"Black Male Persian kitten"

Only 5 weeks old on 9-20-23 this black Persian

male kitten is available!

He is not named yet

He has 3 siblings available

Shaded Silver

Silver Chinchilla

Shaded Golden​​




Perfect Doll Face

Black  Persian kittens ! 

Reserve a black Persian Kitten

in advance . . .

as we only produce about

two a year!

We breed black Exotic Persians also!

   "Black retired mom Available"

"Choose a Black Persian kitten today! "​​

Choose a gorgeous Black Persian kitten today !

Blacks are rare within the Silver Persian CFA Division

They are the smallest Black Persians when produced within the Silver lines!

We produce about 2 a year and sometimes only 1!

Black Persian kittens are top pick kittens!

Currently we have . . . 

1 Black Persian m ale 5 weeks old

1 Black Tabby female Exotic Persian

1 Black male Exotic Shorthair

1 retired Female Persian Available

Reserve a black today!

" Not named yet"​​

Tiny to Standard size  Persian kittens 

Warrantee FIV-FeLV-PKD-Ringworm

Available 2023 Black Persian kittens