" Beautiful Silky Chinchilla coat "

GW - F 2

This lovely Shaded Golden female Persian kitten is nothing short of " True Elegance ! "

 A lovely doll face, very small, teacup Persian kitten.  

Estimated to be less then 4.5 pounds as an adult.  

With walking softly and embracing your entrance to the room, you will discover a true gem !  

She welcomes your presence. 

These photos are candid photos, offering an opportunity to view this lovely girl without grooming !   Her coat is always lovely, low maintenance including her clean face !

 Reserve her today, you will be glad you did ! 

" Very, very small ! "

" Such A Princess "

" Such A Princess "


" Perfection, beyond belief "

<  Dad

GW - M 4

" Baby Face "

" Twinkle Little Star " a Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten is extremely small,

super sweet, gentle and sensible personality.  Was named "Twinkle Little Star "

as he always has a sparkle in his eyes and was very small

Robust and sturdy looking, yet, so small it is hard believe a kitten comes in such a small size !  

A beautiful doll face persians with balanced facial features !

" Twinkle " has a snow white coat and has a softly misted in silver accenting his coat 

He has a cobby body, short tail, and a lovely doll face with very large eyes !

His turned up nose, makes you laugh as he is so adorable !

His dam a very small Chinchilla with outstanding emerald green eyes   

Sired by Saafir, a sire with turquoise eyes and the most amazing free flowing silkly coat  

Saafir kittens are outstanding and are a top pick asked for by shoppers   

Take home this lovely boy and enjoy a snuggle bunny !   

Reserve" Twinkle "a Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

A very tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten and so adorable !  A perfect doll face that will keep you entertained.  She loves to play and will certainly entertain you.  a very intelligent, outrageously small, gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian ! 

With perfect conformation, with a straight back, strong chest, beautiful, snow white coat accented in a soft mist of silver makes this kitten a top pick.   Her eyes are predicted to be emerald green.  You can reserve this lovely girl or another Chinchilla that looks much like her !   Why look any further, when no way will you find a more lovely very small, teacup Persian kitten appearing to be such a miniature version of the Persian Cat.   Her coat is soft, silky, luxurious !   Reserve her today ! 

GW - F 1

Doll face Male Persian kitten 


GW - M  3

" Baby Face "

" True Elegance"

Nickname "Susie" 

" Twinkle Little Star "

Perfect Doll Face 

GW - M 4

2017 August Available Persian Kittens 

Kittens most likely will look like Mom and Dad !

Prince Amar 

" Sweet Persian kitten with a gorgeous doll face and very large eyes ! "

Reserve  a  Persian  kitten  in  advance ! 

Now available !     2  weeks  old 


Silver Chinchilla Persian Female

Shaded Silver Persian Male

Shaded Silver Persian Female

Shaded Golden Persian Male 

Kittens born dark and lighten up   

A Golden Persian kitten will become more richer in color and their patterns

Silver Chinchillas can almost turn white to all white looking  

Sight to no Silver tipping  

Shaded Silvers can be many variation of Silver Shaded colors

from slightly to much shaded on their bodies 

 Silvers are not grey in color, they are silver in color


GW - F 1

Absolutely Purrfect  ! 

GW - M  3

A true Princess  ! 

"Baby Face" a Silver Chinchilla Persian is one lovely, gorgeous, kitten that is hard to part with.  

Short and cobby, very short tail, full, fluffy, luxurious coat.    A beautiful, correct doll face Persian, estimated to be small.

She is ultra sweet and out of the Giovanna line, which is highly sought after for their beauty and lovely personalities.   We have had customers return to purchase their second Giovanna kitten.   

Sold to Leigh - Texas

" Twinkle Little Star "

Very tiny !

GW - M  3

Dam when young