<  Only a few minutes old

mom produces shaded goldens,

shaded silvers and silver chinchillas


< Male shaded Golden

2 minutes old


Full sibling to 

​Tequila Sunrise 

Female Silver Chinchilla

Reserved for Deborah

Now Available to Reserve

<  shaded Goldens 

are born dark sometimes almost black and they change their coat color -shades of gold like

<  Tequila Sunrise 


  Now Available  !

Kittens must be 8 weeks old to depart

They stay with mommy until 8 weeks old

A lovely " absolutely perfect" Silver Chinchillas with an amazing white clean coat misted in Silver !

New kittens being added!

Kittens born dark and lightened up as they grow !

We will be posting more available Persian kitten (3 weeks to 8 weeks old)

 photos May 6th thru 9th!


We will start filming shaded golden kittens available Will post them asap - waiting for eyes to open 


Since the recent social distancing we are running a bit behind

 getting photos up.  

Our helpers will return soon,

however, we will have photos up

in a few days.

Until then please be patient with us getting photos up as the daily care, monitoring, charting, nurturing, feeding, grooming is priority for our Persians

over photos.

Thank you for your understanding !​​

Reserved by Deborah


 Male Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  . . .

Sturdy built, playful, sweet to his sisters,

gorgeous doll face look!   >




Silver Chinchilla male 

Miles - will feature more photos soon! 


This Shaded Golden male is Available !



Reserved by Deborah


 Female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  . . .

Sweet and dainty, large expressive eyes, a beautiful Chinchilla coat ! 




" Miles "

Reserved for Deborah


Few minutes old this Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten born dark and will lighten up as it grows . . .

Moms love their babies and do not want them leaving their side for weeks - so us taking photos of too young of kittens can be stressful for the moms

Reserved by Linda

"Kate"  renamed; " Miss Bell"

Female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten >

Very small

beautiful eyes predicted to be

a brilliant emerald green like my sister "Joy"

"Kate" now renamed "Miss Bell' and

reserved by Linda of Ark.

  Watch kittens grow !  

> Faces shorten up as they grow, eyes open and get larger each week as they mature  . . .

> Eye color takes sometimes 24+ months

for the final color

> Coats of all color brighten or lighten up

to brilliant white with or without misted silver

to Goldens developing into many shades of Gold !

Here this kitten was just born minutes ago

and still wet . . . weighing 74 grams!

Our Persian kittens are born

from 42 grams to 98 grams

We have 2 new litters keeping us busy and

 we will post more kitten photos by next Sunday