​​"Princess Joleen"   


"White male and Females Available!

Eyes can be Green, Gold or Blue!

Sire The Snow Prince a gorgeous snow white Persian

with odd eyes one being blue and the other green!

Reserve  a white Persian today!

He is producing kittens that looks like him​!   Reserve in advance!

April 2024 New Litter!

Silver Chinchilla Female
Shaded Silver Male

Silver Chinchilla Male

Shaded Golden Female

Black female

"Tiny Aries"

This is perfection! 



A small Silver Chinchilla female Persian !

"Guenevere" is very sweet, small, yet well built"  A Silver Chinchilla coat that is soft and silky!

Her eye color is predicted to be a brilliant green color!

Reserve her today!


 Reserve today!

Available Persian Teenagers and adults 

Starting at $1500

 2024 Available  Persian Kittens

Ask about all available

teenagers, adults and Persian kittens​​

White  Persians -  Available

Silver Chinchilla Persians   -  Available 

Shaded Silvers Persians   -  Available

Blacks Persians  -   Available

Shaded Golden  Persians -  Available


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The Prince of Melanie 


" Very Small!"

White female Persian !

"Barbie" Spayed

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The Prince of Melanie 

"Prince  Jamir"

  " Teddy"  Neutered 

Golden Persian

male kitten   


" Tiny Aries" 

 Silver Chinchilla

Persian  male kitten

" Princess Joleen"

White male  Exotic Persian !

"Cotton Candy"  Neutered

Reserve him today!​​​

 Reserve today!

If you like this dad,

grab one of his babies today!


 Few 2023 Available Persian Kittens

" Reserve  "Tiny Aries"  today!

" Precious Moments"

"Tiny Aries" 

Doll Face male Persian kitten!​​
"Tiny Aries"  a male Persian kitten has a snow white undercoat

lightly misted with soft silver accents!

He has a sound body structure and will remain small !

"Tiny Aries" has a perfect Doll Face with a strong black outliner around his eyes which makes his eyes stand out way across the room!

Additionally he possesses black outliner around his lips and nose

He has black leather paw pads!

"Aries is predicted to have stunning green eye color!

He is playful, sweet, baths and grooms well and a good eater!

If you are seeking a lovely male Persian kitten

with a stunning Silver Chinchilla coat,

"Tiny Aries" is a good choice!

4.23 pounds

Persian kittens have arrived !  Reserve today!

Litters have arrived  3-23-24 &  April Litter DOB 4-8-24

Limited time receive a kitten 50% off   . . . 

when departs with Mom  . . .  ask about details!

*   Offered to new homes who love moms just as much as their new baby kitten

Babies love to be with mom!

Why are we offering this?  To place moms in forever homes to be with their baby!  

"Tiny Aries" 


The Prince of Melanie . . .

a new TinyPersian

Sire - 2024 litters are arriving!

Be the first to reserve one of his kittens !


A small Silver Chinchilla female Persian !

"Gwen's"  Dam  (Mom) is a top producer where her kittens much loved!

"Gwen"  is very small, ultra sweet with a silky Silver Chinchilla coat

She is always sweet, loves your company!

Her eye color is predicted to be a brilliant green color!


Reserve Gwen today!


 Reserve today!

"Tiny Thumberlina"

A small Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten!

"Tiny Thumberlina's"  Dam  (Mom) is < 4  pounds

"TinyThumberlina"  has a lovely silky, fluffy, Silver Chinchilla coat 

She is a little lady that will surely grab your heart!

Additionally, she is sweet natured, a lovely Princess!

Her eye color is predicted to be a brilliant green color!

Her sire is an outstanding imported Persian  "Saafir"

who is known for producing clean, luxurious Chinchilla coats!

Reserve this little Princess today!


 Reserve today!


One gorgeous Doll Face Female Persian kitten!​​
This tiny lady is extremely small

Her Dam is only 3.5 pounds!)!

She was named "Peekaboo" as she loves to hide, peek at you

and hurrys out to do a side dance and

then back behind her tower and peeks at you again!

When you play Peekaboo with her, she gets real excited

and starts doing her little "Peekaboo" dance and makes a funny sound as she plays!  Absolutely adorable!

All personality and a smart little girl!

"Peekaboo" is a Silver Chinchilla with a very soft, silky full, fluffy coat!
"Peekaboo" has black leather paw pads and black eyeliner !

She baths and grooms well and accepts the blow dyer!

If you are seeking a very tiny female Persian,

this little girl will entertain you!

Reserve " Peekaboo " today!

"I have a sister named "Princess Priscilla" 


Goldens, Whites

and  ​Blacks