" Barbie Doll"  as a youngster - photo above

A gorgeous Snow White female Persian kitten with a lovely DOLL FACE look!

With every litter Barbie Doll produces

a variety of  coat colors, such as,

White, Black, Red Mackerel Tabby,

Shaded Golden and Tortoiseshell !

" Hermes " 

" China Doll " 


 Now Available !

2 Pure Snow White males !

2 White female

1 Shaded Silver male

 Silver Chinchilla male & females

Golden Persian kittens

" Barbie Doll " 

Silver Chinchilla White looking kittens

2021 Available

newborn white and

shaded golden kittens

" Barbie Doll " 

" Barbie Doll's"  past kittens

Odd eyed White Persians

Blue SapphireEyes!

Searching for a white Persian kitten for sale?
Hidden “treasures” Persian kittens -  for your choosing!

snow white Persian kittens are silky, soft with luxurious coats that are a clean pure white!
Kittens are nurtured and raised with much love and attention,

introducing them to grooming, bathing and an active lifestyle for healthy development!
They are playful, sweet and affectionate and eager for human interaction! 

They are snuggle bunnies with adorable, beautiful Doll Faces much like a China Doll look!
TinyPersians goal is to produce outstanding and exceptional Persian kittens of all colors

and our whites are considered top bred cats!
As a conscientious breeder, we carefully select only the best breeders

and diligently strive for improvement with each litter! 

You will discover several options to choose from, such as, kittens from the CFA Silver Persian Cat Division, also whites, blacks along with Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Silvers, Goldens, Shaded Goldens, Golden Chinchilla in addition to the CFA cat breed Exotic Shorthair and Longhair of multiple coat colors and patterns out only top Internationally bred cats!

 We have one Himalayan dam that is Snow White 

with gorgeous blue eyes !

We bred her to Sharif Amir (now retired)

and produced a lovely Snow White female kitten

named "Barbie Doll" 

White Persian kitten "Tyler" Available

2021  Available  

White  Persians 

Snow White Persian kittens For Sale


a newborn white or

shaded golden kitten today!

They are only a few day old now and be the first reserve one of these lovely Persian kittens!