" Sharif "

Reserve a " Snuggle Bunny " !

Silver Chinchilla     

Announcing  2019  Spring  litters  have arrived  !  

For Sale

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian ​​

Harness Trained

Regal - Sweet - Always happy!

Polite to other kittens

Now 2 years old

​Few months old in photo


" Two Male Persian kittens sired by Moscato " 


" Tequila Sunrise "

​​2019  Persian  kittens  for sale   

CHOOSE A 2019 Persian kitten or a lovely 2018 teenager Persian -  a few months old -

Ask about taking home one a Persian kitten between 11 and 22 months old

Persians are not adults until they are 24 months old !

Golden Persian for Sale

Rich colors of gold, apricot, white and a pinch of black

Stunning, brilliant Turquoise eyes

Very, very sweet, he absolutely loves people and is a true beauty to look at


​2 years old 

Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten  . . . 

Reserved for Connie and Dave

Predicted to have a lovely Golden Fluffy coat !

For Sale


Available >

Sold >

Almost 3 weeks old in these photos 

" Bobbie McGee "


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​to reserve a newborn !

$350 will hold a kitten

PC - SS - M - 1     Shaded Silver MALE  Available

PC - SG - M - 2    Shaded Golden  MALE  SOLD - 4 -1-  19

Now 3 weeks old !

PC- 3-11-19  Litter of 2

Smaller the litter . . . the better for the kittens . . . lots of milk and nutrition

We do not breed large 6  to 8 kittens in a litter . . . ask the breeder how many kittens in a litter

2 to 5 is a good number for mom !



March 11th, 2019

Ask about this male Chinchilla Sharif

​​​ .

" Somewhere My Love " ! 

featured kitten  

" Georgette "

This Litter of Persian Kittens are now in their new homes !

GW - SS - M - 1     Silver MALE  SOLD

GW - SC - F - 1      Silver Chinchilla FEMALE SOLD

GW - SG - F - 2    Shaded Golden FEMALE  SOLD

Kitten to the right is AVAILABLE !

Now 9 weeks old !

GW - 1-15-19  Litter

Gorgeous tiny Persians


 January 15th, 2019

" Susie  "

" Ok . . . don't laugh at my toes !  Mom thinks I'm cute ! 

I 'm just trying to walk and not quite standing yet !

But . . . I think if I spread my toes it may help !

 MALE  BD - SC - M - 1

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kitten today !


" Josh "

Want a companion Persian kitten  ?  

Absolutely adorable

Doll Face Persian kittens and Cats 

Available Persian kittens


We have teenager Persian kittens right now or

Reserve a 8 week old Persian kitten ready to depart March and April 2019 TinyPersians has a retired Female and Male available for sale - reasonably priced  !


" Available "

Silver Chinchilla     

For Sale

Silver Chinchilla Male

Is Perfect in every way !

A real Gem !

Sired by Prince Amar


​1.5 years old

Reasonably priced 

Ask about our available Persian kittens  - See below 

or reserve an adult Persian cat  

For Sale

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian 

Very small and will stay that way




Polite to other kittens

Absolutely correct !

Currently not Neutered 

9 months old 

Neutering required by Buyer

Several Persian teenagers  with 3 sets of shots, Rabies Vaccination and Shipping included

View Kittens for sale 

Persian kittens

few weeks old

and Teenager Persians


Shaded Golden Female Persian 

Shades of gold, apricot, creme', white, black

Beautiful green eyes
Very small 4.5 pounds

Doll Face


Available for a Pet or Breeder

​1.5 + years old

Reasonably priced as a Pet


  Up-to-date Vaccinations, worming, exam,

      blood work FIV, FeLV lab results negative 

>   Warrantee - for Ringworm, PKD, FIV and FeLV

>    Sweet, socialized, healthy, playful, CFA Persians

      bath, groom, blow dry experience, well bred



Sire of 2019

upcoming litters

 Look at these stunning Turquoise blue eyes  !

Now this is perfection !

Strong black

outlined eyes 

Doll face with

turn up nose !