Few months old  

Gorgeous correct Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian 

12 months old   


Early on "Sir" depicted perfection !!

 He developed into a gorgeous DOLL FACE Silver Chinchilla !

Fall 2020 Persian Kittens

10 Months or older

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Reserved for Jennier (Jenny)

New Jersey



Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten

DOB 9-14-2019

Dam:  Giovanna

Sire:   Saafir

"Sir" is an outstanding Doll Face Silver Chinchilla

male kitten with extraordinary facial

features that are well balance and correct !

His large expressive eyes and his adorable turn up nose are outlined in black

He has smaller ears that are well covered with fur! 

He is an ultra sweet boy that nothing bothers him!

His personality is his best characteristic !

His lion's cut is almost grown out 

He will soon become more fully coated ! 

Sired from one of our top sires - Saafir!

Saafir has proven to be an outstanding sire producing consistently clean white Chinchilla coats that are full, ever so soft and silky!  Extra large eyes on balanced doll faces.  Each kitten has a strong black outliner around each eye! Best of all he produces round, not pointed ears that are heavily covered with thick fur!   

Giovanna, "Sir's" dam has produced top pick kittens every time!  "Sir" was a kitten we had our eyes on and now available to a loving forever home !Jennifer quickly reserved a kitten and made an excellent choice in choosing "Sir"!  She had no hesitation and reserved "Sir"!

"Sir"  broke our hearts departing with him -

For me he was absolutely purrfect !