Female Black and White Longhair kitten


Born May 9th, 2020

"Fluffette" is a small  Exotic Shorthair breed that has a Persian longhair coat

Exotics produce both shorthair and longhair kittens

as they evolved from the Persian cat breed

"Fluffette"  is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous

black and white BiColor tuxedo patterned fluffy coat !

"Fluffette's " eyes are predicted to be a gorgeous copper color 

She is correct in many ways!

She has lovely well balanced adorable Doll Face

with a cute turn-up nose, small ears, a perfect Doll Face look !

 Her body has a strong chest, short tail

She is small for an Exotic , she is all fur!   

Very lovely fur too!

Her coat is a gorgeous stunning coal black

look accented in snow white markings exhibiting a silly texture  

Most highly sought after bicolors have at least 50% White !

"Fluffette's " coat is beautifully accented with much white !

​A sweetie big time !

"Pepe Le Pew"

"Fluffette's" Brother

looks like a twin !

Male Black and White Longhair kitten

"Pepe Le Pew"  


Reserved for Colin and Lindsey




Red and White Longhair male kitten


Born May 9th, 2020

"Red" has the sweetest personality, laid back, yet alert and playful !

He is extremely intelligent !

Has a fluffy, full luxurious BiColor cat (2 color) 

He has an adorable Doll Face with a turn-up nose

and beautiful, expressive Exotic eyes

that is a stunning brilliant copper color 

He has a strong built body with a wide chest with extra large paws! 

His feet looks so big. . . you just laugh when looking at him!

His coat color is a beautiful red color

and some soft apricot - cream accented with clean white markings !

He is sired by "Onyx of Eden" a black Persian sire 


2020 BiColor Available Kittens 

Choose a lovely BiColor kitten . . . 

Black and White & Red Mackerel Tabby and White

 2020 kittens  Past kittens below

2021 Exotics arriving in 2021 !

These kittens are Longhair kittens

Sire Onyx of Eden 

Reserved for Debi and Mike- Missouri