Silver and Golden Persians being domesticated for many years, and consequently have made the Persian cat more dependent on humans.  They become attached to family members, greet you at the door and wait for their next mean or clean dish of water.  Some Persians will appear more “dog like” then others.  They will follow you around, want to play, sit and lay with you.  

It is believed that Silver and Golden Persians are more intelligent than "other" color Persians, as they are very inquisitive, playful and choose a favor person they get attached to.

Wild cats are depended upon their pride.  This is a family of cats that live and work together to survive, hunt, eat and protect each other.  Even domesticated cats such as Persians, still are felines at heart!   

Understanding the Origin of the Persian Cat will help you decide on which cat breed is best for you!    Start learning about the Persian cat  breed, their origin and what they are about. 

The Personality of the Persian Cat