Crystal " coat color is between a light chinchilla color to shades of silver accents, she looks much like her sire and dam in many ways !

This is a very, very small

Persian kitten !   

A beautiful doll face

with balanced facial features 

For Sale



" Crystal "

" Crystal "

More 2018  Available  Persian  Kitten Photos


" The Snow Prince "

" Mandy "

"  Crystal  "

"  Crystal  "

Accented with Shades of Silver

with a white undercoat

Currently we have some of the finest Persian kittens produced from the CFA Silver Division  

Choose miniature - teacup - standard size Persian kittens and cats

Choose Persian white - silver- silver shaded - silver chinchilla - tortoishell - blackcoat colors

Choose a well socialized love bunny- FIV - FeLV - Ringworm warrantee 

For Sale

For Sale

Shaded Silver Persian 

Female Kitten 

" Crystal "  is a very small Silver Shaded female Persian kitten and will remain extremely small

as her Dam is only 3 . 3 pounds !

Her sire - " Prince Amar " is our smallest sire

In these photos, "Crystal" appears as a Silver Chinchilla, however, she is a Shaded silver possessing a light undercoat and lovely shades of silver beautifully accented across her body and facial features !

Her coat is amazingly long, silky and easy to care for !

She has a very short and cobby, yet strong built miniature body - a true treasure as she is so tiny,

yet has substance and so correct !

She has stunning large round eyes

that are a beautiful green color

She is dainty and loves people, is curious and loves to watch her favorite DVD video:

" Cat Dreams" !

You will find her perched looking out a window . . . as butterflies and birds flutter across the sky !

If you are seeking a kitten that is the smallest available with a sweet disposition and absolutely adorable, . . . 
" Crystal  "
is a good choice ! 

" Crystal "


The Snow Prince "

Snow White Persian

Male Persian kitten

A lovely doll face Persian kitten

has an extra soft, fluffy coat that is so easy to care for !

He has a big personally with lots of character . . .

one to surely have you rolling over !

So sweet, playful, intelligent and loves people and other pets !

He loves to play, is active and buddies with a younger kitten

where he is gentle and actually will let the kitten crawl all over him

and he knows to be sweet !

Just  a lovely boy and definitely a gem !

   A kitten this lovely (so gorgeous in person!) will give you so much joy !   

Appearing larger then he is as his coat is so full and fluffy 

where it naturally perks up !   His coat is easy to care for and ever so soft

Here in the photo you can see his coat density

gives him a fluffy Persian coat appearance

​A coat like this is of high demand as it is so beautiful and easy to care for !

His eyes will get larger as he grows and

predicted to be blue green or green

" The Snow Prince " has a correct round face and

eyes placed correctly on his face with an adorable pink nose and pink lips!

Sired by " Onyx of Eden "


"  Puff  "

Silver Chinchilla

Male Persian kitten

" Puff " is a beautiful Silver Chinchilla

male Persian kitten that has a kind disposition, easy going, a gentlemen, always kind to other kittens and can be full of the dickens

when he decides to play ! 

 He is sensible with all he does,

nothing bothers him,

grooms and baths well

and purrs all the time !

" Puff "  has a gorgeous, soft, true mink textured,

full coat that is ever so luxurious !   It always looks like he just and a bath and groomed

He has a balanced body structure,

coal black paw pads,

a beautiful doll face with large eyes !  

Sired by "  Saafir  "

Now in Corpus Christie, Texas

with Tracie

Large expressive eyes !


Beautiful Shaded Silver

Chinchilla Female

 A tiny, extremely small, doll face Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

"  Chirp  "

Silver Chinchilla

Male Persian kitten

" Chirp " after breeding for years we know a star

when we see one ! 

 " Chirp " can be described as literally perfect

Silver Chinchilla Doll Face Persian kitten !

His body structure, coat, facial features

and personality are an A + 

" Chirp's " coat is amazingly fluffy

and easy to care for

It is free flowing and silky !

You can see how soft and luxurious his coat is

in these photos !  

He possesses a round crown with a doll face look

and his face stays clean !  

Has a sensible, playful personality and very smart ! 

" Chirp "  is sired by Saafir and

out of the Giovanna line !

One of the most successful crosses we have produced !

Reserve this lovely Silver Chinchilla

male Persian kitten today ! 

Sired by "  Saafir  "


"  Susie "

Shaded Golden Female

Female Persian kitten

" Susie"  is a very sweet  doll face Shaded Golden female Persian kitten 

Susie is small and has a soft easy to care for coat and lovely emerald green eyes !

She is one we considered keeping and is available

To reserve this lovelyShaded Golden today !

Sired by Saafir

Dam retired

Large expressive eyes !

Ask about our White, Shaded Silver,

Silver Chinchilla and Tortoishell Persian kittens

Reserve one today !  

"  Josh "

Silver Chinchilla Persian

Male Persian kitten

This extremely tiny, silver chinchilla male Persian kitten is out of our smallest producing Silver Persian lines

" Josh " is perfect in every way 

He has a strong built, cobby body,

yet so, so small and will remain small 

We have Persian kittens from miniature size,

to teacup to standard size Persians

" Josh " is a top pick kitten as he has no flaws !

Super tiny ears with lots of fluffy hair on his ears

Eyes that are correctly placed on his doll face

and a dark pink - pink - red brick nose

His mouth, nose and eyes are strongly outlined in black

His paw pads are jet black

"Josh " is extremely intelligent, he learns quickly,

is active and playful 

His coat is full and a lovely Silver Chinchilla silky texture

Josh's back is straight and correct !

He is a full brother to " Pooh Bear "

This is one kitten we have our eyes on and

at anytime may no longer be  available

If you want an absolutely perfect doll face Silver Persian Chinchilla . . . choose " Josh " while he is still available

Dam will be bred in 2019 to our new sire, even though she has out produced herself with Prince Amar !

Sired by " Prince Amar "

" The Snow Prince "


Dark kitten eyes indicate they will be a beautiful emerald green as an adult Persian !

" Chirp "

"  Willow "

Shaded Golden 

Male Persian kitten

An outstanding Shaded Golden Persian kitten !

" Willow "  has rich golden colors accented with black on his coat, and some apricot colors

on his tummy with a white chin 

His coat is thick and luxurious, yet so easy to care for as it is silky and smooth, yet full !

" Willow "  loves your company and makes it known 

​He is a joy to be around 

He has a sweet social personality,

playful and is kind to the other kittens

One of those kittens you

just want to hug and kiss !

is sired by Prince Amar 

Beautiful Doll Face Persian kitten

Sweet sweet girly girl !

" Mandy "

"  Little Emmie "

Silver Chinchilla Female

Female Persian kitten

" Little Emmie "  is exactly what she is ! 

Extremely tiny and ever so sweet

this lovely Silver Chinchilla girl  

A very, very small and sweet kitten !

She has a beautiful free flowing Silver Chinchilla coat, large expressive eyes that have a brilliant green color

​" Little Emmie " 

To reserve this lovely Chinchilla

give us a call today !

Sired by Saafir

For Sale


For Sale

A snow white, fluffy, clean coated

male Persian kitten 

Ask about my brother !  He has the best personality,

a snow white coat and has one blue eye and one green eye !


For Sale

"  Mandy "

Silver Shaded Chinchilla Persian

Female kitten

Mandy is a very sweet Persian kitten out of the Giovanna line and sired by Prince Amar

Mandy's extra large green eyes are predicted to mature to a beautiful Emerald Green color as an adult

 Ask about this lovely female Persian kittten

Sired by " Prince Amar "

Persian kittens are Easily entertained !

They love their Favorite Cat movie DVD " Cat Dreams "

Soft - fluffy coated