" Marcus"



Shaded Golden kittens just born available for departure in early 2021 April ! 

2021  February 

 Available Persian kittens



Silver female Persian kitten "


This female Persian kitten is the sweetest kitten that taps you lightly for you to love her !

She has a soft personality and all lady! 

"Lacy: has a lovely, easy to care for Silver Chinchilla textured coat

Her coat is soft and luxurious !

Lacy has a cute DOLL FACE with expressive eyes 

She is sweet, playful, and respectful!

She is extremely small, less than 4 pounds, yet her body is sturdy !

she is short and cobby with a full fluffy tail!

Take home this lovely Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten today!

Sired by Prince Amar

A little lady  with an amazing silky-solt coat !

"Porsche"   is one special  lady!  Her dam is a "Love Song" daughter

and was the finest Silver Chinchilla produced from her dam 

If you are seeking a real gem, tiny Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female . . .

"Porsche" a one of a kind! 

Reserve her today!

Snow white Persian

Blue Sapphire eye


" The Snow Prince"

" Marcus"

"Prince Zohar"​​

A very white Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 6 weeks old  in this photo has extraordinary large eyes, a cute turn up nose,

a full, fluffy soft, silky full Persian coat and a sweet-sweet personality !

He loves to be held and is a non stop purring kitten !

Very smart ... gorgeous as can be! 

Sired by Pooh Bear 

Grandfather:  Prince Amar

​This little guy has all the best characteristics of his grandsire and sire!   

He is ultra sweet and playful !

Both parents are extremely small

Prince Zohar is a special Silver Chinchilla kitten!

 WANTING a beautiful white Silver Chinchilla?

Look no further . . . Reserved for TinyPersians

This kitten was available for quite a long time . . .  

he just got better every day!  


​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

Silver Chinchilla Persian female


Very sweet Silver Persian kitten !

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

" Mitzie"

Shaded Silver Female 1 year​​

Photo  1-7-21



" 2021 Available Persian kittens

of many colors !

Reserve today  while they are newborns t

o plan for departures at 8 weeks old !

A Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten that is extremely small, dainty, yet well built with a sweet - sweet Doll Face and pink nose that sets her apart !   Look at this cute face !

She has a soft, Princess personality . . .

a love bunny and all lady!

That is how her name came to be "Love's Lady" ! 

Also, as her dam is "Love Song" sired by the imported sire "*Saafir", "Love Song' is a top producing dam at TinyPersians

and is highly treasured !

"Love Song" produces small litters, however,

they are as special as can be! 

Her daughter, named "Love's Lady" is a full sister to past produced stars such as "Pooh Bear", "Yoshi" and "Versace"!

If you want a lovely tiny lady that is a top pick "Watcher" kitten ask about her availability

This TinyPersian little girl is one of the finest!

Reserve a Persian kitten today !


Black, white and black/white, red, kittens

arriving March 2021​​


Her dam is less than 4 pounds and her sire; "Pooh Bear" is 4.5 pounds !

If you would like a standard size Persian we have them too, however, this adorable little lady will be very small!

Photo taken 8-15-20 

Top Pick Kitten - Sold

Sired by the beautiful White Silver Chinchilla Persian sire

"Pooh Bear"  

Our blacks are a stunning blue black - silky coated Exotic Persian kittens  . . .

We do have Persian blacks sometimes, and they too are reserved in advance or you will miss out !

Sorry, but black Persians are rare, however, we do get Exotic blacks sometimes 

2021 Exotic kitten colors predicted to be






longhair and shorthair

 Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten ​​

"Nora" top pick TinyPersian -  Silver Chinchilla female kitten

with a correct round Persian face and perfect facial features

and eyes predicted to be emerald green!

She is a lovely tiny Princess ! 

She is smart and active !

This is a cattery consideration keeper 

"Nora "  one special Persian kitten !

Predicted to be 3 pounds to 4 pounds!


Cute turn up nose on a gorgeous DOLL FACE !

Look at these eyes !   Gorgeous !

" Meilani "​   

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

" Snow White Female Persian kitten

 "Maggie"  BD-wt-F-5-2020-OX

A snow white female Persian kitten with the spotting gene

(this is an asset - indicating this white kitten is not deaf

as many white kittens with blue eyes

are either partially or completely deaf 

Choose this adorable extra soft, silky coated Persian kitten

She comes from a background of playful, intelligent Persians known to be more like a "dog" then a cat!

If you want a buddy to bond with, choose this little lady today!

Her dam is an odd eyed Persian giving her a unique look!   

sired by "Onyx of Eden"

a pure black Persian cat

Reserve a sibling ! 

Reserve "a white Persian kitten" today !  ​​

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​


" BlackWhite"  BiColor

Shorthair and Longhair Exotic kittens arriving!

Sire; "Satin Lover"

Extraordinarily Black and White Exotic kittens on the way! 

Well formed body structure - very correct !

Sensational personalities ! ​​

"Marcus" a Shaded Silver male is sweet just like mom 
His sire is " Pooh Bear" a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla breeder
Both parents have luxurious, silky and soft coats
His Sire and Dam are extremely small and large expressive eyes
that that are brilliant in color
This little guy has large expressive eyes,
He is playful, loves to lay on his back and wiggles his feet !

He entertains himself and loves to keep his eyes on mom! 

"Marcus" is all personality!  

He has an adorable personality !
He will be very tiny!

A lovely soft, silky easy to care for coat!

" Porsche"

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten


"Porsche"   is a stunningly gorgeous Silver Chinchilla female TinyPersian kitten with

a beautiful, silky, smooth Chinchilla coat that is Snow White a mist of Silver

She was named "Porsche" as she is as fine as can be!

She has lovely almond shaped eyes that are predicted to be a brilliant green 

Kittens eye color change until they are older than 24 months old

as Silvers are slow to develop and mature

She has the sweetest personality, projects a royal presence - truly a "Princess" !

*  She will be extremely small !

*  Extraordinarily sweet!

*  A gentle personality

*  Silky - Soft Chinchilla coat!   

*  A cute turn up nose 

Her dam "Somewhere My Love!"
Her full sister is "Gidget"!
She is sired  "*Saafir"
* implies imported


" Tyler"

February - March  2021

Available  Kittens 


" Very small and super sweet  ! "


Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

Reserved  2-9-21

for Margaritta

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

Cute, cute, adorable Shaded Golden male and female kittens with siblings of Shaded Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persian cat colors ! 

" Marcus"

Shaded Silver

male available >

Now 8 weeks old 

Now Residing with Sarah and Carlos - Houston Texas 


Snow White Pure White

Male Persian kittens !

"The Snow Prince "


This litter produced all white Persian kittens and each kitten is gorgeous and uniquely their own, yet, the best is qualities of each - amazingly all siblings have; their fluffy, extra soft silky and satin coats are so superior

and in high demand!  They are true treasures! 

Most have at least one blue eye, some being odd eyed gems!   

Looking at their beautiful faces and unique eye color is hard to turn away!
We will be considering keeping one and will let all know soon!  

These two boys are buddies and both outstanding beauties!

"Tne Snow Prince" was named after his grandmother; "Snow Princess"!

who was bred to "Sharif Amir" retired sire producing his dam Barbie Doll. 

who was bred to "Onyx of Eden", Ultimately producing

this extraordinary Persian kitten litter -  "Onyx of Eden's" last litter

as he was tired a few months ago.

"The Snow Prince" is one gorgeous White male Persian kitten !

He has a beautiful - perfect D0LL FACE !

An odd eyed beauty with the left eye a stunning blue

and the right eye a different color !

Much appreciated in person and catches your eyes !

You just cannot stop looking at his beautiful face

and drop dead gorgeous eye color !

He has several siblings so you can choose him or one of his brothers or sisters !'

His amazing soft, silky and satin textured coat is ever so elegant

One might think only the Chinchilla Persian has the "Rolls Royce" coat . . . however, TinyPersians careful breedings has produced whites that are absolutely amazing!

Our White Persians have active, playful personalities 

and are extremely smart


Nora is a precious Silver Chinchilla female  that is absolutely gorgeous!

Very tiny - top pick kitten

​" Lacy"​​

Reserve a White Persian kitten today !

" The Snow Prince"​​

" Emma"​​


Sired by "Satin Lover"

Exotic Shorthair and Longhair 

Blacks and Tortoisehell kittens arriving Feb 2021

Reserve in advance

to choose your dream kitten 

Reserved 1-22-21 :  Isheeta - Florida black shorthair Exotic

Reserved 1-15-21 :  Sharlotte - Texas Exotic or Persian

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​

" Look at this face !"

" Noland"​​

Welcome to TinyPersians  !   

Several kittens 2 months to 6 months old available for sale

Want to choose a newborn Persian kitten?

Visit our March Newborn kittens today !

Watch for new photos to be added as we have not featured all newborns !

We have standard size too !


Announcing a new Exotic Shorthair Black Sire!

"Satin Lover "

HISTORY of the Exotic Shorthair

Exotics have actually been around for quite some time!

They evolved from the Shorthair cat and the popular "Persian" cat!

"Silver Persians" it was the Silver Persian division that was chosen to breed to shorthair cats to improve the quality of the coats, facial features and to ultimately produce kittens that looked much like a Persian cat!

Except they can have either shorthair or longhair kittens!

"Satin Lover" is one gorgeous blue black Exotic Shorthair sire!

He is stunning in many ways! - perfect Persian - Exotic FACE !

He has correct brilliant Copper Eyes!

Exotics will have either Copper, Green, Blue (rare), Blue-Green

and some Odd Eyed combinations of these eye colors!

When we acquired a new sire, it was important for him to be extraordinary in every way! 

This "Satin Lover" is!

This new sire will be having his first litter in February,

so reserving in advance is a good idea  

He already has 3 reserved for 2021
  Don't worry, exotics have large litters and he will have a Summer litter too!

But, if you really know what you want and can recognize quality

and beauty like this . . . Reserve today!   

Exotics reserve for $500

vs Silver Persians reserve for $350 as we only have a few Exotics a year!

" Emma"

Emma is a Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

with a light white undercoat and a slight silver mist on her back!

She is a sweet lady, a soft personality and offered to a forever home

She has beautiful Persian eyes and a Doll Face look!

"Emma" is small, yet is well bodied

as per the standard of the Persian breed

If you want this lovely Silver Chinchilla female,

"Emma" will bring you much joy!

Reasonably Priced 

" Emma" about 1 year old

Ask about Mitzie a Shaded Silver female 1 year old

"Outstanding silky -soft coat!"


"Debbie,  she is precious ! "



"Large Persian feet "

" Arizona" 


Large expressive eyes

on an adorable Doll Face

Very fluffy!

Stunning shades of Gold !


Shaded Silver Male Persian kitten "


Marcus is the sweetest Persian kitten and has much love to offer

A very tiny male Persian kitten that is ever so sweet, extremely intelligent,

loves your company, independent, playful, and a good eater

This little boy has the softest coat ! 

His undercoat is very light with clean silver accents!

"Marcus" coat is easy to care for and so soft and luxurious !

He has beautiful expressive eyes !

When eyes are dark at this age it indicates his eye color

it indicates they will be a brilliant green to emerald green eyes!

Both parents eyes are of extraordinary color and brilliance!

He as adorable facial features!

He is only 1 pound, 5 ounces at 8 weeks old

Take home this lovely Shaded Silver male Persian kitten today!

Sired by "Pooh Bear"

These photos taken in the evening with poor lighting, however,

watch for his studio photos to soon be added !

Snow white Persian

Green-copper eyes


Amazing eyes!

Gorgeous light

Chinchilla coat !

A small lady . . . awaits your arrival!

You might not know or see this . . .

but examine a well bred Persian kitten !  > 

* Nostrils that are clearly open and not obstructed!

* Round face - Round head !

*  Balanced Face and Facial Features !

* Ears small and correctly spaced

 * Snow white - clean coat!

*  Luxurious Silky Soft Coat!

" A well bred white Persian is born with a black spot on the head and fades away when older !"

Very Tiny Shaded Sliver!

Blue -Odd Eyed 

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​


A beautiful Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

has an adorable Doll Face

Always alert, inquisitive, playful, easy to care for and is a prize Persian kitten ! 

​This little guy has fabulous characteristics 

He is active and playful !

Both parents are extremely small

and so is he!

A clean coated Silver Chinchilla kitten!

A top pick TinyPersian kitten !​​



Extremely tiny Persian kitten !

 Blacks on the way in February

Want a Black kitten ?

Reserve in advance

an Exotic longhair or shorthair kitten

February litter arriving producing Exotic kittens of many colors!

Be one of the first to reserve an upcoming kitten!

See examples of our Black kittens 



Shaded Golden kittens reserve in advance to be the first to choose ! "

"Ready for departure

at 8 weeks old "

Why reserve in advance?

If you think you want a TinyPersian kitten

often they are reserved in advance !

Choose when you are ready . . . but think about being the first to choose!

TinyPersians coats are lovely and

\He already has a fluffy, luxurious coat 

His tummy has a light creme and white color

Dakota has a balanced Doll Face with large expressive eyes 

He is very sweet, playful, and all personality!

He has a strong body structure such as his chest and overall built!

He is very smart and has a way of letting you know what he wants

in a silent way !

He is a good eater, non fussy and purrs when grooming and baths !

Take home this lovely Golden boy today!

"Dakota" is a top pick kitten

One of the most Goldens we have produced! 

Full sibling to "Onyx of Eden" !

What makes this Golden so special?

We know what he will mature to be!

he is very small, intense, brilliant green turquoise eyes and a little love bunny big time ! 

Sired by Saafir 

" Porsche"

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

Extra large exotic shaped eyes !



First time litter all whites

Will not happen again until fall 2021 !

Currently we have a few whites soon we will be having 2021  blacks!

​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​


" Very small - Golden and Shaded GoldenPersian

kittens for sale ! "

Look at this lovely face  !


"Pure White Persian kitten"

Exotic kitten litter arriving in March 2021

​Photo taken 8-15-20 ​​

Photo  1-7-21


"Prince Zohar"​​

Available Persian kittens and cats !

"Prince Zohar"​​

Fluffy - full coated Silver Chinchilla Persian male


Eyes predicted to be a brilliant emerald green !

Silver Chinchilla

female Persian


White Persian Male Kitten


 " Tyler" A white Persian kitten male with a fluffy, silky, smooth Persian coat

His coat is easy to care for and he trots around knowing how gorgeous he is!

He is a smart boy and you can see him thinking

"Tyler" is sensible, very sweet, athletic, playful,

accepts baths and grooming with purring,

eats well and is socialized with loving his siblings and people!

He has a correct Persian body with a strong chest

and a beautiful Doll Face look!

This gorgeous boy has odd eyes, one blue sapphire eye the other copper!

This has been a "cattery watcher" - perfect in every way!

If you would like a Persian kitten that is true to the breed standard . . .

"Tyler" is an excellent choice!

Ask about his sister a twin white female Persian kitten 

Also an odd eyed:  Copper eye & Green eye

"Tyler" is sired by Onyx of Eden


" Tyler"​​



You can see how sweet "Marcus" is !

Very smart !


"Satin Lover"

Now this is one gorgeous boy!

 Exotic Shorthair sire!

Choose from Silver Chinchillas-Shaded Silvers-Golden and Black kittens


​Photo taken 12-2020 ​​


Lovely Persian kittens of many colors available including Exotic shorthairs

"Perfectly balanced Doll Face"

"Odd eyes - blue Sapphire left eye"