Available ​​

A white female and male Kittens with odd eyes . . .  

Blue, green and Gold eyes!
Gorgeous little Persian and Exotic Persian kittens

sweet - sweet and

amazing clean snow white coat, pink paw pads, pink nose

and odd eyes 

Easy to care for coats- silky smooth coats

that stays clean and gorgeous!  

Reserve one today!

A Snow white kittens !





"Little Dalia"



Reserved for Nancy 10-20-23

" Reserve my twin brother "


​​"Arlo"   Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

'This lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten has a gentle nature about him!

He has a sweet personality that will surely capture your heart!

He loves to please, is playful and a good eater!

He is stunning beautiful with a luxurious, silky

and soft Chinchilla coat that is easy to care for

and stays beautiful all the time!

He has a white undercoat with a soft mist of Silver !

His face stays clean and he baths and grooms well!

A good boy!

Reserve this sweetheart today!


Reserve one of these little Persian kittens early!  . . . 

Fluffy, tiny male Persian Kitten

Reservation Pending

Gorgeous  little boy!


White Female and male Kittens


Gorgeous  Kittens!


Ask about all available Persian kittens

Only a few featured below

White  Persians -  Available

Silver Chinchilla Persians   -  Available 

Shaded Silvers Persians   -  Available

Blacks Persians  -   Available

Shaded Golden  Persians -  Available


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​Extra small Persian kitten!

​​​" Johan"   

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

"Johan" is a very tiny Silver Chinchilla

male Persian Kitten

out of a dam that is only 3.5 pounds!

He will stay very small

yet you can see his strong cobby body structure!

He has a very fluffy, luxurious coat that is easy to care for!

He baths and grooms well!

He has a light undercoat

with an evenly misted Silver on his coat!

Reserve this little guy today today!

5 weeks old


Playful, inquisitive and gorgeous !



" Teddy"   Available

"White Kittens"


Top pick

Doll Face female Persian kitten!​​
"Thumberlina" was named after her grandma "Sweet Anna Marie"

Her dam is"Princess Afina" and stunningly beautiful!

"Thumberlina" a little lady is a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla

female Persian kitten that will remain extremely small!  

She is only 1.4 pounds in her first photos and now only 2.5 pounds!
"Thumberlina" is perfect in many ways!

She possesses a lovely DOLL FACE with strong black eyeliner,

a luxurious free flowing, silky Chinchilla coat!

Her beautiful Chinchilla coat parts in the middle of her back and get more lovely every day!

Look at this face! . . .   what a beauty!

We offered this kitten for a while and as she matured

we decided to keep her for ourselves!

Have you seen a kitten you like?

Reserve a kitten quickly before they are taken!

If you are seeking a very tiny female Persian kitten

She has a brother " Arlo " and is as sweet as can be too! 

Reserved for Nancy

​​​​"Tali "  



"Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten Available"  


<  Now 6 weeks old!

"Little Dalia"

very small Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten!

"Little Dalia's" Dam (Mom) is 3.4 pounds

and this little girl is going to be very, very small and precious

"She has a lovely soft white Chinchilla Silver accents

When you enter the room she softly trots to you and wants to be with you!

Has little meaw to greet you!  You just fall in love with her!

Her sire is the outstanding "Saafir" 

"Little Dalia" is 6 weeks old in these photos

and will old enough to depart at 8 weeks old or older

Reserve "Little Dalia"  today!

​Brother is  "Arian"


A small Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten!

"Sabrina's" Dam (Mom) is 3.5 pounds

and this little girl is currently only 2.5 pounds!

"She has a lovely soft fluffy Chinchilla coat 

that is easy to care for!   

She always stays clean!  What a gem!

"Sabrina"  is sweet natured, loves to play,

is a alert , doesn't miss a thing

and welcomes your arrival!

A sweet, sweet little kitten!

Her eye color is predicted to be a brilliant green color!

Her sire is an outstanding imported Persian  "Saafir"

known for producing clean and luxurious Chinchilla coats!

Her rating just increased 9-15-23 

She gets better every day!

How  could you overlook this beauty of perfection?

Reserve this little lady today!

​Brother is Atticus!


Arian, Eldora,  Black,  Dalia

"Very Tiny Doll Face Persian Kittens !"


Reserved for Nancy


    Shaded Golden Persian For Sale  

"Top Pick kitten!"

"Prince Johan"

Reserved for Nancy 10-20-23


"Little Dalia" 

"Litter of 4"

2 Silver Chinchillas

Shaded Golden



Arian,  Eldora,  Dalia,  Black male

​​"Princess Jolene"   Dam

<  White Male & Females 

October  2023 Available  Persian Kittens

"Little Logan"

An adorable very tiny

Doll Face male Persian kitten!
This Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten is named "Little Logan"

as he is extremely small and ever so cute!

Only 1.3 pounds in his first photos!

He will remain small as his dam is only 3.5 pounds!

"Little Logan"  has a very soft, silky Chinchilla coat!
. . .  and has black leather paw pads and black eyeliner

with expressive eyes with a Doll Face look !

He is the sweetest kitten, follows you around, taps your foot to say hi!

He is a good boy when bathing and grooming,

including the blow dryer!

If you are seeking a very tiny male Persian,

this little boyis an excellent choice if you want sweet, playful and tiny!

reserve " Little Logan" today!

"I have 2 sisters named "​
 "Peekaboo" and "Priscilla"



Beautiful Doll Face Persian kitten!​​

"Atticus" a Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten 

He has an amazing fluffy, soft and silky Chinchilla

coat misted with silver accents

"Atticus" has a full fluffy tail that is above the ordinary!

He stays clean all the time including his face!

He has "Fancy Feast" Doll Face look!

He was named "Atticus" as

being very noble looking and bold!

Attica was an ancient region in Greece that was known for

its strong and noble people 

It is a masculine name denoting admirable qualities!

All of this describes this one of a kind Persian kitten "Atticus" !
He has black eyeliner with another strong white ring

around the black outlier !

Sired by the highly valued imported sire "*Saafir"
and out of our top producing dam line "Love Song"​

"Love Song" now retired we have a new star dam named Sahara!

"Atticus's" dam "Sahara" is proving to out produce our best!

"Sahara's "dam is "Somewhere My Love" out of the dam "Love Song"!

If you are seeking a gorgeous male Doll Face Persian

that is truly special . . .  Reserve " Atticus " today!


One gorgeous Doll Face Persian kitten!

This lovely male Persian kitten is gorgeous as can be,

possessing a lovely silky, soft,snow white

Chinchilla coat with Silver accents!

He has a stunningly, gorgeous balanced Doll Face!

He was named "Cosmo" as he is so stunningly beautiful in every way!

Cosmo is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "order, beauty, universe"!
"Cosmo" has black leather paw pads and black eyeliner !

He grooms and baths well and accepts the blow dyer!

Sired by Prince Amar
and out of our top producing dam "Love Song"​

If you are seeking a gorgeous tiny Persian . . . 

reserve " Cosmo " today!

"What a beauty!"

" Black "

Extremely small male Persian kitten!

Reserved for TinyPersians!

"Little Logan" 




One gorgeous Doll Face Female Persian kitten!​​
This tiny lady is extremely small -  only 1.3 pounds in her first photos!

New photos 10-16-23 she is 2.2 pounds!

She is predicted to be smaller then her dam (Dam only 3.5 pounds!)!

She was named "Peekaboo" as she loves to hide, peek at you and hurrys out to do a side dance and then back behind her tower and peeks at you!

When you play Peekaboo with her, she gets real excited

and starts doing her little "Peekaboo" dance and makes a funny sound as she plays!  Absolutely adorable!

All personality and a smart little girl!

"Peekaboo" is a Silver Chinchilla with a very soft, silky coat!
"Peekaboo" has black leather paw pads and black eyeliner !

She baths and grooms well and accepts the blow dyer!

If you are seeking a very tiny female Persian,

this little girl will entertain you!

Reserve " Peekaboo " today!

"I have a sister named "Priscilla" and a brother "Little Logan!"

" Peekaboo "



"Tali"is a snow white female Persian kitten 

RESERVED 10-15-23

Her coat is a flawlessly clean white that is extra soft,

silky and luxurious that is easy to care for!

She accepts baths, blow drying and grooming!
She possesses odd eyes

with one beautiful crystal blue eye and one gold eye

Stunningly beautiful!

"Tali" is a very tiny girl that is ultra sweet!

A"Little Love Bunny!"

She was named "Tali"  as it means . . .  Lovable in every way!

She loves to cuddle and looks straight in your eyes with love!

If you want a sweetheart and a kitten to snuggle with . . .

"Tali" is a good choice!

Her sire is "The Snow Prince"