Cute turn up noses !

Black Persians

 Black Persians produced within the

CFA Silver Division are rare . . .

Black Persians from the Silver lines, originate from the older traditional lines.  

What is the difference compared to other black Persian Divisions?  

Our Silver lines produce extremely small Black Persians. They are actually a black Persian produced from the CFA Silver Division, not the CFA Solid Persian Division.

There eyes are an emerald green color vs the larger black Persians produced in the Solid Division having copper or gold eyes.   Below is Onyx of Eden an young male will soon be a Dad to 2017 fall Persian kittens at TinyPersians Cattery

Teacup Persians

5 to 8 pounds

Miniature Persians

5 or less pounds

We ship Persian cats

White Persians


" Onyx of Eden "

 " Onyx of Eden" is a Saafir son

Short & cobby, possessing a soft, silky, shiny black coat.  Has the best personality ever !   Very sweet, laid back, curious and a joy to have around 

​4.5 pounds  /   ​DOB 11 - 9 - 16

 Lovely Persian kittens 

Silver Chinchilla  Persians 

More about Shipping Persian cats and kittens

We Ship Persian kittens with health certificates, all up-to-date shots, worming,

clean, nail clips, beautiful groomed and nurturing our baby, tiny, teacup Persian kittens 

Doll Face Silver Chinchillas - look snow white and some with a soft mist of silver

TinyPersians of all

colors and shades 

Silver Persian Kittens for Sale, 

Silver Chinchilla Persian adults and kittens for sale, Silver Shaded and Golden teacup, toy and tiny cat Persians for sale. Choose from many shades and patterns of the CFA Silver Persian Division . . . right here are

We produce

Traditional Persian Kittens

and Doll Face Persians

" Lavender Lace"

" Keira "  

Traditional Persian look


Miniature Persian

Teacup Persian

Ph   214 960-0267

SIlver Persians now Available

 We Are Located in McKinney, Texas

We are the a small CFA Cattery breeder in Texas, producing very tiny Silver and Golden Persian cats.  

If you have been searching for a tiny Persian kitten for sale in Texas - or Doll Face Persian cat breeders in the U.S. . . .  search for your dream Persian kitten at TinyPersians.

Our cattery is close to many major Texas cities.  A quick enjoyable afternoon drive  will get you right here !


Fort Worth



​South Lake

​North Lake








San Antonio

and Oklahoma City, OK

We can safely and comfortably ship our kittens to locations worldwide from Dallas International Airport, so whether you live in Los Angeles, New York City, Denver, South Carolina, Toronto, Calgary, London or Abu Dhabi, a Tiny Persian kitten can be yours. is in driving distance from several Dallas and Fort Worth Texas surrounding cities;  Grand Praire, Terrel, Carrolton, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Frisco, Mansfield, South Lake, Plano, University Park, 

Highland Park, Colleyville, Texas.

. small, Texas silver Persian breeder sells Doll Facehealthy Silver Chinchilla Persians

. specializes in breeding and selling smallerSilver, Chinchilla Silver, Silver Shaded  and Golden Persian kittens

. has several litters a year of small sized Persian kittens for pet homes

. kittens are affectionate, playful, small, adorable, socialized, well adjusted, litter trained Persian kittens

. Looking for healthy, beautiful adorable, sweet extra tiny Persian cats - kittens for sale
​by a small reputable breeder?  

. Find the finest and smallest, companion Persian kittens for sale at Tiny Persians - proven 

CFA silver Persian cat breeder with a top reputation of satisfied customers . . .  Customer 

 Testimonialssays it all !

Doll Face Persian Kittens For Sale in Texas

​Silver, Chinchilla, Golden very small Persians

Specializing  in  very  light  Chinchilla  Tiny Doll  Face

Persian  Kittens  with  expressive  eyes ! 

Breeding top Silver, Chinchilla and White very small Persian Kittens

Averaging 427 grams to 1.6 pounds at 8 weeks old

53 to 98 grams at birth a CFA Registered Cattery, offers Tiny Doll Face Persian Kittens for sale in Dallas Texas

Our Persian catsare the finest teacup Persians for sale and have been highly selected for the TinyPersian Cattery breeding program

We strive for excellence in selectively breeding, caring for, raising and placing our Doll Face Persian kittens

Want to find out about available Persian kittens for sale? welcomes your inquiries . . . 

Choose a Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla,, Shaded Golden, Golden, Golden Chinchilla, White and rare Blacks 

from a reputable Persian cat breeder -  TINYPERSIANS   

Reserve your tiny kitten today


                   Persian Kittens For Sale in Texas

Tiny Persians offers Doll Face Persian kittens for sale in Texas  Our Persian cats are naturally smaller than the  the standard flat / short-faced Persians.  TinyPersians a Persian cat breeder, focuses on the more commonly called Teacup, pixie, miniature, tiny Persian cats and kittens.

We have tiny Persians similar to a Teacup Persian other breeders offer. 

We take great pride in selectively breeding healthy, calm, affectionate, socialized and gorgeous Persian kittens.

As a highly reputable cattery, breeding only healthy Persians from the very best  - top bloodlines 

We take great care to ensure our breeder Persian cats are PKD, FIV, FeLV tested and ringworm free   

Our Persian felines are fed a high quality diet, and provide plenty of daily attention, kitten care

and grooming.

Here at TinyPersians our cats and kittens are very small Teacup Persians that are happy

and well socialized as they are extremely healthy and exquisitely beautiful.

We specialize in CFA Persian kittens with several coat colors and coat pattern / shades.

  • Silver Persian Kittens For Sale
  • Silver Shaded Persian Kittens For Sale
  • Silver Chinchilla Persian Kittens For Sale
  • White Persian Kittens For Sale
  • Golden persian kittens for sale
  • ​Shaded golden persian kittens for sale

We offer Doll Face Persian kittens, possessing balanced Persian cat faces with large, expressive eyes, a perky nose and a cute little smile that reminds you of the face of an exquisite porcelain doll. Our cats are selectively bred to produce Persian kittens that will be typically smaller then other Persians. Our first priority is the health, well-being and longevity of our kittens, and the ultimate satisfaction of our kitten buyers.  We are a CFA registered cattery, and closely adhere to all guidelines for responsible breeding.  Our customers rate us as a top U.S.A. reputable CFA Persian cat breeder.  Our cattery is known for specializing in Silver Chinchilla small Persians called; miniature, toy, teacup mini purrs (purring), tiny silver and white persian cats.  Available for sale now

We hope that you enjoy visiting -  learn more about the teacup Doll Face Persian cat breed, extra small Persian kittens and the lovely shades bred at our cattery.  If you are ready to fall in love with a tiny Persian of your own, please call today 214 / 960-0267  Reserve a kittenfrom our current or upcoming available litters

Choose a Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Golden, Golden, Black, White Persian Kitten 

or Adult Persian Cat

PKD Negative CFA Cattery

Certified / Registered CFA Cattery 

Tiny Persians CATTERY takes pride in selectively breeding healthy, and gorgeous Tiny, very small Doll Face Silver, Chinchilla,

and White Persian Kittens   

Each female foundation Tiny Persian is highly selected to cross with the best Doll Face Persian male sells Persian Chinchilla - Silver - White Persian Kittens to cat lovers

Black  Persians


Golden  Persians 

Reputable CFA Texas Persian Cattery

offering Doll Face CFA Silver Persian cats for sale   .  .  .  

2017 Persian kittens nowAvailable

  Spring, Summer, Winter 2016 Persians Sold  

*   Choose from Silver & White Persian doll face kittens

*  Miniature, teacup persian kittens in all shades of silver, chinchilla & white persian kittens

2016 Saafir son - sold 

Bred and owned by TinyPersians

Watch for kittens from this new girl!

Now this is gorgeous, impressive, Chinchilla Persian, and does not get any better !  Absolutely perfect !  

Find sweet, miniature (often referred to as toy, teacup, pixie, small and described by TinyPersians Cattery as " Tiny "), fluffy long-haired Persian kittens

and adult cats for Sale in Dallas at TinyPersians kitten and cat listings of available Persians.   What is a Teacup - Tiny _ Miniature Persian Cat ?

Join happy feline enthusiast that have found CFA registered Silver Persian kittens for adoption and for sale from a reputable CFA registered cattery Persian cat breeder 

View our testimonial listings and our of numerouskittens available for sale that are adorable, socialized, litter trained, vaccinated, wormed, exam by a Federally licensed U.S.A. Veterinarian

We strive to produce quality, healthy Silver Persian kittens free of ringworm -  PCR (DNA) Ringworm Negative Tested Cattery 

​Kittens negative test results for FIV / FeLV 

" Sharif Amir "

Playful  Teacup  Persian  kittens


Available right now ! 

Our Sire &  Dam

Silver  Persians


Cute ?  You betcha !


         Choose a tiny Persian dream kitten 

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Shaded Silver Persians 

Chinchilla  Persians


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TinyPersians Exquisite Internationally Award winning CFA Silver Persian

cat bloodlines  

Choose from -  Silver Persians, Silver Chinchilla, Silver Shaded and Golden Persians colors with outstanding characteristics, such as,

 doll face and silky, free-flowing, long Persian coats.

Rare emerald green eyes, blue-green eyes and torquoise 

eyes in all of our Persian kittens and Persian adult cats.

We have Goldens right now ! 

Tiny  Persian

Deposit   will  hold  a  kitten

Reserve a kitten early !

Persians shown may be breeders

or past kittens, not kittens for sale 

However, all of our CFA Silver Persian

kittens look very much a like 

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<  Reserve a Kitten - with a Deposit                 Please contact us for questions

Why does recommend

NuVet Vitamins 

Your kitten will maintain an outstanding coat

that is free flowing and luxurious!  

Additionally, building your kitten's immune system

Only the best

Chinchilla, Sliver , White, Black & Golden Persians


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Chinchilla Persians

" Our kittens hove the look you have been searching for ! "

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