May - June  2024 Persian Kittens Available !


 2024  Newborn  Available  Persian  Kittens

 Red , Creme, Golden and Tortie Gorgeous Newborn  Kittens !

Choose from one of these lovely, newborn kittens!

DOB  5-18-24

Litter of 5

Rich Red  - Golden Creme tummies -

3 male and 1 female kittens

1 Tortie Female kitten

Sire  -  " Pistachio  Delite "

out of  " The Snow Prince"  a spectacular snow white Persian !

Dam  -  " BlueBerry Delite " imported dam


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Newborn kittens born 5-18-24


DOB 4-17-24

These tiny Persians will be old enough to deaprt at 8 weeks old! 

Shaded Silver and Golden

Doll Face Persian kittens !


A Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

with a perfect Doll Face, large expressive eyes, tiny ears, and

a fluffy Chinchilla coat!

His undercoat and majority of his body

s snow white accented with clean Silver accents!

A Chinchilla is born dark and they lighten up. as they mature!

A good eater,

playful and cute as can be!


"Unforgettable Elegance"


See more about this Torie female and the Red Golden kittens at  our sister site        >

where we breed Exotic Persians! 


"Ellie"   Silver Chinchilla Female​   Reserved
" Eddie"  Shaded Silver Male   

"Jake"   Silver Chinchilla Male  Available

               Shaded Golden Male   Available


"Emma's Litter"

Four adorable Persian kittens , now 3 available

Choose from a male  Shaded Golden or Shaded Silvers!

The female hs been reserved!

Dam  (Emma)  "Unforgettable Elegance"  is out of the top producing retired dam  "Silver Elegance " a  "Giovanna" daughter!

Ask for an Emma kitten!

The eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green

or emerald green color !

Their sire is an outstanding imported Persian  "Saafir"

Their dam has consistently produced top pick kittens

and we recommend to quickly choose

and reserve one of these playful, cute,

Doll Face Persian kittens today!

Saafir theireSire is known for producing

clean, luxurious, soft coats!


Reserve one of these newborns today!

or choose a kitten out of the dam Blueberry Delite below . . . 

"Unforgettable Elegance"

​(Emma)  2024  Litter

​DOB 4-17-24


Look at these adorable,

​perfectly balanced

Doll Face kittens  !

​Take one home today

and have a tiny baby Persian

kitten to snuggle with!

Persian kittens available!  Reserve one of these tiny Persians today!




Not named yet, this Torie female and the Red Golden Exotic Persian kittens 

   are featured at  our sister site      

of Exotic Persians! 

2024 Persian kittens have arrived !  

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3 Litters have arrived ! 



A Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten

with a very fluffy,

long, luxurious cost!

Just like his brothers!

You will find shades of Gold from apricot, cream,  white, chocolate, black and Gold !

​Absolutely stunningly gorgeous!

He has large expressive eyes

with a well balance Doll Face!

He loves to play with his siblings and his interactive toys!

"Shaded Golden"

More  Available  Kittens !

Choose from one of these adorable Persian kittens!

"Cutie Pie" Shaded Golden  Female

and "Charles"   a Silver Chinchilla male

Both are very small, yet have a well built body structure!

Fluffy coats, large expressive green eyes!

and ever so sweet!

Their sire is an outstanding imported Persian  "Saafir"

who is known for producing clean, luxurious, soft coats!

Reserve one of these newborns today!


A Shaded Silver male Persian kitten

with a cute Doll Face look!

His coat is accented in shades of Silver

and a snow white undercoat!

This kitten will iighten-up as he grows

with his Silver misted accents !

He is a good eater, loves to explore

and play hide and seek ! 

 3 Silvers


1 Shaded Golden 


"Eve's Lady"

An exquisite fluffy. black Persian female kitten Available!

Dam  (Mom) Evening Prim Rose sired by Onyx of Eden is a stunming coal black Persian!

Her adorable black female baby kitten "Eve's Lady" 

has a lovely fluffy, coal black silky coat !

She is a sweetheart of a lady !

A sweet natured, well bred, excellent body structure,

Doll Face Persian kitten!

A little Princess!

Her eye color is already a beautiful turquoise blue/green color

and will be even more brilliant as she matures!

Her sire is an outstanding imported Persian  "Saafir"

who is known for producing clean, luxurious, soft coats!


Reserve "Eve's Lady" today!



" Precious Moments"

Silver Chinchilla

Female Kitten

Very sweet, affectionate!

DOB 2023

Already have full, fluffy coats

with rich colors!

These kittens started eating minutes after being born!

Healthy, smart little love bunnies!