" Puff "​​​​

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

" Puff the Magic Dragon "   This beautiful boy is a

snow white, male Silver Chinchilla,lightly misted

evenly with Silver, all so slightly

A Doll Face Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

that is so gentled natured, ultra sweet and

plays kindly with his brother  " Pip " 

( " Pip " Available - Silver misted over a white undercoat )​​

A kitten the "Cattery" would keep in a " heart beat ",

and we are watching this one ! 

He is far more gorgeous in person ! 

 If you miss out on this beautiful kitten,

reserve early for a 2019 Persian kitten like him !

His dam will not be bred to the same sire in 2019,

so this kitten will be a one of a kind cross with these parents 

His coat is so amazingly perfect, so soft and fluffy  

His coat naturally puffs up so he looks amazing all day !   

He was named " Puff " as he has a puffy - fluffy mink coat !  

He is a true gem as he is easy to care for . . . 

not finding him a mess 

He keeps himself clean 

" Puff " is naturally that way !

He loves to do a little dance with paws . . .

showing you how he is a happy natured kitten   

Playful, yet respectful to his playmates   

All manners and ever so sweet ! 

He has a well built, cobby body, 

Strong chest giving him substance,

large feet, and short tail

Much more gorgeous in person !

Sired by   *  Saafir

One of the last available * Saafir kittens

Now in Corpus Christie, Texas

with Tracie

  LS - C - M - 2

Fluffy - so soft Silver Chinchilla mink coat !


A lovely Silver Chinchilla Doll Face male Persian kitten

He has a very soft, silky coat !   

Possessing a sensible and kind personality ! 

He is out of the proven dam

and the sire Prince Amar !   

Past litters produced full siblings:  Yoshi  and Versace 

Only a few weeks old and he already

has a lovely mink like coat   

He has perfect facial features and a clean face !

Sweet natured . . . 

If you are seeking a lovely white - Silver Chinchilla

Doll Face Persian kitten is out of a special line . . .

and will bring you much joy !  

Beautiful Doll Face                          

"  Josh " 

Silver Chinchilla  Male 

"  Pip " 

"  Josh " 

Ever so sweet !  A personality to love !

" Puff " 

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian  

Sired by Prince Amar

" Noah "​​​​

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla male

 Left kitten  SOLD

This beautiful Doll Face Silver Chinchilla male

face is perfectly balanced,

has a red brick nose outlined in black

Beautiful shaped eyes outlined in black

His paw pads are coal black leather

His Chinchilla coat is snow white

His coat will most likely all white,

either with or without tiny silver accents

on his face as he matures

" Noah's " Doll Face is considered perfect in every way !

He has a round crown forehead, exotic shaped eyes,

a cute turned up nose and is a very happy Persian kitten !

He is all personality, very active,

entertains himself and all "boy" !

Not timid, brave, sweet, full of the dickens !

He is absolutely gorgeous in every way

His coat is lovely, soft and will be easy to care for

" Noah " is sired by * Saafir 

​Sister " Narnia " is no longer available

Noah is one gorgeous snow white Chinchilla with very little silver misting that could completely disappear 

He has amazingly large eyes !

Noah is no longer available

His coat is an amazing snow white extra soft and silky !

Don't miss out on this one !

 Noah Sold

Sweet as can be  ! 

Shaded Silver Male Persian Kitten

A Doll Face Shaded Silvermale Persian kitten

Very large eyes that will continue to get larger !

with a white undercoat that is soft, silky and as lovely as his brother "Puff's" mink coat !

" Pip " is buddies with his brother "Puff" they snuggle

and play together exploring 

Their dam is a clean white Silver Chinchilla with a correct doll face

She produced lovely Persian kittens that have correct,

round crowns, large eyes with a stunning color 

" Pip " is playful and trots quickly when fed, a good eater,

loves his tower and small toys like balls ! 

He will entertain him self for hours and you too ! 

He has a well built - a short cobby body, 

strong chest giving him substance,

large feet, and very short tail

Sired by   *  Saafir

One of the last available * Saafir kittens

Lovely shaped eyes, perfect Doll Face 

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten 

  LS - C - M - 2

DOB  3 - 30 - 18


A white Doll Face Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten with a soft, luxurious coat   

This kitten is playful, well mannered,

sensible and kind to siblings 

He has small ears completely covered with fur,

a balance doll face, short tail  

Currently Available

Full sibling to past kittens " Yoshi "

and " Versace ",  he most likely will look

more like "Yoshi" when full grown    

Chinchillas are known for their lovely silky, satin, mink like coats . . . dam has the most amazing coat and by 8 weeks his coat

will be even more amazing !

Sired by Prince Amar our smallest sire, and out of a very small Snow White Silver Chinchilla dam   

Sired by  *  Prince Amar 

"  Pip " 

Several Silver Chinchilla  Persian kittens Available

Let us know what you are looking for

Kittens range from $3500 to $5500 

Sometimes we have Persians for $1500, - $3500


Watch me grow  !


Choose a kitten today . . .

" Josh " is one Special

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  ! 

Cute as can be !  

Now this is one gorgeous Chinchilla !

"  Pip " 

Soft - Silky Chinchilla Coat !

"  Puff  " 

Silver Chinchilla Persian

Male kitten 


" Asher "

Canid Cell phone Photos

Top Pick Doll Face Persian kittens

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Beautiful doll face 



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" Puff " 

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Clean Doll Face Persian Male kitten

"  Puff " 

"  Puff " 

"  Josh " 

A lovely Doll face - very white Persian

" Pooh Bear "

"  Puff " 

" Pooh Bear "​​​​

 Silver Chinchilla Male

This kitten has large almond shaped eyes

that will be an intense, rich Emerald Green

Has a correct round face and round forehead crown,

facial features well balanced on his gorgeous Doll Face

A little shorter face then some doll face Persians, however, stunningly balanced and placed facial features and his extra ordinary large eyes makes this Silver Chinchilla male exceptional 

He has the smallest ears a real goal here at TinyPersians

We breed for ears well covered with fluffy fur

He has a beautiful soft, satin Chinchilla coat

that is easy to care for

A lovely personality ever so kind,

he is playful, alert, inquisitive,

wanting to please, takes baths and grooms well 

He is smart, entertaining, and

has a short cobby body and a very short tail 

He is predicted to be extremely small

as Dad is less then 5 pounds !  There is a possibility he will be only between 3 and 4 pounds !  Now that is Tiny !

This kitten may come available

Breeder watching this one !

Sired by * Prince Amar


"  Josh " 

" Puff "

So tiny !


A lovely Silver Chinchilla

Doll Face male Persian kitten 


" Asher "​​​​

 Silver Chinchilla Male


This kitten is pure Silver Persian kitten

These kittens eye color are more intense, coats are super soft, silky and a mink texture that is hard to find

Most Persians have lovely coats and are soft,

but experiencing a pure Silver Chinchilla's coat is surprising !

Other characteristics:

>   Coal black paw pads

>  Noses often look black, but up close they are

the correct brick red color

with a strong black outline around the nose

>   Extra large eyes that have intense color

Often buyers will say;

 " my kitten is much more lovely then the photos ! "

"Asher" is very sweet, playful and much a gentlemen

He plays well with other kittens

Has a soft personality, dainty way of moving

You would think he was a girl

(that shows he has the royal personality of a Persian)

He has a lovely doll face with very, very large eyes 

already at this age

"Asher" eyes will get larger as he grows 

The color of his beautifully shaped eyes will be

an intense turquoise or emerald green eyes !

His coat color is very white and

currently slightly misted in silver

  Often these Chinchilla's coats will get very white

either loosing all silver accents or ending up with soft

misted silver on their backs and and face

Sired by * Prince Amar

" Pooh Bear "


Correct Doll Face 

 " JOSH "

As Josh matures you can see his coat developing . . . this line is known to produce fabulous,

soft, luxurious coats

He is out of a * Saafir daughter,

his sire is  * Prince Amar

" Prince Amar has the most intense

true "Emerald Green "  eyes 

Both of these combined / crossed sires produces beautiful correct doll face Persian kittens that are highly sought after and loved !   If you are seeking a very correct and lovely coated Persian kitten, Silver Chinchillas are known for being the Rolls Royce of "Persian Cats" !  

Choose one of the finest kittens today ! 


" Josh " eyes will get larger, like all kittens as they grow . . . predicted to be an emerald green.  Often Prince Amar's offspring will also have Turquoise eyes.  We will watch this lovely boy as he grows and by 8 weeks old it is easier to predict more accurately many of the characteristics of the much loved "Silver Chinchilla"    

Very sWeet !

2 Love bunnies . . . so - so sweet !  


"  Josh "