" Mi Lady"
Black Persian female


Available Adults

 2 years old and up are considered Adults

" Mi Lady"

Currently Available Adults:

> Mi Lady     Call for details - 4 years

> Prince Zohar  Call for details  - 2 + year 

> ​Lavender Lace    Call for details -

Sister available after next litter June 2022

She is a gem - big time !

Adults are $1500 and up

" Prince Zohar"

" Lavender Lace"

Prices subject to change at anytime

Only a deposit locks in the price 


Reasonably priced for Forever homes

Choose . . .  a 14 month old or older Persian cat

>   Health Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD,

Heartworm and Ringworm

Ask about a Persian 10 - 24 months old

DOB 2020

Shaded Silver Persian female available

               Black Persian

"Mi Lady" female Black Persian

He is now 4 years old and available for a family

that would like a lovely black, ultra sweet Persian female 

She is as sweet as can be

Has extraordinary, brilliant green eye color 

Black Persians are known for their shiny and silky black coats

She is a pleasure to be around.

She is a love bunny and loves to be with you !

She gets along well with other pets . . . a balanced, laid back personality!  She is one special Lady !

Contact us today to reserve this lovely, very special black Persian

"Little Miss Priss"


 Shaded Silver female Persian

Extraordinary Brilliant Emerald Green Eyes!

4 pounds 6 ounces

2016 DOB

"Little Miss Priss" is a gorgeous Shaded Silver Persian

offered either as a Pet or Breeder

Breeder consideration is an approved individual 

Thank you for your understanding

She has stunningly beautiful true emerald green large eyes ! 

Bred by TinyPersians

" Little Miss Priss"

" Lavender Lace"
Silver Chinchilla Persian female

Sister available

​"Little Miss Priss"