Shaded Golden Male

Sold  P - 4-25- M

"  Ted "

This kitten walked first, was the first to explore, very inquisitive and smart !  His coat is accented with Golden and Appricot colors of different shades.  His tummy is a soft apricot and facial features accented in Golds and snow white!   His eyes are a piercing rich color that indicates a gorgeous, emerald green color, quite rare in the U.S.   His Dad is imported sire with outstanding bloodlines offering some of the finest International Grand Champion bloodlines

His face is correctly balanced, round head and an excellent crown with small ears.  His body is cobby with a very snort tail and his feet are very large 

Sold to Dorothy - Ohio

This photo is a canid shot that shows you what he looks without any grooming.   So if you want a lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten that is easy to care for and low maintenance . . . this is the one !   Siblings are easy keepers and are for sale too !  

2 Shaded Goldens Available

Sold to Victoria and Rene - Texas

6- 28 - 17 photo

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We currently have lovely Silver Chinchillas,

Shaded Silvers and Shaded Golden

Persian kittens  for sale !


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2017 Testimonials


2015 and before Testimonials 

Sired by Saafir

2017 Summer Available Persian Kittens

Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian kitten 

 " Versace " Sold to Anita

This gorgeous Silver Chinchilla boy

has a snow white coat as soft as mink  

He is considered a prized young boy   

Beautiful large, round eyes that are currently turquoise 

 A fabulous Silver Chinchilla with a luxurious full coat, that offers a fluffy friend to snuggle with.  Very fluffy !

He is all character, with a wonderful personality !

You will find he is extraordinary intelligent.  Thinking things out.   Funny to watch his expressions and antics 

His eyes will continue to get larger as he matures

You will be amazed on how beautiful he gets  

Both mom and dad are super gorgeous,

sweet and top bloodlines

Anita has Reserved" Versace "

formerly named " Kenny "  

"  Tiny Tot "

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Prince Amar

Sired by Prince Amar


Soft facial features

Exquisite Silver Misted

Silver Chinchilla 


Beautiful Doll Face Shaded Golden

"  Marco Polo  "


We are adding new photos . . . 


Silver Chinchilla Female

For Sale - " Kate "

Very tiny, adorable round face, black pads on feet, this Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten is fun to watch her.   She loves to purr and to knead.   She can entertain her self without any toys!   An absolutely adorable, very small Persian kitten.   Mom is 4.5 pounds and Dad is between 4.5 - 5 pounds.

Often kittens can be smaller then their parents.  

Looking for a very tiny Persian kitten?   Choose this Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten l

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Silver Chinchilla Female

Few weeks old 

" Ted " 


Newly listed Persian kittens for sale

6 weeks old

Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian kitten 

Sold to Gus

The " Marco Polo " name derived from him being curious to explore  . . . he is very sweet and purrs all the time and quite loud. 

One of the finest Persian kittens produced by this dam and sire.  

A perfect combination producing a beautiful doll face and a silky luxurious, free-flowing chinchilla coat, softly misted in silver.

If you are seeking a kitten that is easy to care for and a low maintenance coat . . . this is the one !

 You will not be disappointed choosing this gorgeous

and well bred Persian kitten.  

DOB February 18, 2017

Sold to Gus

White Undercoat

" Ted " 

"  Sweet Personality - Meticulously bred  "

Stunning eyes !

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 Silver Chinchilla Female ​

3 weeks old

"  Marco Polo  "

Shaded Golden Male

Mom only 4.5 pounds !

"  Marco Polo  "


" Ted " 

"  Perfect Doll Face Persian Kitten "

   A very tiny, exquisite, Silver Chinchilla 

Silver Chinchilla Female

3 weeks old

Choose a lovely Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten  >

with tons of personality and gorgeous !


Few weeks old 

Doll Face Chinchilla


"  Tiny Tot "

Perfect Facial Features

Notice:  Kitten's eyes maybe blue, grey-blue, turquoise and maybe other unforeseen colors  

When very young, they turn blue - green or green, or emerald green as they grow 

Each kitten is an individual, colors may vary and appearing unique to each kitten 

 Breeder does not warrant size, hair color, eye color or any characteristic that may be unpredictable  

Even if a current listing states a particular expression of the kitten

We do not guarantee hearing for any white Persian with blue eyes

It is always unknown with White Persians


" Versace " 

Silver Chinchilla Male

Sold to Gus

" Susie " 

" Susie " 

"  Marco Polo  "

              "Versace "

is a Stunning Chinchilla !

 formerly "  Kenny "

For Sale

Few weeks old 


Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian kitten


Bobbles Two a 2017 Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten

is a full brother to the 2016 Bobbles One

This 2017 kitten is smaller, a whiter undercoat and a soft misted silver

evenly spaced on his body, then his full brother

He is so sweet, and quite the character 

Thinks out what he does, before he explores.  Sensible, yet full of life!

He is ultra sweet to other kittens

An outstanding, sophisticate look, that is correct  

His tear-drop eyes will get larger as he matures  

They are a beautiful color of bluish, green that brilliantly shines

Easy to bath and groom

His perfectly shaped face and ears correctly positioned on his head

His teardrop eyes and nose are outlined in black

This kitten is a very special boy 


" Bobbles Two "

Teardrop Eyes

8 weeks old 

Silver Chinchilla Female

Persian kitten

For Sale P- 4-25 - F

" Tiny Tot "

Choose a lovely doll face Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten softly misted in silver with a white undercoat  This female Silver Persian kitten has a perfectly shaped correct face with very tiny ears.    

Just what you want !

She is very feminine.  All girly, girl !

A small Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten, surely you will be extremely happy with !

Her parents are very small  

Dam 4.5 pounds (less then 5 pounds 

She was just a few grams at birth !

This photo she only a few weeks old ! 

​She is now 8 weeks old

Reserve her today !   

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