"  Zia "

A Golden Chinchilla with a variety of goldens, creams and apricot colors !

Her coat is so soft, silky and uniquely different !  Very large round eyes that are stunning emerald green

" Zia " is alert, playful, kind, sweet, loves your company.   Loves other pets.

She is small, yet built well with a cobby body and very short tail that is so full with fur it is larger then her body !  

​A very special girl !

Sweeter then candy !

ForValentines Day 

Kittenscome with

the Breeze Litter System !

.  Breeze Litter Pan

 .   Litter pan Scoop

.  Breeze Bag of Litter

. Breeze Pads

.  Coupons for future needs 

Breeze Litter System included up to February 14th, 2018 

For pick up kittens only

Happy Valentine's Day !

In addition, each kitten will receive a kitten toy, blanket, kitten book, kitten vitamins, vaccinations, worming, Vet exam, blood work indicating FIV, FeLV negative !

All kitens guaranteed for PKD (kidney discorder)

and Ringworm Free (all kittens receive these additional benefits !) 


" Emmie "

A Silver Chinchillas extremely small.  Predicted to be under 3 pounds, lots of personality and truly a beauty !  Her dam Nonee has been retired and " Emmie " is the last " Nonee " kitten available.   A very beautiful Silver Chinchilla female with a look that doesn't get cuter !  


"  Iris  "

A Shaded Golden Persian female with true Emerald Green eyes, beautiful white bib, black pads, rich shades of Gold !

This Lady is truly that !  Very well mannered, so, so sweet .  Thinks things out.  Has excellent eye contact with you.   Looks at you straight in the eyes with much love !

Reserve this Shaded Golden Female today !


Happy Valentine's Day

More  2018  Tiny  Persians  for  sale

Valentine kittens come with a gift

See below for details 

" Little Priss "

A Silver Chinchilla possessing a luxurious, silky coat with as beautiful doll face !  Extra large expressive emerald green eyes and sweet !

" Little Priss " a very dainty, tiny little girl is a dream come true.  Not only ultra sweet, but everything you been looking for.  A cute doll face, with an adorable turned up nose !

The smallest size we produce together with many characteristics highly sought after !



Give a gift

from your heart !

A  lovely  Valentine  Tiny  Persian

Reserve today !

This Valentine's Day. . .  Send your love a sweet Persian Kitten !

Classy and gorgeous !

Valentine Gem !

" Chinchilla Male"

A Silver Chinchillas male Persian kitten that is out of one of our finest girls and the sire Prince Amar !  He has the best personality ever!   Greets you, loves to be with you, yet not over powering.  Loves to play, watch TV, excellent with other pets.  A real beauty in person !   He possesses the best coat ever, as it is easy to care for, a free flowing, silky Chinchilla coat !

This Chinchilla is truly all one can ask for !

He is beautiful, correct body structure, and such a lovely personality !

Reserve this Chinchilla male today !

Sweet - sweet  !


Very special kitten !

"  Simba "

A Golden male Persian 2 years old, lion cut, has a soft, coat of rich shades of Gold.

He is playing in this photo.  New photos will be added soon.   He does well with other cats and prefers company.  A good eater, loves interactive toys, towers and your company.  A real lover boy that will capture your heart ! 


Reserve this Golden boy today !

 Sweet Valentine Persian kittens