" Barbie Doll"  as a youngster - photo above

A gorgeous Snow White female Persian kitten with a lovely DOLL FACE look!

With every litter Barbie Doll produces

a variety of  coat colors, such as,

White, Black, Red Mackerel Tabby,

Shaded Golden and Tortoiseshell !

" Hermes " 

2020  Available  White  Persians 

Snow White Persian kittens For Sale


a newborn white or

shaded golden kitten today!

They are only a few day old now and be the first reserve one of these lovely Persian kittens! 

 We have one Himalayan dam that is Snow White with gorgeous blue eyes !

We bred her to Sharif Amir (now retired) and

produced a lovely Snow White female kitten named "Barbie Doll" 

2020 Available

newborn white and

shaded golden kittens

" Barbie Doll " 


 Born April 2020 !

2 Pure Snow White males !

1 Shaded Golden

‚Äč1 White female

1 Shaded Silver

1 Silver Chinchilla

" Barbie Doll's"  past kittens

" Barbie Doll "