2022 Available DOB 7-1-22

1.  Parti-Color Red/White longhair male - RESERVED

2.  White Shorthair Exotic male

3.  BiColor White/Red/Black dark tabby longhair female   

4.  BiColor White/Red/Black tabby Shorthair female

5.  Black - Shorthair female - SOLD

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Look at this gorgeous face
and stunning eye color 




Female Tortoiseshell

with a unique coat pattern! 

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This kitten is a lovely longhair Exotic Persian

female kitten that possesses multi colors of

cream, apricot, gold, chocolate - black accents!

She has beautiful stunning copper eyes

that will continue to become even more brilliant as she matures

"Tapestry" is sweet, playful and has a soft, girly-girl personality!

She makes a funny noise to get your attention . . .

in a loving way as she loves to be held and be with you! 

She is absolutely sweet, gorgeous, well built,

and an easy keeper as her coat stays groomed

and nice all the time . . .

as her coat texture is sleek, smooth and silky!

Reserve this beautiful lady today!

A top pick kitten !

Dam:  Blueberry Delite

Sire:  Satin Lover

Female Tortoiseshell




Female Tortoiseshell

with a unique coat pattern! 

From a Solid black sire

and a gorgeous Calico female

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Tortoiseshell, Golden Tabbies,  Red Mackerel Tabbies

Black and White,  Black, White 

Additionally Shaded Golden, Goldens and Golden Chinchillas out of the CFA Silver Persian Division ! 

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