What an adorable doll face!

Absolutely Perfect in everyway!

"Female White Persian "

Purr Perfection in every way! 

I am no Longer available -

Reserve my sister or brother - Tino 

This snow white female Persian kitten possesses an adorable gentle natured personality ! 

She is extremely intelligent, you can see her thinking

Walking up to her she will look at you and look back at mom to see if all is ok . . . seeing mom relaxed . . . she trots over to you and wants to get to know you

Each day she learns new things and is entertaining to watch !

First to eat from the dish shows her desire to explore and discover new things!

She is truly perfect in every way!

She has a strong chest, balanced body, short tail and big feet and extra small ears!  Her round crown is highly sought after!

She has a pink nose perfectly balanced on a Doll Face

with odd eyes blue and green!  Yes!  Eyes that are two different colors!  Currently one is blue and one is a different color!

She has pink paw pads, ever so soft white Persian coat !

You can see her coat is soft, silky and luxurious!

This is a top Persian kitten!

No two kittens are alike, but can be very similar . . .

This young lady is a real gem!

* ​Cattery keeper consideration *


Our white Persians possess fabulous clean snow white coats !

They also carry the spotting gene that can be seen at the top of the head when born and fades away as they grow!

What does this mean?

White Persian cats that carry the spotting gene

are not deaf nor partially deaf

If you are acquiring a white Persian cat with blue eyes - BEWARE !

A large percentage of white cats with blue eyes

are deaf or partially deaf

We are proud to offer quality Persian kittens with a Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD, Ringworm and guarantee our whites carry the spotting gene!  

You have come to the right place . . .

a breeder that meticulously breeds responsibly and offering some of the finest Tiny Persians Internationally ! 


" Gorgeous Lady"

Sired by a coal black Persian sire; "Onyx of Eden" DAD

and a gorgeous snow white dam; "Barbie Doll" MOM

I have one sister, 1 brother Available

​White and Shaded Golden sibling named "Tino"


Snow white Persian kitten today !

Extraordinary soft clean coats

Adorable facial features

Sweet - Sweet personalities


 Born April 22nd  2020 !

2 Pure Snow White females 

1 Shaded Golden

Very small, yet strong built - short  tail - clean face - extra soft, silky pure white coat !

Snow White Persian female kittens For Sale

2020  Available  White  Persians 

" Barbie Doll " 

" Odd eyes "

" Barbie Doll's"  white female Persian kitten

" name to come"