​​​​​Down Payments    

Currently down payments can be paid by PayPal, Money Order,

Certified Check, Cashier's Check or Cash.  

Balance or payments are not paid by PayPal  

1.   Deposits to Reserve a kitten:  

   a.  PayPal Deposit accepted, however, preferred down payments; certified check, cashier's check, money order or cash.   

          $350 deposit to reserve a kitten.  

          Kittens sell between Silvers $2,000 + to Chins $3,500.  Dark Shaded + Black Smoke $1,800 +

   b.    Non Refundable Deposit, is applied to the price of your kitten.  

   c.    Buyer pays all PayPal, credit card or banking fees. No charge backs allowed.

   d.    A deposit on a kitten reserves a kitten, however, no specific kitten until the buyer signs a sales agreement is a specific kitten is considered reserved.  Avoiding signing a sales agreement, the buyer may loose the option of a specific kitten that has been discussed.  

To reserve a kitten 

* Fill out KITTEN APPLICATION * Make DEPOSIT * Sign Sales Agreement for agreed upon kitten. 

2.  Kitten Balance Payments (Final or any other payments after original down payment):

   a.  Balanced Paid by Cashier's Check, Money Order, Certified Check or Cash only.  Personal Checks and all final payments must clear the bank before a kitten is released.  Buyer pays the neutering/spaying of the kitten before the release.  If buyer elects micro/chipping it will be a small  $80 fee that includes the micro chip registration.

       Occasional bank money transfers accepted.  

   b.  PayPal is not accepted for balance payments.  

   c..  Kittens are paid in full 3 weeks from departure.

3.  Kittens sold as Pet Kittens -buyers expense to Spay/Neuter before release of a kitten.

  a.  Buyer may (does not have to use Seller's Vet) meet Seller at Sellers Vet - Allen, Texas the pick up day- at that time Vet provides a time to return to pick up the spayed/neutered kitten.  Usually kitten is ok within 3 hours to leave.  So that day plan on a lunch/shopping or Barnes and Noble or Pets Mart visit and return to pick up your kitten on time.  Our Vet works with that schedule.  They are wonderful !  Occasionally, other arrangements can be made between the seller/Cattery and the buyer where a buyer can fix the kitten at their Vet or after departure.  This is available under certain conditions.  Please ask if you are interested.  

  b.  All kittens are sold as pets and buyer pays the spaying and neutering of their purchased kitten.     c.   Buyer pays the Vet, not the seller.  

  c.  Buyer has the option to use there Vet to spay/neuter their kitten.

4.  Kitten Sales Agreement required to reserve a specific kitten agreed upon both parties at the agreed upon price.  Kitten Sales Agreement must be signed before the release of the kitten.




1.   Kitten Reservation Application 

2.  Kitten Deposit - non refundable, please no deposits, until you understand there maybe a waiting list

3.   Sign Kitten Sales Agreement - identifying the exact kitten purchasing

4.  Kitten Balance -  Paid 3 weeks to release, sales agreement sent for review by seller

4.  Kitten Release

a.  Payment in full required 3 wks prior to date of release

b.  Release Day Procedures:   Kittens paid in full before departure

If you want to use the Seller's Vet to spay/neuter your kitten, you may meet at Allen Vet, Allen Texas, where seller/buyer meet to schedule kitten release time that day meeting at the Vet.  Kittens not fixed by our Vet will not be released

c.   Discounts:  Occasionally (Neuter/Spay) Surgery Discounts available locally.  The buyer              responsibility to obtain a "City" discount to alter the pet kitten, however, the responsibility of the    buyer to obtain the certificate when available and present to the Vet Clinic - prior to qualify if Vet  and City still provide discounts.  Seller may refer the buyer to these resources, however, not   guaranteed  

d.  Cat Carrier:  Buyer brings a cat carrier or makes arrangements in advance with the Seller to             purchase one from the Seller.  A $25 extra small cat carrier is only for the mini carriers and may not be to the current airline required regulations as this changes periodically.  Small and medium cat carriers may be available for purchase.  Contact seller for current pricing (larger carriers are not $25)

​5.  THERE WILL BE  no charge backs of any kind to the Vet, or the seller/TinyPersians.com.  

    All PayPal, banking fees, or credit card fees are solely the responsibility of the buyer.  

    Let's make this a happy experience for all.   Thank you for your understanding.



Additionally Buyer Agrees to sign the sales agreement that specifically states additional conditions such as, yet not limited to;  kitten (s) will not be donated/sold/given away/leased to any research or medical labs, to any shelters, or declaw the kitten.  Buyer must neuter the kitten/cat at buyers expense and micro chipping is required for kittens released less then 4 months old.

 SALES AGREEMENT has additional information the buyer must read, sign, date and return to the seller/cattery on a timely basis  

Buyer agrees to read/accept the following policies below:  

TinyPersians Policies

Payment Policies 

Thank you for your interest in our TinyPersians.com Persian kittens  

Please read the kitten purchase procedures below.  

Reserving a kitten is actually very easy  . . . 

Now our "Policies" might look scary, but it is to encourage serious buyers

and to help the purchase of your new kitten to be on a positive note !  

A memorable experience.  So read, carefully and understand we need to have all run smooth for these lovely kittens and you!   

Thank you for giving our kitten (s) a wonderful new home !  TinyPersians.com