Onyx of Eden is the sweetest -in tune with humans Persian kitten we have ever bred!

An amazing personality ! 

You will forever love this boy!  

Now in Washington state !

" Mi Lady"

Ultra Sweet !    Loves people !  

" Pooh Bear"
Silver Chinchilla Persian male

Now resides in Dallas Texas

Photos 3-14-21

" Vegas"
Red-White Bi-Color

Exotic Shorthair Male


Prices subject to change at anytime

Only a deposit locks in the price 


Reasonably priced for Forever homes

Choose . . .  a 14 month old or older Persian cat

>   Health Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD,

Heartworm and Ringworm

 Silver female Persian

Extraordinary Brilliant Emerald Green Eyes!

This young lady is extremely small

Weight on 3-14-21      3 pounds 11.6 ounces

2019 DOB

"Mitzie" is ultra sweet and amazingly playful !

She loves your company - will be a for sure buddy !

When you enter the room, it is all above loving you!

She has stunningly beautiful true emerald green large eyes ! 

She is intelligent, aware of her surroundings,

loves to be groomed, relaxed with bathing . . . 

a real sweetheart!

Ask about a Persian 12 months old

to 2 years old and up

DOB 2020


Sold 2-16-21

for Ryan - Oregon

Black male Persian 4  years old 

Previous lion's cut now growing out 



"Mitzie"  Silver Persian female

" Pooh Bear"
See Pooh Bear photos 

" Lavender Lace"
Silver Chinchilla Persian female


DOB 2020


" Lavender Lace"

Departed after Vet appointment

Photos 3-26-21

Dana received a gift from her family (Wissam)

Thank you Wissam for caring about others

2020 photo DOB 2019

Onyx of Eden as a baby !

Reserved March 2021

for Wissam - Texas


Silver female Persian 

" Lavender Lace"

Photos 3-14-21

" Mi Lady"
Black Persian female


Currently Available Adults:

Mi Lady     Call for details - 4 years

Prince Zohar  Call for details  - 1 year 

Vegas    Reserved

​Lavender Lace    Call for details - retired

" Pooh Bear"

" Prince Zohar"

 Adopted 9-25-21

Jasmine - Dallas, TX

               Black Persian

"Onyx" when he was a baby !

He is now 4 years old and available for a family

that would like a lovely black Persian male 

that is all personality!

He is as sweet as can be

His black silky coat is soft and easy to care for!

Black Persians are known for their amazing coats!

They are shiny and silky 

Onyx will talk to you with a soft motor like voice!

He purrs and has a gentle nature about him!

He is a pleasure to be around.

Onyx is in tune with who he is around . . .

He knows when it is time to eat and gets very excited about it!

He has love for life and you can see how he sparkles in his eyes with your presence!  He is one special boy !

Contact us today to reserve this lovely, very special black Persian