IS- M-Golden - 2

" Jo Jo "

For Sale

For Sale

PC - 1

Newborn kittens are dark at birth  . . . 

as they grow they lighten up

Kittens below are now lighter !

Dam's  - Past Litter 

<  Yes!  The above kittens will be as gorgeous as this past Giovanna kitten  

Kittens 8 weeks old

are so gorgeous now !

We NOW have a

Reserve a kitten today !

Kittens are old enough

to depart at 8 weeks old

PC - 1

IS- M-Chin-3

" Chin-Chin "

For sale

3 Silver Chinchilla male

1 Golden Chinchilla male

   3 weeks old in this photo 

Taken 4-10-18

Silver Chinchilla Male

We thought mom

was gorgeous  . . . 

then her litters came !

Her first litter - 

fall 2017 and they were sensational !

Gorgeous Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla Male 

Current Availble Persian Kittens

Shaded Golden Chinchilla Male

A gorgeous male Persian kitten with lovely shades of Gold and Chinchilla and white accents . . . 

predicted to be a Golden Chinchilla 

Pads on his feet are black   

3 weeks old in this photo

Loves to eat . . . humorous personality . . .

Takes a few steps . . . trips falls on his chin and rolls over on his back with all 4 feet in the air

It seems to be the way he likes to lay !

Sideways or on his back !

Got to love this little guy !   

His eyes are quite large at this age - indicating he will very large, expressive eyes

Dam and Sire have emerald green, rich, intense eyes !  When the eyes are this dark at this age a kitten will have stunning emerald green eyes t!

PC - 3

M I -  4

IS - M - Golden - 2

Silver Chinchilla Male 
Persian Kitten

For Sale

DOB 3-20-18

IS- M-Chin-3

Persian kitten litters have arrived March 20th, 28th

and Easter Sunday April 1, 2018

3 weeks old Persian kittens Available For Sale

Cute turn up noses

Very Tiny Male

IS - M-Chin-1

" Spot "

SOLD  IS- M-Chin- 4

"  Davey "


Her kittens are considered top pick kittens . . .

they get more beautiful every day !

M I -  4

PC - 2

Giovanna Past Kitten

IS- M-Chin- 3

Silver Chinchilla Male 
Persian Kitten For Sale

DOB 3-20-18

Giovanna kitten the cattery chose to keep -

now this kitten produces lovely kittens like her dam !

This adorable male Silver Chinchilla

has a sweet - sweet personality 

Mom is ultra sweet and passes amazing personalities to her kittens

This boy's tear- drop eyes

will be a brillant emerald green

and continue to get larger   

He has a very white coat with a mist of Silver  His facial features are correct 

with a beautiful Doll face look

His eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black

Pads on his feet are black   

3 weeks old in this photo

He will be a small Persian

There were several kittens in this litter . . . choose a Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver

or a Golden Chinchilla sibling 


IS - M-Golden - 2

"JO JO "

Watch these Persian kittens grow . . . 
they will change into gorgeous doll face tiny-little Persian kittens ​

 View NEW PHOTOS here 

*  Kittens are born dark and change their color as they grow
Usually by 8 weeks old they have development their color, usually not much color change after a few months
Several lovely Doll Face Persian kittens NOW AVAILABLE !

<  Mom as a kitten

 a gorgeous Shaded Silver

Will these kittens

be as gorgeous

as mom ? 

You betcha !

Reserve one of these lovely Persian kittens

Will be ready to depart in mid May 

       PC - 1 Shaded Golden Male -  Available

       PC - 2 Silver Chinchilla Female - Available

       PC - 3 Silver Chinchilla Female - Not Available

       MI - 4  Silver Chinchilla Male - Available

Litter of 5 Persian kittens 

Choose one of these lovely Persian kittens

Will be ready to depart in May 

  Silver Chinchilla Male -  Available

  Silver Chinchilla Female - SOLD TO ROBIN

  Shaded Silver Female - Available

  Shaded Silver Female - Sold

  Black Female - Reserved 

Some photos on this site may be past kittens

Sold kittens 

No longer available

Please ask if any have been reserved by others or are past kittens


Her kittens are considered top pick kittens . . .

they get more beautiful every day !

Giovanna top producer for Tiny Persians - possesses Emerald Green eyes - beautiful doll face Persian kittens with  loving personalities 

IS- M-Chin-3

" Chin-Chin "

IS- M-Chin- 4

" Davey "

If you are seeking a very small Silver Chinchilla . . . this kitten is very tiny with an adorable Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla male

Persian -  all personality

He is the first to meet you at the door   

He loves people, dainty as can be 

Has rare tear-drop eyes, predicted to be emerald green

Silver Chinchilla Male

IS - M-Chin-1

" Spot "

IS- M-Chin- 4

Fluffy, sweet 3 week old

Persian kittens

Emerald Green Eyes

IS - M-Golden - 2

March 2018 Kittens

Reserve a lovely Persian kitten

Shaded Silver

Silver Chinchilla - SOLD

Shaded Golden

Persian kitten 

Sired by Prince Amar

These kittens below are out of a dam that produces 

outstanding Persian kittens

Sire Prince Amar

Giovanna kittens 

A proven dam producing highly sought

after Persian kittens   

Buyers come back asking for a Giovanna kitten and others hear about Giovanna's offspring

and request one of her lovely Persian kittens !

<  Eyes almost open 

Persian kittens 

Available For Sale

These kittens are

full siblings to the past kittens

in a prior litter  . . . 

" Tiny Tot " and " Such a Princess " !


IS- M-Chin- 3


IS- M-Chin- 4

" Davey "

For Sale

IS- M-Chin-3

<  Giovanna 


Dam's  - Past Litter 

 1 week old

IS - M-Golden - 2

" JO JO "

 2 seconds old

IS- M-Golden - 2

" Jo Jo "

M I -  4

Giovanna kittens known for being ultra sweet,

accepting children, pets and absolutely gorgeous ! 

Dam as a kitten 

IS- M-Chin- 4