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​​​About a top Silver Persian cat breeder . . .  TinyPersians

  Welcome to TinyPersians where we are known to be the top Doll Face Silver Persian cat breeder available!   

TinyPersians CFA Cattery - is a family-owned Persian cat breeder located in McKinney Texas USA

 It is our goal to breed exceptional Silver Persian kittens of many colors

that are typically small, yet we offer standard sizes too! 

Discover adorable Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Silvers, Shaded Goldens, Golden Chinchillas, Whites and Blacks with luxurious, silky coats!

TinyPersians has passionately produced healthy Doll Face Persian kittens free of . . . 

FIV, FeLV, Heartworm, PKD and Ringworm!  A flawless reputation!  

Our Persians are known for their sweet, playful and regal personalities! 

 As a reputable breeder, our customers return to choose another kitten over and over again! 

All kittens receive an Exam, up-to-date vaccination, worming and testing for FIV, FeLV and Heartworm

 TinyPersians is a PKD and Ringworm free CFA Cattery in North Dallas - North Texas
Our Texas and Oklahoma customers can drive in a short time to pick up their new Persian kitten, such as areas like; Prosper TX, Celina TX. McKinney, TX, Frisco TX, Plano TX, South Lake, TX, Flower Mound TX, Allen TX, Fort Worth TX, Sherman TX, Lewisville TX, Denton TX, Houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Oklahoma City OK

We ship throughout the USA via Flight Nanny Pet Relocation Service and International locations;  Germany, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Panama Canal, Mexico and countries

and other locations such as Alaska and Hawaii 

TinyPersians strives for perfection . . . customers say they are perfect Persian kittens!

Staying true to the Persian breed’s traditional look has been an important aspect in our breeding program!  Where most breeders offer kittens only locally, our kittens are sought after Internationally!

and safely shipped to their new homes in many countries! 

We offer Pet and Breeder Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats!

Each kitten is carefully imprinted from the moment they are born, interacting with humans resulting trusting, loving purring, playful kittens that love to do biscuits and snuggle with their new family! 

Another aspect is kittens frequently are bathed and groomed excepting bathing, blow dryers and grooming!
Ultimately, affectionate and sweet love bunnies! 

TinyPersians Customer Testimonials and Reviews are unsolicited, and customers routinely request to have their Persian kitty stories told!  Often stating; “We are the best Silver Persian breeder out there!”

We have created
“Customer’s Stories” and encourage you to see what all our customers are raving about! 

 View "Customer Videos"  of their beloved Persian kittens!


Feel free to call 214 960-0267
anytime, yes, anytime as there is always someone to answer your calls! 

We welcome your inquiries!   Debbie and Steve