12 months or older

" Candy Man"

" Little Miss Priss"

Shaded Silver Persian female 

Available Breeder or Pet

This female Persian is extremely small - 4 pounds

Stunning eye color - brilliant green!

A Shaded Silver Persian with a clean white undercoat 

with Silver and Black accents !

She has a fluffy tail !    

If you are seeking beautiful female Persian - "Little Miss Priss" is certainly a Princess!  

Sired by Saafir


" Candy Man"

Golden -Tortie Tabby Exotic Shorthair male 

Available - reasonably priced!

Stunning eye color - brilliant copper!

A Golden Tabby male

Color accents of Gold, Cream, White, Chocolate and Red

Well built

Full tail

Eats well - not fussy! 

Affectionate - loves human interaction !

If you are seeking beautiful Golden multi color tabby

  "Candy Man"  will capture your heart!

Sired by Satin Lover