" Snow White Female

Persian kitten


A snow white female Persian kitten with the spotting gene

(this is an asset - indicating this white kitten is not deaf

as many white kittens with blue eyes

are either partially or completely deaf 

Choose this adorable extra soft, silky coated Persian kitten ! 

She comes from a background of playful, intelligent Persians known to be more like a "dog" then a cat!

If you want a buddy to bond with, choose this little lady today!

Her dam is an odd eyed Persian giving her a unique look!   

sired by "Onyx of Eden"

a pure black Persian cat

Reserve a sibling ! 

Reserve "a white Persian kitten" today !  ​​

Perfect Doll Face Persian kittens ! 

" Silver Chinchilla Male 

Persian kitten

"Love's Boy"

This very white Silver Chinchilla has a soft - mink textured coat that is extra fluffy and white undercoat that is lightly misted in silver accents 

​He has a Doll Face look that is correctly balanced and extra small ears

His eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black !

He has black leather paw pads

He is sweet,  playful and loves his sibling sister; "Love Sonnet" !

Take home a top pick kitten and treat yourself to royalty ! 

Dam is 4 pounds and sire is about 5 pounds 

Sired by Prince Amar


 Top Pick kitten

" Top Pick Female Chinchilla" 

" Pascal"​​


" Golden Male Persian kitten

"Golden Fire"

This Golden male Persian kitten is predicted to

become more Golden as he grows 

when a kitten shows this much gold, when he matures

he will become even more Golden than other colors !

European feline enthusiast prefer this coloration !

His tummy has apricot and white color

You will find Goldens and Shaded Goldens take up to 24 months

to get their coat color - 

Their coats always become more luxurious in color,

same with Persian eyes once an adult !

He possesses a sweet playful personality, beginning to explore

and see all what the world has to offer !

Take home this lovely boy to put some sunshine in your day !​​

Sired by Prince Amar

Sold 5-15-20

Mickey and Maru of Florida


"Prince Zohar"​​

A very white Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 6 weeks old  in this photo has extraordinary large eyes, a cute turn up nose,

a full, fluffy soft, silky full Persian coat and a sweet-sweet personality !

He loves to be held and is a non stop purring kitten !

Very smart ... gorgeous as can be! 

Sired by Pooh Bear 

Grandfather:  Prince Amar

​This little guy has all the best characteristics of his grandsire and sire!   

He is ultra sweet, playful and is very small ! 

Both parents are extremely small

Prince Zohar is a special Silver Chinchilla kitten!


Look no further . . . Reserve "Prince Zohar" today !  


​Want a Shaded Silver Male Persian kitten ?

"Prince Zohar's"

brother is "Miles" and available!  

​See his photos above !

" Arizona" 

Cute turn up nose on a gorgeous DOLL FACE !



😱  Debbie,  " OMG she is so adorable, thank you so much sending me her image, honestly I'm overwhelmed with her beauty can't wait to have her in my arms!!!

Again thank you so much Debbie 
Have a great night! "
Vera k. 

" Arlo "

"Arlo" has a strong chest, cobby body, adorable large feet,

yet he is a very small boy!

He already has an amazing coat . . .

fluffy and full maned like a lion !

He has extra small ears, his eyes, nose and mouth outlined in black

"Arlo" possesses black leather paw pads

He walks around flagging his tail and doesn't miss a thing ! 

He is alert and playful !


A Red and White BiColor male longhair Exotic kitten

That is a brilliant Red color and snow white accents !

This kitten is very sweet and as gorgeous as can be !

He possesses large expressive eyes that are predicted to be a beautiful copper color . . . exactly what you want with a Red kitten 

He has a strong chest, short tail and large feet

staying true to the breed standard 

He is sired by a coal black Persian sire; "Onyx of Eden"

 P1h1otos taken

​  BB-RW-M-1-OE-2020

"Prince Zohar"​​


" BlackWhite"  BiColor


Longhair kitten

" Fluffette"​

This adorable Exotic Longhair female kitten

was named "Fluffette" as she has an amazing fluffy coat!

Her fur is a lovely black and white color

that is very soft and full coated

Sired by the gorgeous coal black sire; "Onyx of Eden"

She has a calm personality, playful

and respectful of other kittens

She is an easy keeper - eats well!

Her eyes will increase in size as she grows

One of the nicest features of "Fluffette" is she has extra small ears, large nostrils avoiding breathing problems

all with a lovely DOLL FACE look !

She has a twin brother same color pattern with a white stripe down his back

If you want a sophisticated lady that is extra fluffy and as sweet as can be . . . reserve "Fluffette" today ! 

Fluffy and full coated !

" White Silver Chinchilla ! "​​​  

" Arlo "


Black male Available

"Too Cute"  is a stunning all black longhair kitten

that has an adorable face you just cannot stop looking at!

His face is round and his eyes are a lovely teardrop shape!

His ears are so tiny that you can barely see them in his fluffy hair !

He was named "Too Cute" as that is what he is !   

Absolutely adorable !​ 

Why wouldn't you grab up a kitten like this?

He is absolutely gorgeous !

Ask about his heritage and breeding 

Photo taken 6-20-20 


Sired by the beautiful black Persian sire "Onyx of Eden"  

Reserve "Too Cute"  today !

" Aspen"​​

" Aspen"

Shaded Golden female

"Aspen" is a sweet lady that has a correct body structure

and stands correctly as if she is at a "Cat Show"!

She is a beautiful Shaded Golden female Persian kitten

Goldens get more Golden as they grow

Aspen as a full -fluffy coat that is highly sought after !

This lovely lady has an adorable DOLL FACE 

that is balanced with black outliner around her eyes and nose!

Has small ears and a short tail !    Adorable !

She currently is almost 6 weeks old  

 "Reserves  by Vera - California

Sired by Saafir

Gio-SG-F-1-2020- Sa

Past kitten - Reserved


" Shaded Golden Male 

Persian kitten


A shaded Golden with rich shades of Gold

and black accented with apricot, white, chocolate 

His coat colors possess beautiful, intense colors !

  His adorable face has round tear-drop eyes !

He is ever so small, extremely tiny,

yet a strong chest and body structure,

just gets you laughing

that such a tiny kitten like this can be so small

and be built strong!


He has a short tail - that is what a

Persian kitten should have !

This dam and combination of sire

produces rich shades of gold with each Shaded Golden

Persian kitten !

His coat is soft and full,

accented with an adorable tabby look  !

Sired by "Saafir"  !


Photos taken 5 - 3 - 20


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten

This little guy is very small and has the sweetest personality!

He has a strong well built chest and hind quarters

"Kenny" always seems to stand proud ! 

He has a strong round crown and a round face
 and extra small ears with a gorgeous Doll Face!
"Kenny's" eyes are extraordinarily large! 

He is sired by our smallest sire " Pooh Bear" !

"Kenny" is so beautiful he looks like a girl

He has a full coat that is luxurious and easy to care for !

"He plays softly and respectfully with his sisters named;

"Tiny Anna" and "Tiny Missy" 

"Kenny" is inquisitive, playful and eats well

Take "Kenny" home today !

Photos taken 5-3-20 and 6-6-20

Currently Available !        Reserve him today !

Sired by Pooh Bear and out of a dam that is < 4 pounds


Photo taken 6 - 6 - 20

" Look at this face"

" Too Cute"​​

Black male 


" White Silver Chinchilla ! "​​​  

" Sir "​​


Fluffy - full coated Silver Chinchilla Persian male


" Name to Come"​​



Silver Silver Chinchilla Shaded Silver White -Black

Shaded Golden - Golden  Persian kittens Available !

"Sweet Doll Face"

Lovely Golden fluffy coat !

"  A true Princess !"​​

" Female white"​​

Always standing proud . . .

correct and absolutely gorgeous!



"Choose a Persian kitten today! "​​

More photos of these kittens and descriptions of their personalities, colors, coat types, personal features, parents and predicted sizes are below . . . 

Choose one of these newborn Persian kittens 

Many coat colors to choose from:

Silver *  Shaded Silver * Silver Chinchilla

Shaded Golden *  Golden *  White. *  Black 

Choose one today or one of the gorgeous

CFA Silver Persian Division colors above !

March - April - May Kittens

" A well bred white Persian is born with a black spot on the head and fades away when older !"

Large expressive eyes 

" Prince Zohar"​​

Playful . . . Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten with black leather paw pads !

Persian kittens from 1 to 14 weeks old

Several to choose from !  

 Kittens can depart at 8 weeks old ! 

 Reserve a kitten in advance!

Choose your dream kitten today !

" Fluffette"​


" Fluffette"​​


"Love Sonnet"
Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten 

LS- SC-F-1-2020-PA 

This is one lovely Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

that is very white and a slight misted Silver on her coat !  

"Love Sonnet's eyes are large asian looking shape 

that are currently a stunning blue  

Often kitten eyes with this color at this age indicates an extraordinary intense - brilliant color when they mature !

She possesses a gorgeous - correct Doll Face and her face stays beautiful !  She has black leather pads on her feet, is very small out of a dam that is 4 pounds and Sired by "Prince Amar" an imported Silver Chinchilla male that produces top TinyPersian kittens ! 

"Love Sonnet" is sweet, playful, fluffy coated ! 

Want a little "Princess" to snuggle with?   

This gorgeous Silver Chinchilla is one special "lady"! 

" Look at this face !"

" Pascal " 


Debbie,   Ben (Boots) is great.    I immediately tossed the catnip toy and he’s been on the same diet.   He is happy, energetic, purrs a lot near us, eats well, and is sweeter than we ever could have imagined!    Thank you so much for all the love

and care you gave him.   You can tell how much he’s been adored.     

Thanks for checking on him.

 Jennifer K - Texas​​

"Playful !"

July 2020 Available Persian kittens

Ask about this kitten !

Very tiny Chinchilla

Sweet, playful and adorable !

Photo taken 7-2-20​


Look at these eyes !   Gorgeous !

" Leo"​​


"Tiny Missy"
Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten female

This is a lovely snow white Silver Chinchilla "Lady" !

Her dam that is only 3.5 - 4 pounds 

and produces extra tiny Persian kittens

This adorable female Doll Face Persian kitten has a strong round crown

that is exactly what you want! 

Don't let this one get away !

Kittens born dark and lighten up as they grow!

"Tiny Missy" is already very light which show she will possess

a lovely Silver Chinchilla coat !

Her eyes are large and predicted to be a brilliant color


Sired by Pooh Bear 

She has a brother named "Kenny"  - ask about him !  


"Prince Zohar"​​

Newborn 14 days old ​

Tiny to Standard size  Persian kittens 

Warrantee FIV-FeLV-PKD-Ringworm



Sweet-extra large eyes !

" Extremely small ! "​​​  


Extremely Small !

" Love Sonnet" 

" White Silver Chinchilla ! "​​​  

" Too Cute " 


A Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten is one fine kitten!

He was named "Serdar" as it means "Chief or Leader"

"Serdar" has extra large eyes that is predicted to be

a stunning brilliant color !

His Doll Face is correctly balanced and clean looking !

He has extra small ears

His coat is lightly misted in silver evenly on his back!
Adhering to the breed standard

He is all personality, active and playful !

 "Reserve this lovely Silver Chinchilla today!

Sired by Prince Amar​

PC-SC-M-2020- PA


" White Persians "​​


A Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

that is very small, extremely intelligent -

you can see him thinking things out!   

"Leo" has a very white undercoat misted in Silver

He has a Doll Face look with extra large round eyes  !

"Leo" is athletic, playful and very sweet !

 "Leo"  is reserved for Jennifer K - Texas

Sired by Pooh Bear

His dam is very small only 4 pounds

LL-SC-M-2020- PB

"Little Dancer !"

" Golden Fire "​



" Serdar"​​

Photo taken 5 - 18 - 20

" Arlo "

Playful ! 

" Playful "

Reserved for Tracy 


" Arlo"

Silver male 

This adorable male Silver Persian kitten was named "Arlo" as he has extremely large eyes

like the cartoon character "Arlo" in the movie  "The Good Dinosaur"

He is one gorgeous little guy that is all personality as when he plays he does the cutest little dances !

There is no doubt he has a A+ personality and is ultra sweet and ever so beautiful ! 

He looks much like his great grandmother "Shaina" and his sire:  "Pooh Bear"

If you are seeking a Persian kitten that has the look of "Pooh Bear" and

carries all the other desirable characteristics of a well bred Silver Persian . . .

"Arlo" is a good choice !

Be the first to choose this boy . . .  he resembles a "cattery keeper" !

He is predicted to be extremely small 

Photo taken 5-18-20       ​AA-SC-M-2-PB-2020

Top Pick Persian kitten       Reserve Arlo today !

" Kenny "​​

LS- SC-F-1-2020-PA 

Extra large exotic shaped eyes !



" Kenny "​​

Photo taken 5 - 18 - 20

Light Silver Chinchilla misted in Silver !