" Fluffette!"

"Fluffette" is one gorgeous black and white longhaired female kitten

sired by the stunning black Persian sire:  "Onyx and Eden"

She was named "Fluffette" as she has the most amazing fluffy coat with

 a tuxedo pattern and bright white accents

and a stunning black color

He is easy to care for!   Ever so soft and silky !

This lovely lady is very full coated and fluffy,

yet a free flowing beautiful BiColor kitten

"Fluffette" has a cute turn up nose, small ears,

cute oversized feet and a short tail 

Her dam is the lovely "Blueberry Delite"
an exquisite dam

So many things nice about this kitten

You will find she is all "lady" 

Sweet female kitten

"Fluffette" is very small and well built !

Reserve "Fluffette" today !

2 sibling brothers available

Red and White male

Coal black male "Too Cute" 

"Beautiful facial features  ! "

Stunning satin and silky coated blacks

Blacks are known for their shinny, silky, soft coats !   So luxurious !

Blacks can have green,copper eyes! 

Blacks eyes are born black and for 24 months change their color!

" Alert and ready to entertain you  ! "

Yes, we have Black Kittens Available . . .

before you reserve a black please contact us about details of reserving this male kitten 


214 960-0267 

Please fill out the KITTEN INQUIRY FORM

before you contact us by phone

Thank you

Black and White

Longhair female kitten 


"Too Cute"   

Yes !   That's my name . . . because I am way TOO CUTE !

"Too Cute" is a coal black adorable fluffy longhaired kitten

with a beautiful, silky coat, small ears, adorable face ! 

"Too Cute " will bring much joy to your day!   

He is absolutely stunning in every way ! 

He is playful, curious and gorgeous !   

Baby photos below !

"Too Cute" is AVAILABLE !

Sired by the coal black Persian sire;  "Onyx of Eden" !

Take home "Too Cute" today !  

" Fluffette "

Longhair kittens  AVAILABLE  DOB May 2020


Longhair male kitten 


" Ever so sweet ! "

" Too Cute !"

" Fluffette !"

" Too Cute "

Black Available Kittens

" Too Cute "

"Adorable in every way!"