Reserve a Silver Persian kitten DOB 3-28-2022

Sired by Prince Amar

and out of the gorgeous dam . . .

"Ima Sunsation"! 


Silver Chinchilla Persian Male

" Prince Amir"

" Misty " Shaded Silver

Silver Persian kittens 

Sold - 4-29-22

 Reserved for Joyace

of San Antonio 

Silver Chinchilla male " newborn"


Silver Persian kitten Available

"Yago" -  a gorgeous newborn Silver Chinchilla

male Persian kitten hat is a mommy's boy and is available

DOB 1-6-22

He has the neatest personality . . .

he is quick to learn, inquisitive and loves to explore!

His coat is a white-Silver Chinchilla color with Silver and Black accents

He has beautiful Persian face with gorgeous eyes!

He is 3 weeks old in these photos

Reserve this adorable Persian kitten today !

Giovanna (dam) was bred to the TinyPersian sire - 
"Saafir"  that possesses brilliant, intense eye color

Giovanna's kittens are highly sought after!


GI-SC- M2-SA-1-6-2021

Reserve a white kitten DUE JUNE 1ST 2022


Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten

" Casandra "  ​​


1 year old

Sold - 4-29-22

Silver Chinchilla male

We breed Persian Kittens

and a few Exotic Shorthair

Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten

Reserve "Paul"  today!

Silver male Persian kitten



Sold  5-1-22

See more about this TinyPersian

Shaded Silver Persian male


Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten



" Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten "

 "Little Lady"

A Silver Chinchilla Persian female

is absolutely stunning and a perfect Doll Face look!

Sired  by "Pooh Bear" and a highly valued Giovanna daughter!

Was named; "Little Lady as that is what she is !

"Little Lady" is a very special female Chinchilla!

Her coat is as lovely as can be, a Chinchilla color with soft misted accents that gives her an elegant look !

"Little Lady" baths and grooms well,

is small, yet built sturdy as Persians should be!
She is all lady . . . and gorgeous as can be!

Sired by Prince Amar​    DOB 4-4-2021 kitten 

"  Tedhee"​​​  

Dam    " Little Miss Priss"


" Dilan"

Reserve a Persian kitten today!


" Casandra"



" Thor"


Shaded Silver Persian male
Doll Face 


Plato has a gorgeous full coat that is easy to care for!

It is free flowing, very white with Shaded Silver accents

He has a full tail and loves to flag it!

He has the sweetest personality, very social, comes up to greet you !

He looks at you straight in the eyes . . . showing much intelligence!

He has small ears and balanced facial features!

He grooms and bathes well !​​

Sired by "Prince Amar" a very small sire

OUT OF a Gorgeous true Golden top producing Dam~

" Mi  Lord

Silver  Chinchilla male 

 Black male

Featured below !

"Casandra"  -  Available  >

more about "Little Lady below


"Pooja" - Available

Male Silver Chinchilla  Persian

Doll Face

DOB   2021


"Little Lady"


Sold - 4-24-22

for ISSA


Also, purchased 

​Peaches n' Cream


Photo taken 2-11-22


"My Lord"

Silver  Chinchilla Persian male kitten

This little boy is perfect in many ways!

*  Correct Doll Face Look!

* Well formed pink nose outlined in black

*  Large Round Expressive Eyes outlined in black

* Small ears covered with fur!

*  Round face/head with correct round crown

*  Chinchilla coat that is a clean white with soft Silver accents

​and easy to care for!

* Built strong in a small Persian size 

* 3 months old wight 2 pounds 8 ounces!
* Black leather paw pads

* Short fluffy tail​​

Both parents "Somewhere My Love" and "Saafir
​both have extraordinary brilliant green eye color

with a strong black outliner around his eyes!   
"My Lord"  has an adorable look . . . a sweet, loving personality!

Best of all is his loving personality and gentle nature  !

DOB  2021


Named "Lacy" as her dam is the gorgeous Silver Chinchilla "Lavender Lace" who was retired in 2021 . . .

"Lacy" is the last kitten  "Lavender Lace" had 


Shaded Silver  female


Tiny to Standard size 

Persian kittens 

Guarantee for . . .

FIV-FeLV-PKD-Heartworm, Ringworm


"Somewhere My Love"

Silver  Chinchillas and Shaded Silver Persian kitten litter 

Born 3-28-22

Available Top Pick kittens!

Sired by the outstanding TinyPersian sire *Saafir

and out of one of TinyPersian top producing dam . . . 

"Somewhere My Love"

If you are seeking the best of the best   . . . 

here they are 1 day old!

Top pick kittens!

These kittens will be available for departure

the end of May 2022!

Please contact Debbie for more information

female sold - 1 male available

Bred for Perfection!

Gorgeous Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten


Photo taken 2-28-22





Silver Chinchilla male " Pooja"


"Little Lady"

Immediately meets you as you enter the room!


"Misty"   is a small Shaded Silver female Persian kitten

More about "Misty" ​​

Doll Face face look and good body structure!

Sired by "PoohBear" a very small sire only 4.5 pounds


Lovely - fluffy coat!

" Adorable face"

Red Mackerel Tabbies 

For Sale

Silver Chinchilla male

Reserve a white in advance



Reserved for Elisa


Newborn Silvers

" Dilan"


Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten

Dam - "Somewhere My Love" 

Sire - Saafir


"Choose a Persian kitten today! "​​

Give us a call  !

​214 960-0267

Kittens daily care comes first , we take photos later in a day

when we have time 

choose one of these lovely kittens several weeks old

Many coat colors to choose from:

Silver *  Shaded Silver * Silver Chinchilla

Shaded Golden *  Golden *  Black /White

* Black * Tortoiseshell

Choose one today -  Several gorgeous

CFA Silver Persian Division colors !

Sweet Personalities !

Luxurious Coats !

Gorgeous Doll Faces !

Warrantee for


Heartworm & Ringworm



" Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten "


"Lacy" is the sweetest lady !

All Girly Girl!

She has a soft personality . . . 

taps on you to say . . . 

"Here I am!"

She does a little dance at your side . . . 

gently making her presence noticed

Always meets you when you enter a room!

She is gorgeous in every way,

easy to care for and stays well groomed!   What a gem!

"Lacy" has a white Chinchilla coat with silver accents

"Lacy" is small and correctly built

Black outliner around her eyes

Sire is Saafir 

​and her dam Lavender's Lace's  last kitten 

Born in 2020 she is a little less than 1 year old

3 pounds 13 ounces!

She baths and grooms well!

Reserve "Lacy" today!

DOB 2020

"Lacy" will be a sweetheart Love bunny !  



" Giovanna boy"  

* Sweet

*  Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla coat

*  Doll Face

*  Strong black eye liner

Golden Persians - Reserved in advance​​

Photo taken 3-4-22

 Silver Chinchilla - Shaded Silver 

 White / Black 

Shaded Golden - Golden 


Photo taken 3-4-22



"  Shades of Silver female Persian kitten "

" Misty"

Available a Shaded Silver female Persian kitten

 Available - "Misty"!

You will find Silvers have lovely silky Chinchilla coats

and are stunningly beautiful !

 Choose a correctly bred kitten today!

Adorable Doll Faces with eyes 

predicted to be a brilliant green sparkling color !


Sweet , Loving Personality !

Beautiful Chinchilla coat

easy to care for !

Silver  Chinchilla Persian Male

Sire   "Prince Amar"



Silver Persian male kitten

"Paul" is extremely small and absolutely adorable!

He is out of one of our smallest gorgeous dams     . . . 

"Little Miss Priss"

He is an excellent choice

if you are seeking a real tiny Persian !

Photos will be added this week




Reserved in advance


Silver Persian female kitten

If you are seeking a sweet - sweet

little Persian female . . .

"Casandra" is a gorgeous - correct Silver Persian!

She possesses a clean white under coat with soft Silver accents on her coat !

She has a cute Doll Face with strong black outliner around her eyes and an adorable pink nose !

She is out of a Giovanna daughter -

that is most often asked for !

She is predicted to be about 4 pounds as an adult

DOB 2021   PC-S-F-4-PB-2021 ​​

Playful  - little kitten !

April  2022 Available

Persian kittens

Choose a Silver Persian kitten today!



" Paul"