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Life's Abundance Cat Food


Why is Life’s Abundance Better ?

* Life’s Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients help your cat achieve optimum health

* We use a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient

* We maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of our foods

Life’s Abundance foods are made with the finest ingredients

* A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals

* High-quality protein from chicken and catfish meals for strong muscles

* An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E

* Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat

* Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones

* Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

We use only wholesome ingredients, without harmful additives

* No artificial flavors

* No artificial colors

* No corn or corn gluten

* No wheat or wheat gluten

Life’s Abundance delivers concentrated nutrition in every bowl

* A balanced blend of calcium and phosphorous to support growing and aging bones

* Optimal protein levels for growing kittens and adults

​ * Unique blend of antioxidants that support cats throughout their life cycle

​ Your cat's health is important . . . .

Choose Life’s Abundance our recipe tested and formulated for a better life