" I am ready to buy a Persian cat or kitten . . . but have more questions . . .  "

*    Kittens are sold as pets  

*    Parents are CFA registered Persians
*    Sold Persian kittens - guaranteed to be tested negative for

     FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia)
*    All kittens receive up-to-date vaccinations and worming 

       Cats typically do not need worming, but we do for kittens to insure a good start
*    Kittens come with a Licensed Vet’s exam verifying the kitten’s exam and results

About our Tiny Persians :
 Kittens are purebred CFA Persians (CFA Silver Division), the most highly sought after Persians

COAT COLORS:   Silver Chinchilla (look very white), Silver, Shaded Silver, Shaded Golden, Golden, Black, Tortie

COAT TYPES:  We breed 2 coat types:  Silky free flowing soft coats that can be parted down the back, which is absolutely gorgeous.  

Thicker coats that are also, soft, silky, full coated that looks like a fluff ball.  Some in-between 

SIZES:  Parent breeders’ full-grown adults are between 3 pounds 3 ounces to 7 pounds 2 ounces 

Kittens usually are those weights    Some have been smaller and some larger – give or take

Usually by 8 weeks old the average weights of kittens are between 427 grams or 1 pound, 6 ounces to 1 pound, 8 ounces 

That is small !  Occasionally, kittens maybe more a standard size 

We cannot guarantee any size, however, we provide parents sizes/weights and our honest prediction

EYE COLORS:  Turquoise, blue/green, green and rare emerald green eyes

FACIAL FEATURES:  Silvers have black outline eyes, noses, mouths and black pads on their feet 

This gives them gorgeous facial features   

Eyes are either teardrop or round shaped and typically large 

Noses are either pink, or red tones outlined in black  


1.  Teacup cats 5 pounds to 8 pounds
2.  Miniature cats 5 pounds or less
3.  Standard Persians – larger Persians

Our kittens are born 46 to 98 grams   

They typically mature to 3 pounds to 8 pounds   

Most often buyers do not care about size; they want sweet, beautiful Persians that are socialized 

 We have many buyers that come back and purchase 2 to 3 to 4 Persians   So they are happy coming back

 OUR REPUTATION:  Our customers consider us the #1 top U.S. Silver Persian Doll face teacup and miniature Persian breeder 

After they shop around they come back to us and only want a kitten from TinyPersians 

We are told this over and over again

We are proud to offer gorgeous, sweet, lovely Persians    Testimonials

AGE to DEPART (TO BE RELEASED):    Kittens can depart at 8 weeks old or older 

 TRANSPORTATION:  Buyer may pick-up a kitten or have the kitten shipped via UNITED AIRLINE Pet Safe Shipping 

NOT CARGO SHIPPING!  (Climate and air pressured controlled) 

We do not ship on any other Airlines, except United Airlines   

We make all the arrangements.  Buyer Shipping cost is $400:
Includes, airline fee, airline pet carrier, pet pad, pet food dishes, sample dry food,

shuttle to DFW airport 1.5 hours for departure, covers the Pet Safe Shipping program   

AVAILABLE PERSIANS:   We offer kittens of all ages 

We can send photos of available kittens once we know your preferences such as; gender, color, etc
We provide portraits of you kitten sending via e-mail electronic version of images for a keepsake  

RESERVING A KITTEN:  A small deposit will hold the kitten you have chosen 

Often buyers put a deposit down and willing to wait   

Buyers decide.  Deposits done easily
Kitten balance is not due until it is picked up, unless shipped it is paid and funds must clear before shipping  

*  TinyPersians is a CFA Registered Cattery (Breeder)
*  We specialize in breeding very small Silver Division Persians  
*  Our bloodlines are Internationally renowned Champion Persian Bloodlines.  We focus on breeding DOLL FACE Silver Persians
*   We work diligently to produce the finest teacup and miniature (some standard) Persians.   The photos you see at TinyPersians.com are our Persians, maybe current    and past Persians, BUT OUR LOOK WE HAVE CREATED
*  Kittens are socialized, adapted to grooming/baths/nail clipping, litter trained
*  Kittens fed to Vet formulated supplements, vitamins and special kitten foods dry/canned 

    NuVet Vitamins is one of the top Feline supplements, boost immune systems,  offers all the nutrients kittens need to develop with 
*  Kittens Litter Trained, use Breeze Litter best price at Chewy.com

PRICING:  Kittens are priced due to their small nature, difficulty of birthing, the small size litters,

and the intensive care for all kittens to insure the well being and nurturing their development   

Kittens are monitored constantly with human evaluation, cameras to insure each kitten receives the upmost in care for all stages   

They learn to trust, love, and adapt to humans   

They are great with grooming accepting bathing, drying, combing, nail clipping, etc 

Pricing is also, determined due to the Silvers only have 1 to 3 kittens in a litter 

Sometimes 4 to 5, more rarely 

This is a characteristic most often of the Chinchillas (one category of the Silver Persians) 

Chinchillas are the most popular, however, many buyers love other shades   

Lower priced Persians may be larger and a bit older, and sometimes does not matter their age or size for pricing 

Kittens are all individuals

The deposit is subtracted from the price of a kitten   

 Any other information on specific kittens is provided when the shopper narrows down a kitten of their choice 

Top pick Persians are extremely small, probably miniatures, smaller then teacup Persians

They are from some of the finest parents we have   

However, top pick kittens are not necessary a miniature

Kittens can sold quickly and if that happens we will be more then happy to discuss additional kittens available


Choosing a Persian

 Review TinyPersians detailed information - Persians offered for sale