and baths and grooms well !

He is sired by Prince Amar a senior sire 

the fabulous, top producing dam Love Song !



One very sweet Chinchilla!!​


" Teina "

" Little Lady" Persian ​​

Purrs all the time!​

Gorgeous  Doll Face look !

Silver Chinchilla Persian Female

"Little Lady"

Extremely small - 2.1 pounds @ 5 months 




"Mason" is playful, active, eats well, grooms and baths 

He is a full brother to "Tot's Boy"  who is available

If you are seeking a small male Silver Persian . . ."Winston is a good choice

"Winston" has beautiful large eyes that are outlined in black and

predicted to be a gorgeous color like her dam and sire! 

His dam is a top producer!    Sired by "Pooh Bear"

TT-SC-M-4-DOB 2021

Reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten today!





" Teina" ​​

Perfect  Chinchilla coat!


" Elijah"

Beautiful Doll Face look !

An adorable Persian Silver kitten l

​Take " Roo"  home today!


" Plato's"    Dam


" Teina "

Playful !

" Plato"

Silver  Chinchilla female

"Tiny Tooter"

" Elijah"

Silver Persian male kitten

"Elijah" is out of a gorgeous Giovanna daughter!

When this cross is produced, it produces outstanding eye color

and clean coats without tarnishing - this means the coat is a clean white

and the silver accents are a true silver color

His coat soft, silky and easy to care for

  "Elijah" is well bred male Silver Persian!

He baths and grooms well!

He has a Doll Face with strong black outliner

around his eyes and his nose

When a young kitten's nose looks black when young it usually turns the brick red which is the #1 color a Silver show Persian should have!

DOB 4-6-21   Da-S-M4-PB-2021 ​​

Tiny to Standard size 

Persian kittens 

Guarantee for . . .

FIV-FeLV-PKD-Heartworm, Ringworm


Reserved 12-28-21




" Teina "

"Teina" is one classy Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

She has all the qualities highly sought after by Silver Persian cat lovers!

What they ask for . . .  is what "Teina" has!

Best of all she has the sweetest, cutest personality!

"Teina" is a true Princess!  She is a sister to Tiny Tink!

If you are seeking a perfect female Silver Persian . . .

"Teina" is a top pick kitten and one of a kind!

She has a stunningly beautiful doll face look with

large expressive eyes that are heavily outlined in black

Her nose is also outlined in black

She is very small and correct!

Her coat is extra soft and silky . . . a clean Chinchilla look!

and predicted to be a gorgeous color like her dam and sire! 

Her dam is a top producer!    "Teina" is sired by "Pooh Bear"

TTina-SC-F-4-DOB 2021

Reserve this gorgeous Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten today!







" Plato"


Doll Face

 Male Persian kitten 



Golden male "Kanok"

Facial Silver Accents


Silver Persian female kitten

If you are seeking a Silver Persian kitten

. . .  "Casandra" is a gorgeous - correct Silver Persian!

She possesses a clean white under coat

with soft Silver accents on her coat and facial features giving her an adorable look!

Misted with Silver!

She has a cute Doll Face with strong black outliner around her eyes and an adorable pink nose !

She is out of a Giovanna daughter -

that is most often asked for !

She is predicted to be about 4 pounds as an adult

DOB 4-4-21   PC-S-F-4-PB-2021 ​​

Reserved 1-4-22


"Choose a Silver Persian today! "​​

 CFA Persian Division produces various coat colors

Choose a Doll Face or Flat Face kitten!

Many coat colors to choose from:

Silver *  Shaded Silver * Silver Chinchilla

In addition you will find . . .

Shaded Golden *  Golden

*   Golden Chinchilla * Black 

Silver Chinchilla male





Silver  Chinchilla Persian male kitten

This little boy has amazing eye color predicted to be . . .

from turquoise to a brilliant green and emerald green

Both parents have extraordinary brilliant green eye color with a strong black outliner around his eyes!   

He has a soft pink nose that gives him a soft look !

He has a clean White - Silver Chinchilla coat lightly misted in a soft Silver

that is ever so soft, silky and easy to care for!
"Sean's" has a adorable look . . . trots around

with his tail straight in the air! 

Best of all is his loving personality and gentle nature  !
He has black leather paw pads   


      Silver Chinchilla male " Roo"

A true tiny Persian 

" Meilani"



"Silver Chinchilla"

Silver Chinchilla male sired by "Pooh Bear" and the dam "Tiny Tot"

He has a Silver Chinchilla coat that is easy to care for

and a pink nose on a Doll Face 

Eats well and grooms and baths well

He has a soft personality and great if you are seeking a buddy!

His beautiful Doll Face has a turn up nose outlined in black

His large expressive eyes are also lined in black

 Sired by "Pooh Bear"

DOB 2021

Photo taken 11-18-21

ask about this kitten

Reserve this Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today!




" Plato"​

A Greek name, Plato's name derived from an

Arabic origin, originally being Aristocles which means “the best glory”​​

Silver male Persian kitten​​

Named "Lacy" as her dam is the gorgeous Silver Chinchilla "Lavender Lace" who was retired in 2021 . . .

"Lacy" is the last kitten  "Lavender Lace" had 





"Silver Chinchilla"

Silver Chinchilla male sired by "Pooh Bear" and the dam "Tiny Tot"

"Tooter" is a lovely white - silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

He has an adorable Doll Face with  a pink nose 

He is extremely small - same as his sibling brothers

He is playful, inquisitive and smart

 Sired by "Pooh Bear"

DOB 2021

Photo taken 12-15- 21

ask about this kitten

Reserve this Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten today!


Sean has the sweetest personality with a perfect Doll Face look  !

"Sean" is as cute as can be!


" Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten "


"Lacy" is the sweetest lady !

All Girly Girl!

She has a soft personality . . . 

taps on you to say . . . 

"Here I am!"

She walks softly, loves to be with you!

She is gorgeous in every way,

easy to care for, never mats

She has a white Chinchilla coat with silver accents

"Lacy" is small and correctly built

Black outliner around her eyes

Sire is Saafir 

​and her dam Lavender's Lace's  last kitten 

Born in 2020 she is a little less than 1 year old

Reserve "Lacy" today!

DOB 2020

"Lacy" will be a sweetheart buddy !  


Reserved 1-4-22   for Hina & family - Houston