Choose one of these lovely extra small Persian kittens  >

3 weeks old photos

The Shaded Golden female is already doing biscuits

before she can walk

The Silver Chinchilla female is all lady with

a correct round face and wide eyes !

Shaded Silver male Persian kitten has absolutely

perfect facial features with extra large eyes predicted

to be a rich emerald green, he is an active,

playful little guy! 

Customer Photo 10-14-19

Full sibling to Yoshi and Versace

Photo  9-18-19 

Tequila Sunrise - Sister 2019

Purrfect !

Left kitten Shaded Silver Male

Middle kitten Shaded Golden Female

Right kitten Silver Chinchilla Female

These kittens eyes are slightly open  

Soon they will be wide eyed !

Cupid's Lord Valant   

Nicknamed - Josh

SOLD  to  Terry

Now is with Tequila Sunrise 

" Josh "

Silver Chinchilla Persian Male

Look at this lovely, fluffy Chinchilla coat . . .

Josh a male Persian kitten is extremely small and will stay that way

His coat is luxurious, silky and easy to care for

Josh has perfect round eyes, a turned up nose both outlined in black

A big personality  . . . loves to spin around on a marble floor and waits for you to do again !  Extremely intelligent and playful   . . . loves to have balls thrown for him to retrieve

If you are seeking a perfect Chinchilla . . . Josh is an excellent choice !

This is one gorgeous Chinchilla !

Born May 30th 2018

Current 9-18-19 weight 6 pounds - 6 ounces


" Shorthair Exotic "

Shorthair Exotic Tabby kitten available 

This lovely

The Shorthair version of the Persian cat is the Exotic Shorthair cat

Our tabby Shorthairs have a correct mackerel tabby pattern on their coat, large expressive eyes like a Persian cat and a round face with a Teddy Bear look !

Reserve in advance 2020 

            Our Persians are unmatched in quality

and personalities !

" Tequila Sunrise "

Shaded  Golden  Persian  Male

Tequila Sunrise is a gorgeous Shaded Golden with rich shades of Gold 

accented with apricot, creme and white   . . .

He has a wild look about him that everyone loves

   His whiskers point forward towards you

that gives his face character and a unique look 

He has ​outstanding eye color - a brilliant turquoise color

that is much appreciated in person

This beautiful Golden male is perfect in every way !

He has a pleasant, kind personality with excellent awareness

of his surroundings

He loves your company and this beautiful boy

will certainly bring you much happiness !

Tequila Sunrise is a head turner . . .

individuals picking up their Persian kitten immediately

take to Tequila Sunrise and many have come back

asking for a Golden kitten just like him !

Sired by Prince Amar and out of a top Giovanna daughter ! 

 Tequila Sunrise - SOLD

Born  Tequila Sunrise  DOB  7-24-17

Current 9-18-19  weight 6 pounds - 4 ounces

DEPARTED September 22, 2019   

Now resides with Terry - California  

Lovely Silver Chinchillas Male

Kittens 10 days old

Born dark and lighten up

as they grow !

Reserve  a  Persian  kitten  Fall 2019  !


Kittens love to snuggle . . .

<  They love their siblings ! 

They look a little silly right now,

but will blossom into lovely

Silver Persians of many colors ! 

Persians are BORN DARK . . .


Available   !

Another Shaded Golden Male  SOLD  >

2 weeks old photos

Ever so sweet!  Mommy's boy, snuggles with his mom - Blue Golden colors accent with White, Creme' and Black

" Tiny Teddie "

Tequila Sunrise sold, however, he has a 2019 sister and she is gorgeous !

  Very small Chinchilla male 

Choose a newborn Persian 

a Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver

or a Shaded Golden Doll Face kitten

3 to 9 weeks old ! 

We now have 8 week old kittens -

old enough to depart

" Silver Elegance "

Shaded  Silver  Persian  Female

This lovely Shaded Silver girl was named Silver Elegance as she has beautiful shades of silver with a snow white undercoat

giving much contrast to her beautiful coat

She is calm natured, yet is playful, alert, thinks things out,

gets along with other cats 

Out of the Giovanna line that offers extraordinary well bred Persians

that are ultra sweet, correct Persian body structure,

large expressive eyes that have intense brilliant eye color

If you want a gorgeous Persian only 1.5 years old that has shimmering

shades of silver (not grey) accented with black and Snow White

reserve " Silver Elegance " today  !

She is very small . . .   4 pounds 

Sired by Saafir and out of our top producer Giovanna !

Yes she is a Giovanna daughter !  

Reserve " Silver Elegance" today  !​​

Born   DOB    3-26-18      

Available for 2019 Christmas delivery

A 2018 kitten  !

Photo 2-3-19 

Perfect, luxurious

Silver Chinchilla misted coat

A 2019 Golden Chinchilla female is a Tequila Sunrise look-a-like  !

​Tequila Sunrise is a Golden Persian . . .  this little girl is a Golden Chinchilla depicting shades of
Gold, apricot, cream, white ! 

2019 Persian Teenagers and Adults Available  

If not shown here ask about what we currently have !