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More photos of these kittens and descriptions of their personalities, colors, coat types, personal features, parents and predicted sizes are below . . . 

Choose one of these newborn Persian kittens 

Many coat colors to choose from:

Silver *  Shaded Silver * Silver Chinchilla

Shaded Golden *  Golden *  White. *  Black 

We will soon add available 2 Black kittens 

Choose one today or one of the gorgeous

CFA Silver Persian Division colors above !

More kittens will be added soon !

" Arizona "​​

Photo taken 5 - 18 - 20

Photo taken 5 - 18 - 20

" Emma"​​

Reserved 5-6-20  SOLD

by Veena - Plano, Texas

" Simon"​​



A Shaded Silver male Persian kitten brother

of "Arizona" and "Golden Fire" featured above

"Ben" has shaded silver on his back with black and silver tipping and a very, clean white undercoat

He has extra large teardrop eyes that is a highly sought after characteristic Internationally!

His eyes are currently a blue turquoise color

He has very small ears and a round face 

He is has an adorable short face 

A strong, correct body structure, straight back,

yet will be small

His mane is full like a lion's mane that gives him a look of a lion!

Reserve "Ben" today!

Sired by Prince Amar

​Full brother to a past kitten named "Tequila Sunrise" !

GU-SS-M-2020- PA

Now with Jennifer and her family !

New name "Boots"


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten

This little guy is very, very small

He has a strong round crown and a round face
with extra small ears and a shorter face !
"Kenny's" eyes are already large at 2 weeks old 

indicating they will be even larger when he matures

He has a face much like is dad " Pooh Bear" !

"Kenny" is so beautiful he looks like a girl

"He plays softly and respectfully with his sisters;

"Tiny Anna" and "Tiny Missy" 

He is inquisitive, playful and eats well

Take "Kenny" home today !

Photo taken 5-3-20 . . . at 14 days old

Kenny NOW in Plano Texas with another TinyPersian

named; Sharif Amir

Sired by Pooh Bear and out of a dam that is < 4 pounds


Cute turn up nose on a gorgeous DOLL FACE !

" Tiny Missy" Female  AA-1"​​

" Tiny Anna" 

" Kenny "​​​  >


Sweet-extra large eyes !

May 2020 Available Persian kittens

" Look at this face !"

" Aiden"​​





" Tiny Missy " 



A Shaded Silver male Persian kitten brother

of "Arlo" and "Aiden" featured above

"Jake" has shaded silver on his back with a white undercoat

He has extra large eyes that are currently blue

His dam has emerald green eyes and only 4 pounds

His sire is the smallest sire we have 4.5 pounds both parents are Silver Chinchillas and most likely this boy will lighten up.

Kittens born dark and it takes months for their coat and eye color to come in

He is playful, sweet and reasonably priced !

Reserve this little guy today!

Sired by Pooh Bear 


" Arlo"​​




Perfect Doll Face Persian kittens ! 

"Prince Zohar"​​

A very white Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 6 weeks old  in this photo has extraordinary large eyes, a cute turn up nose,

a full, fluffy soft, silky full Persian coat and a sweet-sweet personality !

Sired by Pooh Bear 

Pooh Bear sired Prince Amar

​This little guy has all the best characteristics of his grandsire and sire!   He is ultra sweet and playful!  Both parents are extremely small

Prince Zohar is sired by "Pooh Bear" 


Look no further . . . Reserve "Prince Zohar" today !  


​Want a Shaded Silver Male Persian kitten ?

"Prince Zohar's"

brother is "Miles" 

" White Persians "​​

Look at this face!

Perfect - correct body structure !

" Sir "​​

Extra large exotic shaped eyes !



" Arlo"

Silver male Available

This adorable male Silver Persian kitten was named "Arlo" as he has extremely large eyes

like the cartoon character "Arlo" in the movie  "The Good Dinosaur"

He is one gorgeous little guy that is all personality as when he plays he does the cutest little dances !

There is no doubt he has a A+ personality and is ultra sweet and ever so beautiful ! 

He looks much like his great grandmother "Shaina" and his sire:  "Pooh Bear"

If you are seeking a Persian kitten that has the look of "Pooh Bear" and

carries all the other desirable characteristics of a well bred Silver Persian . . .

"Arlo" is a good choice !

Be the first to choose this boy . . .  he resembles a "cattery keeper" !

He is predicted to be extremely small 

Photo taken 5-18-20       ​AA-SC-M-2-PB-2020

Top Pick Persian kitten       

Arlo in Texas

" A well bred white Persian is born with a black spot on the head and fades away when older !"

"Tiny Anna"

A lovely Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten that has a lovely Chinchilla coat, eyes predicted to be extremely large either turquoise or a brilliant blue-green !  

Full sister to the 2 kittens above

This lovely lady is a twin look-a-like to her sister ("Tiny MIssy")

"Tiny Anna's" dam is only 3 pounds 7 ounces and the sire is Pooh Bear only 4 pounds 8 ounces!

These kittens are predicted to be extremely small, yet have the look of the lovely standard Persian cat !

Left Photos taken 5-3-20 at 14 days old

Sired by Pooh Bear ​  TT-SC-F-2-PB-2020

Reserved for Tracy 

Newborn 14 days old ​


" Snow White Female

Persian kitten


A snow white female Persian kitten with the spotting gene

(this is an asset - indicating this white kitten is not deaf

as many white kittens with blue eyes

are either partially or completely deaf 

Choose this adorable extra soft, silky coated Persian kitten ! 

She comes from a background of playful, intelligent Persians known to be more like a "dog" then a cat!

If you want a buddy to bond with, choose this little lady today!

Her dam is an odd eyed Persian giving her a unique look!   

sired by "Onyx of Eden"

a pure black Persian cat

Reserve a sibling ! 

Reserve "a white Persian kitten" today !  ​​

" Arlo "


"Prince Zohar"​​

Reserved 5-23-20



" Shaded Golden Male 

Persian kitten

" Tino "

This lovely shaded golden male Persian kitten is sired by the gorgeous coal black sire; "Onyx of Eden" and a pure snow white dam who sire is "Sharif Amir".  It was this sire bred to a snow white blue eyed Himalayan dam

that produced his dam! 

A complete outcross !   This is what you want! 

All 3 of his siblings are white and he is an unusual patterned shaded golden with an round face and extra small ears!   He has a cute turn up nose on a round Doll Face look

His coat is beautifully patterned with colors of gold, apricot, white and dark accents 

Look at this strong chest !

A well bred kitten with an adorable look! He is intelligent, watches his mom with a loving expression !

He has a soft personality

Was the first in the litter to explore ! ​​

sired by Onyx of Eden and a snow white dam!


Tiny to Standard size  Persian kittens 

Warrantee FIV-FeLV-PKD-Ringworm

" Aiden "

Silver male Available

Aiden is much like a little fox with his movement and playing1

He examines everything carefully and is inquisitive and bold !

He is very small, yet has large feet that gives him an adorable look  His coat is white misted with soft evenly distributed Silver accents !

"Aiden" has very large eyes predicted to be a beautiful brilliant green

He is sired by Pooh Bear is out of a pure Chinchilla female imported

that is extremely small - 4 pounds

Be the first to choose!

Photo taken 5-18-20 



14 days old

Sire Pooh Bear 


Photos taken 5 - 3 - 20

Playful ! 

Photo taken  5-18-20


" Golden Male 

Persian kitten

"Golden Fire"

This Golden male Persian kitten is predicted to become more Golden as he grows 

when a kitten shows this much gold, when he matures he will become even more Golden than other colors !

European feline enthusiast prefer this coloration !

His tummy has apricot and white color

You will find Goldens and Shaded Goldens take up to 24 months to get their coat color - 

Their coats always become more luxurious in color,

same with Persian eyes once an adult !

He possesses a sweet playful personality, beginning to explore and see all what the world has to offer !

He is a full sibling to the past featured Golden Persians named; "Tequila Sunrise" and "Sandee" !

Take home this lovely boy to put some sunshine

in your day !​​

Sired by Prince Amar

Reserved 5-15-20

by Mickey and Maru of Florida

"Prince Zohar"​​

" Shaded Silver Male 

Persian kitten


What a gorgeous little guy!  "Miles" has a soft white undercoat and silver misted accents on his back and tail.  A slight silver accent on his face giving him a lovely Doll Face expression !   Miles currently has blue eyes that are a highly sought after almond shape!

​He has a correct round face, round crown (forehead), cute turn up nose outlined in black !

He is sweet, trusting, playful and loves his sibling brother; "Prince Zohar" !

Take home both of these boys and you will be entertained!   Dam is 4 pounds and sire is 4 pounds 8 ounces (4.5 pounds)

now that is tiny​!



" Golden Fire "​

" Prince Zohar"​​

Silver Persian kitten Male

DOB 2-20-20


This is one gorgeous Silver Persian kitten

- has a white undercoat

and beautifully misted in silver giving him

an adorable expression on his face

He possesses a strong chest and body with a short tail,

he looks larger than he is because he has a full coat!

His coat is soft, fluffy and full!  Ever so luxurious!

One amazing coat!   You can see how soft his coat is!

He is full of the dickens !

He currently has blue eyes that indicate they would be

turquoise as he matures . . .
his Doll Face is perfectly balanced with extra large, expressive eyes!

"Charmer" has a slightly turn up nose outlined in black!

Plays, explores, smart and

one of the finest Juliette's Dawn has produced 

Sired by Pooh Bear and out of a dam that is only 4 pounds

Reserve Charmer today !  You will be glad you did! 

Well bred out of our finest breeders!


" Tino "​​

Look at these teardrop eyes 

Sweet, playful and adorable !

Silver Silver Chinchilla Shaded Silver White -Black

Shaded Golden - Golden  Persian kittens Available !


" Kenny "​​

Persian kittens from 3 to 12 weeks old

Several to choose from !  

 Kittens can depart at 8 weeks old ! 

 Reserve a kitten in advance!

Choose your dream kitten today !

" Tiny Anna" Female  AA-2​​

Fluffy - full coated Silver Chinchilla Persian male

Look at these eyes !   Gorgeous !

"Tiny Missy"
Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten female

Be the first to reserve this lovely "Lady" !

Her dam that is only 3.5 - 4 pounds 

and produces extra tiny Persian kittens

This adorable female Doll Face Persian kitten has a strong round crown

that is exactly what you want! 

Don't let this one get away !

Kittens born dark and lighten up as they grow!

"Tiny Missy" is already very light which show she will possess

a lovely Silver Chinchilla coat !

Her eyes are large and predicted to be a brilliant color


Sired by Pooh Bear 

She has a sister "Tiny Anna" and brother named "Kenny"  - ask about them!  

Reserve her today !  

" Arlo "

"Arlo" has a strong chest, cobby body, adorable large feet,

yet he is a very small boy!

He already has an amazing coat . . .

fluffy and full maned like a lion !

He has extra small ears, his eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black

"Arlo" possesses black leather paw pads

He walks around flagging his tail and doesn't miss a thing ! 

He is alert and playful !

Departs  5-7-20

Reserved for Marylou + Michelle - Texas

Reserved 5-23-20

" Ben"​​



" White Female "​​

Photo taken  5-18-20


" Shaded Golden Male 

Persian kitten


A lovely doll face Persian kitten,

a full brother to Tequila Sunrise !

Sired by Prince Amar  !

This lovely guy will have extraordinary large eyes predicted to be a brilliant emerald green!

Expressive facial features with around face

His chest is strong, yet he is a very small Persian

He has a short tail that is what a

Persian kitten should have !

This dam and combination of sire produces rich shades of gold with apricot, white

and chocolate  !

His coat is soft and full accented

with an adorable tabby look  !

He has 3 siblings that are Shaded Silver,

Silver Chinchilla and a Golden ! All males ! 


Reserve "Shaded Golden Persian kitten" today !  


Light Silver Chinchilla misted in Silver !


" Arlo "

" Miles "​​

Photo taken  5-3-20