Prince Jamir

2023 Silver Chinchilla Persian Male Kitten

"Prince Jamir"is a Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

with a very fluffy, clean white coat misted in silver!   

He is considered a top pick kitten, the "pick of the litter"!

This lovely boy already has excellent eye color and all kittens as they mature their eye color develops and gets more brilliant and colorful even past 3 years old!

It will be exciting to see his eye color develop!

Eyes that seem darker when younger,

indicates the eye color will be a brilliant emerald green color as an adult!

He is very sweet, loving, respectful of the other kittens and playful!

If you want a very tiny boy with a lovely, fluffy Chinchilla coat

"Prince Jamir" is a good choice!

His dam is out of a Giovanna daughter and has produced top pick kittens!