What is so special about " this kitten"?

  DOB 7-19-21

" Pooja"  is one of the last kittens

produced by the TinyPersians sire -

 "Pooh Bear" who is now retired in 2021

He is special in many ways !

He flawless Chinchilla coat is extra soft, silky and non matting, parts down the center of his back giving a free flowing look! 

He possesses an adorable, correct doll face with beautiful large loving eyes outlined in black liner! 

You can see how sweet a kitten is with a look like this!

His nose is small and outlined in black

His leather paw pads are black

He baths and grooms well

Smart, playful and easy to care for !

At 5 months old he is still only 2.1 pounds

(same as his brother "Tooter")

4 kittens in the litter and all small at 5 months old

2.1 pounds

(2 pounds - 1 ounce)

2.3 pounds

3.3 pounds 

4.1 pounds 

He is a top pick kitten and a cattery consideration for a keeper!

He has a brother available named Tot's Boy -

Brother Reserved 12-31-21