Golden Chinchilla female

Persian Female Iris

Shaded Golden female

 Kitten Gift 

FREE Breeze Litter System

pan, scoop,

litter and pads 

Sample food & Vitamins 

Comes with Kittens departing

 12-15-17 through 12-23-17  

Pick up Kittens only

 You will find her chasing her tail

and full of the dickens !
Very playful, active, fearless and a little ham !  

She will make you laugh !
Has a white undercoat with
shades of gold, silver, blue tints,

and white on her back  
Her face is accented by golds, white

and shades of gold
Defined as a Golden Chinchilla
Her front mane has accents of Chinchilla white

and apricot color
Her tummy and undercoat is also white, cream and apricot shades   
When her coat is parted, you will see the lovely white throughout her coat !

A very beautiful Persian kitten !

This stunning snow white Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten has the most luxurious, smooth, silky coat.  Beautiful large eyes !

Is a real gem and was absolutely gorgeous from day one !

If you would like to reserve Tiny Tim  contact us today! 

Merry   Christmas  !

Kitten gift with a Christmas kitten 

Tiny Tim

Blue - Golden

Male Persian Kitten



Lovely blue-golden male Persian kitten.  Ultra sweet, gorgeous doll face with tabby accents.

Soft colors of apricot, white, blue golden colors.   Large expressive eyes, on an adorable face.

Brother of Ima Beauty

Sire Prince Amar

Photo taken 12-12-17

Reserve  this  kitten  today !

Sold to 


and daughter Gabi

Happy Birthday Gabi !

Ima Beauty

Silver Shaded with white undercoat female Persian kitten

DOB 10-31-17

Kiss me Kate

Silver Shaded female - SOLD

Little Priss

Silver Chinchilla white female

Pretty purrfect !

​Not much to say about perfection !

          Put him under your Christmas tree !



The most lovely, large tear drop eyes! Has an adorable, cute doll face.  Ima Beauty is a true beauty, White with shades of silver accents 

Shaded Silver Persian female kitten

is all personality !   

Very smart, loves to play

 6 weeks old in these photos

Will depart January 2018

​Sire Prince Amar

Happy Birthday Gabi !

DOB 10-31-17

2017 Christmas Kittens Available 

Tiny Tim

Silver Chinchilla white male

A gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian

male kitten for sale 

You will love his personality  

Very intelligent, thinks things out, has manners, and is ultra playful

He has the most a amazing coat 

Silky, free flowing, easy to care for

Reserve Taylor today !

Tiny Tim


Silver Chinchilla white male

Tear Drop emerald green eyes, rich colors of Gold, almond and white colors.  This lovely female Persian female kitten is available for sale 

So, so sweet.  He looks at you with much love !   If you are seeking a buddy, Iris is a good choice.  She is easy to care for as her coat is silky and smooth.

Reserve Iris  today !

Gorgeous !
 Ultra sweet, purrs all the time, beautiful Shaded Silver Female Persian kitten.

Large expressive eyes !  

A lovely Persian if you like a love bunny!

She looks at you straight in the eyes.

Loves your company. 

​A  wonderful choice for someone that wants a female Princess and acts like one !