Kittens look a little silly when so young

Their color changes as they grow !

They will get lighter as they mature

Goldens will get more Golden and Apricot colors !

Choose your 2019 Christmas kitten today !

" Sterling "

White Silver Chinchilla !

" Hayla "

" Silver Chinchilla male "

Giovanna x Safari

Silky - extra soft - purr white Chinchilla !

" Charleen"


" Very small and sweet ! "

" Hayla "

Customer choosing  "Little Dolly "

for 2019 Christmas Gift !

Merry Christmas !

 White Silver Chinchilla Male 

Persian kitten 

LL - SC-M-1-2019-M


Sire  - Pooh Bear ! 

Available  Hayla  !

" Snow White Chinchilla  ! "

5 to 8 week old kittens featured below !

" Silver Chinchilla female "


" Tequila Sunrise sister ! ! "

" Hayla "

" Very sweet and follows you around ! "

" Shaded Silver male "

" Gorgeous Princess ! "

" Silver Chinchilla female "

2019 Christmas Persian Kittens 


" Silver Chinchilla female "

Shaded Golden Persians Available !

A " Golden " male Persian kitten with large eyes with a strong black outline, a teddy bear face and a cute turn-up nose!

His luxurious Golden coat is silky, soft and easy to care for !

When a Persian kitten's coat is already much Golden at this age means he will be even more golden when grown.  His coat pattern is accented with white (under the chin and tummy along with a mixture of apricot and light cream !

BEST OF ALL he has a sweet - gentle personality.  He is sired by our leading sire;  * Saafir !  This kitten is a Giovanna son which is our top producing dam!   You couldn't ask for more choosing one of her kittens.   Choose a Silver Chinchilla female (sister), or this Golden male today !  

Before- newborn

" Giovanna son "

 PAST KITTEN Charleen !

Reservea Shaded Golden

Persian kitten for Christmas !

Dam  >

"  Afina "

" Jenny "

Nicholas - Past Kitten now in Washington  !

A " Silver Chinchilla  " male Persian kitten White Silver Chinchilla fluffy, full coat with a correct  Doll Face look, with extra large eyes, brilliant color nose outlined in black accents his heavily black outlined eyes !

He possesses a sturdy body, yet still refined and as gorgeous as can be!  His dam's photo below and he is sired by the imported sire Moscato !


Purr Class !

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ChristmasPersian kitten !  

$350 will reserve your kitten and hold until it is 8 weeks old

Silver Chinchilla straight back important, you do not want a rounded spine.  Flags tail in the air, large eyes outlined in black with doll face !

A " Silver " female Persian kitten that is dainty and very small !

She has lovely large expressive eyes that will be either turquoise or emerald green !

She is ultra sweet and all lady !   Her Coat is snow white undercoat and has clean, true Silver accents that is considered the most highly sought after Persian Internationally ! Why?  The Silver Persians have the most luxurious soft,

silky coats and typically very easy to care for !  She is out of our finest dam - Giovanna!   Once one has a Giovanna kitten they ask about an upcoming full sibling litter.  This young lady was born September 14th, 2019 and just now old enough to depart.   If you are seeking an adorable female Persian kitten to put under your Christmas tree, this kitten will capture your heart !   

" Dee Dee"

" Very small and correct ! "

Celebrate the Holidays and take home a tiny Persian today  !

" Nicholas "

Several Persian kittens

Now Available !

Contact us and just let us know which kitten you are interested in !

If you want a kitten . . . let us make it happen for you !

End of Year Pricing. $2500 and up

" Sandee "

" Shaded Silver female "

 " Jenny "  

Silver Chinchilla Persian female kitten

Gio - SC-F-1-2019-Sa


 " Ted "  

Golden Persian kitten male kitten

Gio - G-M-2-2019-Sa


"  Mitzie "

Reserve a Silver Chinchilla

Persian kitten forChristmas !

" Hayla "

Goldens For Sale !

Choose a Silver or Golden

Persian kitten today !

Below are several available

Persian kittens for sale

Correct bodied - flagging tail - adorable Doll Face Persian kitten

Stands like a show Persian kitten !



" Giovanna daughter "

Choose from Shaded Goldens,

Shaded Silvers, Silvers,

Silver Chinchillas !

An adorable very tiny Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

that will STAY SMALL !



 White Silver Chinchilla female 
Persian kitten For Sale
JD - SC-F-2-2019-PB

" Hayla" . . . a " Silver Chinchilla  " female Persian kitten that has a Snow White Silver Chinchilla silky coat with an adorable Doll Face that is clean looking and all girly girl!   Cute turn up nose.

Her eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black !  Her large expressive eyes are predicted to be a lovely turquoise color.   She has a soft, sweet, personality that is all lady !   

Her little well formed body is extra small, yet has substance.

She is dainty and predicted to stay under 4 pounds!


Born  2019  Sired by *Pooh Bear !  Full sister to Jonee (Jonee a previous litter). 

More kittens below . . . 

" Silver Chinchilla female "

A " Silver Chinchilla  " male Persian kitten that has the most luxurious,

silky and fluffy coat !  He possesses a perfect balanced adorable correct Doll Face, with beautiful eyes outlined in black ! His pink slightly turned up nose

that is outlined in black !

A sturdy well formed body and strong chest, straight correct back and conformation !  This kitten is sired by Saafir which is know to produce the most lovely easy to care for coats that are either Snow White or pure white with clean silver mist that is evenly accented on the coat.  He has extra large paws with black leather paw pads.   Don't wait for another kitten like this because a kitten like this doesn't come along often !   ​He as a sensible, sweet personality, easy keeper (eats well, non fussy) !

HIs dam is the outstanding imported top producing Persian "Giovanna" !  This boy is a real gem!   A rare beauty in many ways!  

An active Persian kitten . . . you will see him shoot across the room chasing a ball

and right there with him is his adorable Golden brother ! 

2 peas in a pod !  Both gentle, and ultra sweet !

Born September 14th, 2019  Sired by *Saafir and out of Giovanna!

 White Silver Chinchilla male


Gio - SC-M-3-2019-Sa

Twin look-a-like Available - Hermes 




Look at these amazing colored eyes !

 White Silver Chinchilla female

Persian kitten For Sale

JD - SC-F-2-2019-PB


" Golden Chinchilla female "