Silver Chinchilla male 2020 

Silver Chinchilla male DOB 10-15-20


Sweet - Sweet boy!

Very small - a real gem!


Perfect Doll Face Chinchilla

Silky - smooth coated 

Silver Chinchilla male 2020 


What tis a TinyPersian top pick kitten?

There are several top pick kittens throughout the year

as we meticulously continue to improve our lines

 TinyPersians will choose a few a year from all the litters and are considered . . . "Watchers"

What is a TinyPersian "Watcher"?

A TinyPersian "Watcher" is a kitten (s) we have chosen to watch them grow and develop

and to ultimately consider to choose one or more for a future breeder 

This also means we will be retiring a sire or dam and will be very selective which homes the retired Persians will be released to

Not just a home thinking a Persian 2 years old or older is a "Good deal"! 

Top pick kittens are still offered throughout the year 

We offer several Top Pick kittens throughout the year . . . as it is our goal every kitten is special

However, a few top pick kittens, the  "Watchers" are chosen 

and then evaluated by us where often it is hard to choose

We may decide to keep one or more or none at all,

not because they are lessor, because we will not retire what we have

  They typically will be about 7 to 20 months old when available if available

   It takes time for a Silver Persian to develop, therefore, for us to evaluate their characteristics 

You may find "Top Pick" kittens available before the end of the year or not available in the year born and not available until the next spring or later

We are watching them!

New litters arrive the next year and a new year kitten may be replaced as a "Watcher" top pick kitten

Please note we often sell many we would like to watch, however, we only choose a couple or so


2020 End of the year Watchers are featured here!  Will be adding at anytime 

Sometimes not named as we are waiting for a name too!