"  Shaded Golden Female Persian "


A Shaded Golden female Persian kitten

with her tummy a soft, light cream coat color

and her body shades of Gold

Golden coats always become more luxurious in color

as they mature !

"Sophie" possesses a sweet playful personality,

is alert big tie and loves to explore

and see all what the world has to offer !

She is a snuggle bunny, loves to be held

and loves to play with her toys!  You will find her purring

and doing biscuits all alone!

And . . . when you enter she will snuggle big time with you!

Mom is pure Golden Chinchilla Persian

Take home this lovely little princess and put some sunshine in your day!​​

Reserved for TinyPersians

"Princess Priscilla"

Silver Chinchilla Persian female kitten 

This is one gorgeous Princess!

"Princess Priscilla's" dam is only 3.5 pounds 

and produces gorgeous, very tiny Persian kittens

Priscilla is extremely small!

Yes we produce very tiny, yet healthy Persian kittens!

(standard sizes are available when requested)

This adorable female Doll Face Persian kitten

has a perfect Doll face look with large expressive eye!

Her coat is a clean white coat with soft silver accents

She is fluffy with a lovely Silver Chinchilla coat!

"Princess Priscilla" is a very special little lady!

She has a twin sister named "Peekaboo" that is available too!


Reserve "Princess Priscilla" today !  


"Princess Priscilla"

"Princess Priscilla"


Tiny to Standard size  Persian kittens 



Perfect Doll Face Persian kittens ! 

"Evelyn" Pure Beauty!​​

Extra fluffy tail !

Happy Valentine's Day! 

 Tiny Female

Sweet - Sweet Male


" My Lord"​​



"Tiny Aries" 

" Thumberlina"​​


Beautiful Silver and Golden Persian kittens from ! 

Sweet and Socialized Kittens 

 Reserve a kitten in advance!

Choose your dream kitten

at TinyPersians !

" "Tiny Aries" ​​

"Tiny Aries"

Look at this beauty!

Perfection at it's best and very tiny !



" White Persians "​​

" Evelyn"
Gorgeous Shaded Silver Persian female!

This is one gorgeous Persian kitten!

"Evelyn" was named after her dam . . .

"Evening Prim Rose" an outstanding black Persian dam that produces correct Persian characteristics with her kittens!
Her lovely girl . . . 
"Evelyn" is a special lady! 

Ideal for someone that loves a fluffy Persian that is all lady!

Everyone will certainly bond with her quickly as she possesses

a unique charizma about her!

She is extremely smart and does not miss a thing . . .

she is totally aware of her surroundings,

loves to perch above everything to watch all that is happening,

yet, if you enter the room, there she is . . .  greeting you! 

What pleasure to have around!

She has a traditional Persian look . . .

with beautiful green eyes already that will certainly

become even more brilliant as she matures . . .  like her dam!

Her expressive eyes, mouth and nose are outlined black !

She is a Shaded Silver "lady" that has a white undercoat

and silver and black accents on her coat! 

"Evelyn" has 2 sisters
named "Eva" a Shaded Silver and "Sophie" a Shaded Golden
Take home "Evelyn" today!

DOB 4-13-23


Extreme Tiny Male

Silver Silver Chinchilla Shaded Silver White -Black

Shaded Golden - Golden  Persian kittens Available !


"Princess Priscilla"

 Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten

This is one very tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian Kitten!

"Peekaboo" has a Doll Face with eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black !

She is very sweet, gets excited when you enter the room!

Wants to be with you!

She is playful big time, yet a little Princess!

She is extremely small yet you can see

her well built body . . . strong chest!

She will be very, very small

Her Dam is only 3.5 pounds! 

Her Sire is an imported sire

"Peekaboo" is a very special kitten and would be a lovely gift for a child or person that loves a playful kitten!

This kitten will entertain you and put a smile on your face!


Silver Chinchilla Doll Face Persian kitten  !

​Brother is "Little Logan"   SOLD

Sister is "Peekaboo"   AVAILABLE

"Princess Priscilla"

Tiny little girl!

Fluffy Chinchilla coat!

" Peekaboo"​​

"Princess Priscilla"

Look at this face!

This is exactly the way a Persian should look!   

A round face, a small nose, large expressive eyes, perky ears covered with fur 

and an amazing, clean, sparkling Silver Chinchilla coat!

Her coat would be defined as a light Shaded Silver

that has the softness and silky texture like a Chinchilla coat!   Perfection!

What are you waiting for?

"Evelyn"  has a sister named " Eva" They look like twins!

 2024 Available Persian kittens


Wow!  . . .  look at this face! !

"Tiny Aries" 

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten

This is one WOW Silver PERSIAN kitten!

He is a top pick Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten
 with a stunning Doll Face look!

His Dam is a top producer and is about 4 pounds or less 
"Tiny Aries" eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green

Mom's eyes are a blue-green color!

"Aries" is beautiful correct Silver Chinchilla with a luxurious,

silky coat and extra fluffy tail !

His undercoat is a brilliant white with a mist of Silver on his back!

He has a correct Persian body structure and large paws !

He is sweet, playful, a good eater, and loves to play with other kittens!
​Pick of the litter!  Can't ask for any more!

Sired by Saafir



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