"Pepe Le Pew"

"Fluffette's" Brother

looks like a twin !

Male Black and White Longhair kitten

"Pepe Le Pew"  

Reserved for Colin and Lindsey



Reserved for Debi and Mike- Missouri

2020 BiColor Available Kittens 

Choose a lovely BiColor kitten . . . 

Black and White & Red Mackerel Tabby and White

Available 2020 kittens !

These kittens are Longhair kittens

Sire Onyx of Eden 


Female Black and White Longhair kitten


Born May 9th, 2020

"Fluffette" is a small  Exotic Shorthair breed that has a Persian longhair coat

Exotics produce both shorthair and longhair kittens

as they evolved from the Persian cat breed

"Fluffette"  is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous

black and white BiColor tuxedo patterned fluffy coat !

"Fluffette's " eyes are predicted to be a gorgeous copper color 

She is correct in many ways!

She has lovely well balanced adorable Doll Face

with a cute turn-up nose, small ears, a perfect Doll Face look !

 Her body has a strong chest, short tail

She is small for an Exotic , she is all fur!   

Very lovely fur too!

Her coat is a gorgeous stunning coal black

look accented in snow white markings exhibiting a silly texture  

Most highly sought after bicolors have at least 50% White !

"Fluffette's " coat is beautifully accented with much white !

​A sweetie big time !


Red and White Longhair male kitten


Born May 9th, 2020

"Red" has the sweetest personality, laid back, yet alert and playful !

He is extremely intelligent !

Has a fluffy, full luxurious BiColor cat (2 color) 

He has an adorable Doll Face with a turn-up nose

and beautiful, expressive Exotic eyes

that is a stunning brilliant copper color 

He has a strong built body with a wide chest with extra large paws! 

His feet looks so big. . . you just laugh when looking at him!

His coat color is a beautiful red color

and some soft apricot - cream accented with clean white markings !

He is sired by "Onyx of Eden" a black Persian sire