"Tori"  is an Exotic shorthair black and white

BiColor CFA female kitten

She has a round face and head, which is a characteristic of an Exotic Shorthair!

Her face is adorable as it appears she has a mustache - right side white and

the left side a black mustache!   

Her eyes will be come larger

and more copper as she matures

It sometimes takes about 24 months

for the true eye color to come in

She has large feet, a strong chest with a body with substance, yet will stay small 

She has much white on her tummy and other parts of her coat!  

She is sweet and playful !

Sired by the gorgeous black . . .

"Satin Lover"


DAD- younger

< Dad

of the Exotic kittens featured


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Red - Silver - Black Mackerel Tabbies -  CFA Exotic Kittens

The Candy Man


Kitten eye color takes 14 to 24 months

to change !

Look at Dad's eyes!

Yes! these kittens

will have amazing eye color !

"The Candy Man"


< "Satin Lover" >

"Flanagan"   DOB 3-31-21


"Candy Man" a Multi Colored Golden Tabby

Shorthair Exotic male kitten

Extremely tiny!

Was named "Candy Man" as his dam is Candy Kisses Delite and he has multiple colors of gold, white, bluish-grey, cream and apricot markings

This Exotic Shorthair kitten is very small,

yet has substance to his built !

He is short and cobby and as adorable as can be!

HIs full brother is Flanagan" mackerel tabby red kitten

His sister is a black Exotic Shorthair named "Mandy"  

If you are seeking a very, very small kitten . . .

​"Candy Man" is a good choice!

Reserve this lovely tiny Exotic kitten today!

Sired by the gorgeous black Exotic male. . .

Satin Lover "


Exotic Shorthair 

Black - White male BiColor

Perfectly balanced ​Tuxedo pattern


Exotic Shorthair 

Smoke Female



Exotic Shorthair 

Golden Tabby - VERY TINY!

"Dia" a full sister to Milena" 

is an Exotic shorthair female kitten with a tuxedo pattern black and white coat and

perfectly balanced facial features !

"Dia"  has extra small ears, a correct round head, a well structured body like her sisters!

Her white markings are a snow white clean color and her accented black markings are very black and stunningly beautiful!

She is very sweet, playful and is as beautiful as can be !  No two kittens are a like and if you are seeking the perfect Exotic Shorthair tuxedo pattern kitten . . . here she is!​​

Reserve "Dia" today!

A cattery consideration!

Sired by the gorgeous black . . .

"Satin Lover"

Wow!  Look at the Show

Pattern coat and color!

 Red Mackerel Tabby Male

Exotic Shorthair


Exotic Shorthair 

Black Male


Exotic Shorthair 

Black - White Female


balanced facial features



  A very tiny

Exotic Shorthair kitten




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Exotic Shorthair 

Black Female



Exotic Shorthair 


A cutie !


Rich coat color 

"Flanagan" a Red Mackerel Tabby

Shorthair Exotic male kitten

The name "Flanagan" means noble

and the color of red!   

This is what he is !

A beautifully patterned  mackerel tabby red kitten

 with the elegance and sophistication of a noble king!

He stands correctly as he is well built, a strong chest, short body, short flagging tail that shows personality and a correct round Exotic face with

facial features perfectly balanced

for the Exotic cat breed!​​

"Flanagan" has large feet just like

it is expected to be for the Exotic cat breed!

He is one of the smallest kittens in the litter!

his sister is Mandy a black tabby female and his brother is "Candy Man" a multi colored rare tortie male kitten !

"Flanagan" dam is about 5.4 pounds

and have rich colors

on her coat that carries onto her kittens!

If you are seeking a sweet, Exotic male kitten that you just want to hug and adore . . .

Reserve this lovely Red Mackerel tabby today!

Sired by the gorgeous black Exotic male. . .

Satin Lover "

Sold    7-6-21

Persian Longhair Fluffy 

Black Male

Soft - silky coat

"The Candy Man"


Exotic Shorthair 

Black - White Female

BiColor with lots of white!

See more about dad & PurrDelites Cattery Exotic Shorthairs

Thank you TinyPersians for featuring PurrDelites Exotic Shorthair and Longhair kittens

Satin Lover

A stunning BiColor

Black / White Exotic Shorthair

female kitten


Reserved 5-8-21

"The Candy Man"


Reserved for Isheeta

Exotic Shorthair 

Golden Tabby Male



The Candy Man


Exotic Longhair 

VERY Black Male

Reserved for PurrDelites


"The Candy Man"   DOB 3-31-21


Now this is one gorgeous BiColor kitten !




Red Mackerel Tabby pattern coat

"Milena"  a shorthair Exotic female kitten is stunningly gorgeous!  Her adorable facial markings sets her aside from an ordinary BiColor kitten coat pattern!   Her face is

1/2 white & 1/2 black!  Very unique!

Her eyes are predicted to be

a brilliant copper color 

Her coat color is a clean snow white

and coal black look!  

"Milena"  has extra small ears, a correct round head, a well structured body

with the expected large paws

Best of all is her personality!

She is the first to eat and is not fussy!

Very smart and thinks things out! 

She is bold, playful and a beauty! 

Now resides in California with Kelly

"Darla" a Bi-Color Colored Black and White

Shorthair Exotic female kitten

Lot's of white and stunning coal black acccents !

Was named "Darla" as she is as sweet as can be . . .

a little darling!

Darla's meaning is Darling!  This is what she is!

A beautiful and easy to care for Shorthair Exotic!

 "Darla" is a sensible little girl!

Playful, inquisitive, eats well, easy to care for!

she loves to play and entertain !

She has extra large paws, sturdy chest, a correct Exotic face!

Her eyes will be a brilliant copper color!

The finest Exotics have this eye color!

Kitten's eyes take several months to develop

Exciting to see them mature and grow into prize Exotic kittens!

If you are seeking a well bred Exotic that is as pretty as can be . . . this adorable female kitten "Darla"
 will bring much joy to your household!

Reserve her today! 

Sired by the gorgeous black Exotic male. . .

Satin Lover "