" Garfield "

Red Mackerel Tabby

 male Persian kitten

Garfield a very sweet Red Mackerel Tabby male born on Easter Sunday possessing a full, fluffy coat in rich red shades to light apricot shades

on his tummy 

He is gentle, polite and nothing bothers him 

His Red Mackerel Tabby coat color is unique

and rare

" Garfield " is the largest Persian we ever produced

Brandon wanted big 

Congratulations Brandon, Garfield is ever so sweet, sophisticated and beautiful  !

This line has been retired 

This Persian is the last  "Garfield" look available  !

Sired by 

" Onyx of Eden "


" Mandy "

" The Snow Prince "

Snow White Male Persian kitten

Sale Pending

Extra short and cobby body with a short tail and very fluffy coated that is ultra snow white, a pinch of cameo color on front chest mane, silky, and ever so soft !  Possessing a lovely doll face, perfectly balanced facial features on a round face, pink nose, pink paw pads  

Doesn't get any sweeter then this boy !

He loves your company, wants to be loved and love . . . excellent eye contact, as he watches your every move !   Ever so perfect !

A strong chest, cobby body, short tail and

full of the dickens !

"The Snow Prince " is a rare find, do not pass up this gorgeous, gorgeous boy ! 

Reserve him today !​   Sired by Onyx of Eden

"  Tiny Crystal "

Shaded Silver Chinchilla Female

Meet our angelic very tiny girl Crystal !

This little lady will give you much joy having her around 

Ever so sweet, playful, dainty and

walks as if she is walking on feathers !

A true Princess ! 

She snuggles up to her best friend kitten

and licks her coat as if she is grooming 

She is very smart and so very, very small with

a free flowing, luxurious coat that is so lovely

it can be parted down her back

Her dam is only 3.3 pounds

Her sire is less then 5 pounds . . .  predicting that

" Crystal " to be less then 4 pounds ! 

No sense in searching for a smaller Persian kitten,

this lady is tiny, tiny !

A very special kitten !

We have more Persian kittens available

Contact us today !  

Put a Christmas Persian kitten

under your Christmas tree !

" Little Emmie "

" The Snow Prince "


" Garfield "

Red Mackerel Tabby

 male Persian kitten

Garfield, is a larger boy, extra sweet, his coat is full, feet large and he loves to be with you !

Ask about this lovely rare Red Mackerel Tabby !

Search for Red Persians and you will see how rare his color and look is !

Has had 3 sets of baby shots

and a Rabies Vaccination 

Ask about this kitten !

" Brilliant turquoise eyes"

Take home a lovely, fluffy Christmas kitten 

Several to choose from  !

" Mandy "

" Glistening turquoise eyes"

" Mandy "

Reasonably priced

A Silver Chinchilla lightly misted in Silver

on her back, possesses expressive,

extra large, turquoise eyes

A gorgeous, stunning Doll face

with a turned up nose

Looks like a Silver Chinchilla, yet has lightly

shaded silver accents on her back

Her coat is very soft, silky and

extra long and luxurious 

" Mandy "  has a sweet disposition,

sensible, active and playful ! 

An extraordinary, loving young lady

A very sophisticated, ever so sweet, no nonsense - easy to please Persian kitten 

Loves to perch herself in a window and 
see all the world has to offer

If you would like a Persian kitten with a correct Doll Face and eyes that glistens, reserve Mandy today !

2016 Customer

" Sparkle"

Shaded Silver Female

This is one gorgeous, shaded silver

female Persian kitten !

A lovely perfect doll face with extra large expressive eyes that are currently a turquoise color that literally "Sparkles" as you look at her !   Amazingly, when young, this is what her coat did . . . sparkled ! 

This is how she was named !

"Sparkle's" extraordinary coat color and soft silky texture sets her aside ! 

If you want a extra sweet and a female Persian kitten that is ever so stunning !

" Sparkle " is an excellent choice ! 

Reserve her today !  Sired by Prince Amar

Reserved for Stephanie

 Georgetown, Texas

Choose a Christmas Persian today !

Sweet, well bred,  extraordinary coats  !

" Bobbie McGee "

Very white Silver Chinchilla

 male Persian kitten

This kitten is what you call perfection !

A Prince Amar son and out of our top dam a Saafir daughter produced this outstanding, absolutely perfect boy !

A slight turned up nose on a round doll face and a round crown is highly sought after and often not found all in one kitten, but Bobbie has it all, a perfect body, coat, full tail, facial features that are "pretty" "pretty" !

Available to an approved loving home !  


Shaded Golden Female 

and other kittens 

$2500 and up

Pricing good thru 12-15-18

Ask how she can be yours !

So Sweet, large emerald green eyes,

 beautiful shades of gold,

extra soft coat very small

Be the first to reserve this kitten

" Bobbie McGee "

" Chirp "

Silver Chinchilla Male

A breathtakingly gorgeous Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten with an amazing perfect doll face, clean look 

and a highly sought after coat type   

"Chirp's " coat is easy to care for and stays that way !  He has large paws and a short cobby body and extra short tail

Loves to do a dance with his feet, purr and give you much attention 

He is one we have held onto considering for breeding . . . offered to a loving forever home

​Ask about taking Chirp home today ! 

" Garfield "

Sold  - Congratulations  Brandon



" Sparkle "

" Little Emmie "

Very white Silver Chinchilla

 female Persian kitten

This kitten is ever so small ! Under 4 pounds, extra tiny, soft personality - all princess !  

Dainty as can be, real cute doll face look with

stunning emerald green color eyes !

" Little Emmie " is  a true gem as her characteristics are most often asked for

A little girl we were keeping for us and now available 

 Sired by Saafir