Coming Available 2023

Sweet Anna Marie

nickname- "Zia"

female Silver Chinchilla Persian 

DOB 7/24/17

Available FOR SALE


male Exotic Persian

Shorthair kitten 

DOB 2021

Coming Available 2023

Little Miss Priss

female Silver Chinchilla Persian 

DOB 7/12/15


We would love to keep all our beloved Persians,

however, we have retired a couple Persian and Exotic cats

. . .  offering them to a responsible new forever home

that is loving and who would love to share their home

and life with one of the Available Adoption Cats

These lovely cats are placed in “Forever Homes”

If you feel you can provide a pleasant, loving, forever home . . .

please fill out the kitten application form at TinyPersians

and specifically state an Adoption Persian or Exotic Persian cat  

FYI to avoid undesirable homes, we would like the cat microchipped before departure and for the new home to cover the Vet departure appointment, to insure you will continue the care of this beloved feline pet!  

Thank you kindly for your understanding.  Debbie   

You will be receiving a well-bred cat that has been much treasure at TinyPersians!   

Available in 2022

 Tiny Tot

now a retired

female Silver Chinchilla Persian 

DOB 4/15/17