" Something About Ted"​​

Very Sweet!

Tiny to Standard size  Persian kittens 

Warrantee FIV-FeLV-PKD-Ringworm

 < Dam   "Evening Prim Rose"

3 females Available

2 Shaded Sivers and 1 Golden 

"  Sophie "

Golden Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten

"Zena" possesses soft shades of Gold, such as; 

Gold, Apricot, Cream, White and Chocolate

She a sweet, sweet little lady,

that loves to follow you around! 

She will greet you when you enter the room!

Always wants to be with you, yet is independent too!

She will entertain her self, is alert and such a Princess!

She is stunningly gorgeous,

with an extra soft, silky coat!

Her dam is a true Golden Persian

and her sire is a a rich Golden Chinchilla 

named "Something About Ted" !


"Choose a Golden Persian kitten today! "​​

Choose one these gorgeous Golden Persian kittens today !

Shades of Gold coat colors such as;

Gold, apricot, cream, white, chocolate and black !

Many coat colors to choose from:

Shaded Golden *  Golden *  Golden Chinchilla

Now producing some of our

finest Golden TinyPersians  . . .

getting better and better every day!

Newborn litter now 7 weeks old !

" Zena"​​

Perfect Doll Face

Golden Persian kittens ! 




The meaning of "Eldora" means Gift of the sun"

and also means "Golden"

This is what "Eldora" is . . .

 a tiny Shaded Golden female Persian kitten

that is a real gem!

She is all girly-girl!   A little Princess!

"Eldora" will be very small!

Her coat has an apricot, cream, white, black

and chocolate accents !

 Beautiful multiple colors! 

She has Doll Face with expressive eyes!

This kitten has a playful personality,

loves to cuddle, very sweet

and baths and grooms with ease !

 Her dam is 3.8 pounds and her sire is 5 pounds

Reserved "Eldora" today!​​



"Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten - top pick kitten!"​​

"Baby Louie"

This is a an outstanding Shaded Golden Persian kitten that is absolute flawless!

He has shades of rich golds accented

with apricot, cream, white, black and chocolate!

 Beautiful multiple colors! 

He has a cute Doll Face look about him 

and a well structured body,

with large paws!

His coat is soft, silky and easy to care for!

This kitten has an adorable funs, playful personality that will surely entertain you!

Reserved for Carlos and Sarah which has previously purchased Nora and Christopher

​Named by customer



" Female"​​

Golden Persian kittens

with Shades of Gold!

Shaded Goldens


Golden Chinchilas

"Sweet Anna Marie" - Dam


"Baby Louie"


" Something About Ted"​​

" Something About Ted"​​

" Sisters are Silvers!"​​


< Sire

" Sophie"​​

Shaded Golden - Golden - Golden Chinchilla  Persian kittens 

Available 2023 Golden Persian kittens